I Was Caught Double Fisting Carbs

Cameron left the room, came back, and caught me completely off guard. When I turned around, i couldn’t stop laughing. He caught me carb-handed. You’ll have to excuse this crazy picture, but i was laughing my ass off. If you can make me laugh to the point that my gums show and my eyes squint with tears, we will probably be friends for life.


I was a little hormonal this week, so don’t question the beer/ice cream combo.. i don’t know what i was thinking, but i wanted it.

I’ve noticed something strange going on in my running drawer since I haven’t been running… It’s all organized and neat because nothing is getting used. Normally it’s a disaster grab bag drawer, where i reach in, fish around and hope something matches. Right now, they are lined up like soldiers ready to go to battle.. don’t worry my little anti-wicking buddies, you will be let out soon!


My chiro said next Friday (5 freaking days!!) we should be able to talk about beginning to run. He said my ankle is healing beautiful and a lot quicker than he expected. This made me really happy. Although, today I went out for a walk to the local track to walk up and down the stairs and as soon as I stepped foot on the track it was like i stepped into my own movie. “Let Go” by Imogen Heap began playing in my earbuds,  the track was quiet and almost empty, the weather was perfect, and i just got overwhelmed with emotion from not running. I didn’t realize how bad I missed it until I was walking on the oval. I wasn’t sad really.. it was more or less relief of knowing i’d be running soon & just a complete sense of gratitude for how running impacts my life and makes me feel sane and strong and childlike all at once.

I changed my playlist to Kanye West and I left that sissy, emotional person in a sweat puddle on the stairs. It’s always a beautiful thing to be overwhelmed with love for life, but I had a workout to get in and “I Am a God” put me right back into my workout and got me pumped up for my comeback. When i was done a girl walking around the track gave me a thumbs up and then she went to run the stairs too. If that’s not amazing I don’t know what is. I needed the thumbs up (thank you whoever you are!) and I hope i motivated her to kill her stair workout.

My walk was 2.5 miles and if you count the mile stair climb it was 3.5m 🙂 and I ended feeling mentally refreshed. I spent a good amount of time stretching my calves & achilles, per doc’s orders.

OH i almost forgot, i accidentally ran. Not like ran, ran. I ran about 20 feet because a car was waiting for me to cross the road. I felt guilty for running those few steps, but I swear it made my heart grow three sizes because I could push off my foot pain free!




Don’t worry! I’m not getting ahead of myself here. I won’t be lacing up anything other than walking shoes for the next week. Sorry folks, I just can’t get myself into the pool. It’s not happening. If it does you’ll be the first to know. Other than that, I appreciate you guys hanging in there while my emotions and carbs are all over the place!

Last Week’s W/O’s. 

Monday: 45 min stationary bike10 min hip exercises

Tuesday: 20 min triceps/shoulders, 15 abs

Wednesday: 25 min full body TRX, 10 abs

Thursday: 20 min Lateral Elliptical, 15 min Jacobs Ladder

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 2.5m walk, 1 mile stairs, 10 min lower back/abs

Sunday: *today will be burpees, push-ups & yoga. I’ve been resting on cardio about every other day so i don’t re-injure the ol’ ankle.

Total Miles: Can I count my 2.5?

Memorial Day plans??

I’ll be at the gym working, no plans this year.