When I Turn 31…

When I turn 31 this August, I’m gonna run 31.07 miles. A 50K, an Ultra Marathon. And I want YOU to be a part of it.


30 has been amazing! The day I turned the big Three OH, I jumped out of a plane with Cameron. Since that day, I married him, completed a Spartan Beast, and bested my half marathon time.

All these hours of training (especially those spent running) have built a confidence in myself I haven’t seen since I was young. You know, when you’re told you can be anything, do anything and accomplish anything you set your mind to? The world is so large and the idea you can do ANYTHING is awe inspiring.

File_000 (216).jpeg

Of course, we grow up and somewhere along the way you discover the word “can’t” and it’s used and abused too often.

I felt a small ounce of “i can do anything” the first time I did a full marathon at age 26. I felt it again when I got married. That day was euphoric, dreamlike and the best day i’ve lived. I had another moment of grandeur after I finished the Spartan race: stronger, healthier and happier than ever.


These moments are few and far between, but they’ve happened as an adult. When I have those feelings I grab them, hold on and memorize it. Because I can, and you can, do anything you set your mind to if you are passionate and want it bad enough.

For the last five months or so, i’ve been out on long runs finding myself wanting to run further and further. Almost every run I’d come back feeling like I could turn around and do the same distance again. Naturally the thought of ultra marathoning crossed my mind.  And just as naturally, “i can’t.”

Then, out of what seemed like nowhere, I changed the phrase “I can’t” to “why not?” Instead of a definitive, negative phrase, I kept saying to myself “why not try an ultra?” There is so much hope, positivity, and a sort of comic side to the phrase ,”why not?” Plus you actually have to come up with a good reason if you think you actually can’t.

So, I’m going to run a 50k on my birthday. Cause, why not?

File_000 (217)

I want this to be a fun, memorable birthday and a successful first ultra. I’m doing it on my own though, no race, just for fun & a good time. Here’s where you, my fellow runners, readers, clients and family can help me celebrate. You can pick a few miles or certain segments and run with me (and bring me food)! Since i’m not trying to run a certain time I can slow down or speed up or walk with you. I will get the details together soon!

I also created a donation page, because i’m a grown adult and do not require birthday gifts. This year i’m asking you to donate a few dollars to the MS Society on behalf of my 50k quest and for my husband. Cameron was diagnosed about 4 years ago, and it’s time to run for such a good cause. Cameron is my life, and MS is a very real part of it. 100% of donations will go to the National MS Society.

To donate to the MS fundraiser, visit my page here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 8.13.39 AM

If you’re from the DMV area and would like to run a part of the course with me send me an email at shesgoingforspeed@gmail.com so I can send information!

This is going to be a great birthday guys 🙂

Last Week

Monday: 9.5m easy 8:35/pace

Tuesday: 5m easy 9:40/pace, 25min yoga

Wednesday: 2000m row, 45min legs 

Thursday: 6.6m easy 9:15/pace

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 15m long 8:58/pace

Sunday: 4.4m easy 9:44/pace

Total Miles: 40.5




One Mile Up: Colorado Pt 2!

Wednesday: 7.1m easy 9:00/pace

Thursday: 20 min yoga, 1.5m walk

Friday: Rest

This is a freaking cool city. If you’ve never visited, bump it up on the list. Our first day started with one of the best lattes i’ve ever had in my life at Mercantile Dining and Provisions.

File_000 (192)File_000 (193)

We finally had the weather we craved– 80 and sunny for the rest of the trip! Perfect for exploring Denver. We  got to see a lot by using city bikes. We cruised along the river, saw parks, the Broncos stadium and a very active community. Lots of runners, walkers, cyclists & people just out reading books in the warm weather. It made my heart very happy.


And when we got thirsty from the heat and the exhausting ride (insert tons of sarcasm) we stopped for a beer of course! 😉

File_000 (195)

File_000 (201)

Joe & me at Denver Beer Co.

The next morning I got myself up early and snuck out for a few morning miles (4 very easy ones to be exact). I wanted more than anything to see the “One Mile Above Sea Level” stairs at the capitol building. As a runner, I felt it was a necessary part of the trip! I got there and the building was beautiful, especially with the sun was just starting to peek out.

File_000 (202)File_000 (196)

File_000 (197)

and here are a few fun graffiti art pieces I saw while heading back toward the hotel…

File_001 (10)

File_003 (2)

James Macpherson is that you?

We explored City Park and then headed to the free Jazz fest that was happening…

File_000 (199)


File_000 (203)

Cameron me Kathy & Pat

Jazz fest was a great place to kill time before we headed to the airport and back to DC.

File_000 (204)

And a picture of the Rockies for good luck. #takenwithiphone6

File_000 (191)

Enjoy the weekend! Who’s racing??

Anyone doing Zooma?


Grip Strength Workout & Blizzard Time!

Wednesday: 3m easy 9:30/pace, 40 min upper body (pics below!)

Thursday: 7m easy 8:44/pace

Friday: 2m easy 9:40/pace, 30 min legs + shoulders

I’m sharing a workout i’ve done 3x since Jan 1st. I absolutely love it and it’s prepping me for the Spartan Beast and unassisted pull ups. The number one thing i’ve heard from people who’ve finished an obstacle course race is to work on grip strength. I will be pulling myself out of mud pits by a rope, carrying large pieces of wood on my shoulders and buckets of rocks up and down hills during this race. My grip cannot be weak during any of these events. I’m happy to note that my grip is getting stronger week by week and workouts like the one i’m sharing is actually fun and works grip like no ones business. (Side note: my clients tell me that my version of “fun” is not very accurate.)

5 Rounds
Rope pull ups & downs 5x up & down 
Walk out pushups 10x 
Offset Farmer’s Walk (or suitcase carry)

Rope Pull ups/downs (I tied a battlerope to pullup handles on a sturdy machine): Start in a laying position and use your arms to climb upward. When you get your body off the floor, raise your hips into a plank position and climb until standing. Reverse the move and slowly lower yourself all the way back to the floor.

Walk Out Pushups: Start in a standing position. Keep your legs as straight as possible and reach for the floor.

Then walk your hands into a tall plank position, do a pushup (or multiple for a challenge), then reverse the move and walk your hands back to your feet and return to standing.

Offset Farmer’s Walk (offset uses one weight, forcing your stabilizing muscles to work)- Pick a weight that is difficult for you to walk 50-100m. Stand tall with your weight, shoulders back & down, core tight. Walk for a chosen distance (mine was across the room & back) then switch hands with the weight & repeat.

File_000 (41)

I love workouts that don’t involve a ton of thinking and don’t feel like a traditional workout. This is like, pull yourself up, lower yourself down…do pushups, walk with a heavy weight. I love it. I love functional training!

Now to the snow. Wednesday the DC area got an inch of snow and it was totally embarrassing how many accidents, delays (6-7-8-9 hours of people trying to get home on the beltway!). I was extremely thankful Cameron got to work from home & i’m only a few minutes away and didn’t have to deal with the crazyness. I am also thankful my gym is next door to a beer/wine store.. don’t mind if i do!

File_000 (42)

But i did get to walk outside in the nice quiet neighborhood and experience LE’s first time walking through snow. It was adorable. Also– if you haven’t seen her trying to eat snowflakes <—you’re welcome (just don’t pay attention to my squeals).

File_000 (43)

How’s the weather near you?

What is your favorite kind of workout (other than running yo!)?