What I do After A Race

Monday: 5m progressive run 8:06/pace

Tuesday: 3.1m easy 8:50/pace, 10 abs, 

One of my favorite things about a racing is the Post Race. And no, i’m not talking about the crappy d-list cover bands or the space blankets or biting a medal in a soon to be very expensive ‘foto.’ I’m talking about the things that make me smile after running hard and how to enjoy the rest of the day (with people that love you so much they’d wake up at ass-o-clock just to watch a ton of sweaty smelly people in herds pass by so they might catch a .25 second glimpse of you with just enough time to shout, “WOOOOOO!!!”)

Here’s my “after” checklist:

-drink chocolate milk & water, eat a protein bar

-hug my family, if they let me

-take off my shoes and put sandals or clean socks/different shoes on

-shower, smell like a normal girl

After Philly 1/2

After Philly 1/2

-put comfy jeans compression tights on and look like a normal person runner


-find food/beer/brunch/yummy calories/be not normal


After the Philadelphia 1/2 this year, I stumbled upon a place that made me really happy. A place where brunch and beer met to form world’s greatest brunch, specifically designed for Cori Maley. All my favorite things were stuffed into my favorite things. Butternut squash, goat cheese omelet. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.


The Standard Tap Philadelphia, PA– If you’re ever in town I highly recommend this place. Bonus- it’s all organic and local.


After Chicago Marathon my friends, Patrick and Liz took me to Burger Bar and it was delicious. I love when burger places get it right!


Bison burger with goat cheese (i love goat cheese if you can’t tell) and truffle fries. Luxury fries people. They were amazing.


I hope this gives you a little insight to what i do after a race. Basically i change from Marathon Badass Extraordinaire to Uncomfortable Little Baby..I wanna be washed and put into warm, dry clothes. I want to be fed until my belly is full and i’ll cry until I have a bottle or two, and finally I’ll want a nap.

In all seriousness, I am forever grateful for those of you who have stood in crowds (or drank in bars) waiting for me to cross a finish line. At the 1st Chicago marathon I completed, one of my best friends, Kristina and her boyfriend David, saw me during the last 2 tenths of the race (the hardest and only uphill part of the Chicago marathon) and they screamed out name. I couldn’t believe I saw them out of the huge crowd and while wearing headphones. I didn’t know they were even coming to the race so it meant the world to me.

Last Week

Monday: 30 min legs, 10 abs

Tuesday: 20min jacobs ladder, 25min cycling, 30min shoulders

Wednesday: 3m easy 9:30/pace (first run back!) 

Thursday: 30 min full body 

Friday: 4.5m easy 8:35/pace

Saturday: 5.9m trail run 9:42/pace

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 13.5

What’s your favorite part of the Post Race?

Anyone racing in NYC this weekend? 


Chi-Marathon Recap!

Recapping a marathon is a tough thing to do. Which is why i needed the week to digest and reflect on everything. Now being a week removed, I think it’s safe to say i had a pretty awesome race :). I didn’t hit my A goal–to qualify for Boston 3:35. I didn’t even hit my B goal–under 3:45, I did however reach my C goal–under 4:00. With a new PR 3:50:10, it was the best I could give last Sunday and I couldn’t be happier!

When I was deciding on a race plan the week of the marathon I still wanted to shoot for the BQ qualifying time, but I was trying to be honest with myself and 3:40-3:45 seemed more realistic based on the training I had. The plan was to head into the race nice and slow (just as i’d done in training) and pick up the pace about halfway through and try to makeup time in the second half. I basically wanted my first half to be as comfortable as possible.

The start line was electric! The weather was beautiful, 55 and sunny, and I had some really great tunes loaded into the ipod. For the first 30 minutes of the race I chatted with a really nice lady who was running her very 1st marathon. Then I said goodbye and good luck to her, put in the headphones and took the first half of the race pretty easy, just as planned.

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 6.18.17 PMChicago was so energetic and loud the entire race! There were very few spots of quiet running and I actually embraced them and enjoyed the few minutes of silence when they came around. Especially when I hit the halfway mark and decided it was time to work. Unfortunately my legs only wanted to go faster for a few miles.

Around 19-20 I slowed down consistently from 8:20s-8:30s to 8:45s. I don’t feel like I hit a wall. I felt well fueled.There was a point that I honestly couldn’t make my legs move any faster. I was just cruising where I felt slightly uncomfortable. Once I passed the 20 mile mark I realized the Boston Qualifying time was near impossible since I had no giddy-up left.

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 6.19.57 PMInstead of giving up or feeling defeated, I chose to focus on goal #2. Get in under 3:45! Around this time, mile 22, both inner quads cramped up. Never in my running career or life have these muscles cramped up. It was bad. I don’t know if you recall the last and only marathon I ran, at the same mile 22, I hit a wall. And a Santa Claus looking man was handing out Pabst Blue Ribbon. After shot-gunning a beer with a fellow runner, a good laugh and full belly of carbs later, I was back to it. This time at mile 22 I was in a squat position against the side of the road trying to stretch out my quads, a black figure walked up to me (he was back-lit by the sun and basically looked like a saint), pulled a white pill out of his pocket and said the magic words “do you need salt?”

After I took the salt and water he handed me, thanked him about a million times, I started running again. The cramps subsided quickly but I had definitely lost time. Staring at the Garmin I decided it was time to focus on Goal #3–Sub 4 hours. Again, I didn’t let this deflate me, I kept telling myself I was going to finish a marathon. And that in itself is freaking awesome.

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 6.20.34 PMThe last few miles I had to play a game that humbled me to the core. Run a few minutes, walk for 45 seconds. Run a few minutes, walk 45 seconds. I didn’t get upset at this beginner style running technique, instead it made me smile..that damn marathon is always harder and tougher than you can imagine. There are no 20 mile runs that can ever prepare you for a marathon. Those last few miles are ran with heart, not your legs. At least, that’s what the posters near the end told me.

The last half mile was my favorite. The cheering and crowds were awesome, the hill at the last turn was horrible, but forced a strong finish. I finally pulled out my headphones to cross the line. No distractions, just the sounds of hundreds of feet finishing their 26.2.mile trek.

Here are the things that went right from this marathon: I made it through the training and the marathon uninjured! I had a 38 minute PR! I stayed positive and happy the entire race. I didn’t give up when my pace wasn’t where I wanted it. I high-fived my best friend at mile 5!

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 6.19.26 PMHere are the things that didn’t go well: Pro Compression socks make my feet sweat–I had MONSTER blisters that I started to feel at mile 11 (next time I’ll run in calf sleeves). I think I started too slow. I almost had the nutrition down, but kinda forgot once mile 20 came around (should have grabbed the bananas that were offered!) Stress from work had definitely taken it’s toll during training. Cramps happened in my left foot at mile 16 and kept happening off and on until I crossed the finish. Cramps in my quads stole a lot of time.

I already feel a lot more prepared with marathon knowledge! It takes a lot of practice to hit major goals. I still have an urge to qualify for Boston, but I’m ready to hit shorter race goals and run a fast half marathon next spring. Stay tuned and thank you always for your love and support here and on instagram!

20141016_205831Last week!


Friday: 30min lateral elliptical, 20min biceps/core

Saturday:  2m walk

Sunday: REST

Miles: 0 running, 2 walking

 How long do you take off after a marathon?

How long do you wait to start planning your next race 😉 ?


The Cottage

Monday: 10m easy 8:09/pace (super-flat midwest)

Tuesday: 5.2m 10:01/pace (super hilly humid east coast day after running 10 and sitting in a car all day run)

Wednesday: 25min upper body

If you know me for long enough you’ll hear the elusive words, The Cottage like i’m referring to a good movie you should have already seen. In actuality, it’s just a lake house. You know, a house that sits on the lake. There’s nothing too fancy or special about it. What makes is awesome, is the people.


I had a difficult time on and off during this trip. Being with friends, family, a lake and a few drinks helped me through it. And of course a couple of excellent early morning runs never hurt–What better way to clear your head, right?


I did a ton of thinking about my job, relationships, family, life, and iced coffee while I was out running the old routes through Munster, IN. Came to a few conclusions and realizations that I’ll share in the near future, but for now i’m just happy that i’m seeing things clearly and starting to make decisions to keep this happy train chugging (and no, not chugging beer haha).


Joe, me, Patrick & Liz

For now I’m trying to regain some focus back on the Chicago Marathon. It’s 52 days out. My longest run has been 10. EEK. I’m hoping that Sunday’s 5k and September’s half marathon provide some good info for Chi. But I mean, if worse comes to worse, I know i’ll finish this marathon during a crazy time in my life and that itself will be an accomplishment. Either way, there’s always another marathon right?


Kathy & me


Where do you go to get mental clarity?

What’s your best marathon training tip??


Your Biggest Running Goal

Tuesday: 6.6m easy progressive (9:00-8:00pace), 40 min full body cardio/strength workout

I don’t think anymore when I’m asked what my biggest running goal is. It’s a reaction. I say “Boston” as quickly as a dog’s head whips around when you say, “outside?” Qualifying for Boston was something I learned about while reading an issue of Runner’s World while training for my first marathon. It was something so out of reach and laughable in that moment, that i never thought i’d be actually attempting a BQ time.


just silly happy to be running

The Boston marathon wasn’t a goal when I started running and I don’t particularly have any ties to the city, but somewhere along I felt the desire to want to run this marathon. The competitive nature in me wants to be able to get into a race based on time. The exclusive, fast, cool kids marathon, as my ego likes to call it. But the closer i’m getting to Chicago–the one marathon to rule them all (or at least deem worthy to possibly enter the gates of Boston) the closer i’m beginning to realize, the marathon might be something i’ll never be great at. And it might not even be my biggest running goal—>it’s just something I feel drawn to and something that will help me see a part of this country i’ve never been too.


random sunset

Boston is the goal I gave myself for this year, if i don’t hit it in Chicago then i’m going to focus on other running goals which I think are a little more important to me. Here they are–I want to run a sub 6:00 mile, a sub-20:00 5k and I want to run a sub 1:30 half. Notice the trend, i want to run fast.

pretty much stoked to re-evaluate goals

pretty much stoked to re-evaluate goals

Now, let’s make something clear–my feelings, emotions and life in general have been all over the place. And this directly messes with my running life. My paces are jumping between 6:30-9:40s (emotions work just as hard for you as humidity works against you). I have no set training schedule and right now, i’m wearing half a sports bra so i don’t mess up the new tattoo and obviously i’m still feeling out/holding back because of the ankle. I keep asking myself what my goals are. Obviously–Boston, but then I’m asking why? I need something to light a fire behind me so I actually want to run Chicago fast. I’m hoping to have an epiphany out on a long run one of these days.

sunset at the gym

sunset at the gym

But I’m also realizing that Boston isn’t everything. A sub 3:35:00 does not define who I am as a runner or a person. It does not make me any better or worse of a runner. Wanting and obsessing over something is not healthy.  I figure as long as i’m running happy and training hard in the gym, good things will come. The times I want will post when my body is good and ready for them.

Until then, keep your hearts full and feet swift.

had to draw one out. colored pencil & cardboard.

had to draw one out. (colored pencil & cardboard)


Time to Get to Know Me Better, Yo.

Tuesday: 7m treadmill hills pace ranged from 8:15-8:30, 20 min pushups/bicep curls

Wednesday: 4.1m easy 8:11/pace, assisted pull-ups + upper shoulder work

Thursday: 14.5m 8:10/pace (with last 4 miles between 7:44-8:07 paces)

Fueling went MUCH better yesterday.  I used a Honey Stinger Pomegranate Acai gel 35 minutes into the run and I ate Honey Stinger Cherry Cola chews (1-2) about every 15 minutes after. I’m really upset at myself for not trying Honey Stinger products earlier. These are truly delicious. The Cherry Cola Chews actually tasted like Cherry Coke & and made me excited every time I got to eat one. Plus everything sat well, no upset sugar stomach! Taking in fuel frequently as opposed to larger amounts of food seemed to keep my energy sustained and my stomach happy. Again, thanks to my readers for all the advice!

And hey–Spring is pretty much here, even with a little chill in the air nothing can stop me from wearing shorts. I got a few odd looks from people walking the trails with winter coats on… if it’s over 50 degrees (especially when the sun is out) my legs need to breathe!


I was nominated for a Liebster Award by my one and only running coach Lauren @ Will Run for Boston – she will be running for Boston at Boston next Monday… Who’s going to be watching?!?!

liebster-awardThis award is for people to discover new blogs and learn about the blogger with some fun questions, so enjoy!

What is your favorite sport to watch on TV/in person? HOCKEY. HOCKEY. HOCKEY. In person & TV. it’s my #1. When it’s not hockey, it’s baseball at home (to take naps to) and baseball in person, to drink beer & eat hot dogs to. Baseball is a fun background sport.

Pancakes, waffles or french toast? French Toast will always have my heart.

Do you have any interesting nicknames? There are a few very close people that call me “Cor” and no i don’t let just anyone do that. When I was little my dad called me Banshee. You know, cause I cried a lot.

What is your biggest running related goal? Qualifying for Boston this year is my ‘A’ goal. But I just don’t want to qualify with the 3:35:00 I want to go under 3:30. Did i just say that out loud? eek. At least you’ll understand a future ‘not impressed’ face should i not hit my goal in Chicago this year. OH YEAH forgot to tell you, I got into Chicago!

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 3.12.39 PM

Do you run before or after work? Before fo sho. I work in the afternoon/evenings, i just don’t have time after.

What was your high school mascot? A Hurricane. But it looked like a tornado with eyes, because well, hurricanes don’t really look like much but swirling rain and wind.

Have you ever lived in another country? Nope, but if i did i’m sure it would be Spain. I hear they take naps out there, i like naps.

How many alarms do you set in the morning? None. I’m the lucky one that gets to wake up whenever i feel like it. Which is usually between 8-9:30.

What are your top three pet peeves? People who say “ex-presso” instead of espresso. An old friend told me they thought it was EX because it gives you EXtra energy. Don’t worry I informed her she was EXtrememly mistaken.

I’m gonna get some backlash for this next one, but it bothers me when it looks like a running store threw up on a runner. Like, i know we all love our gadgets and our neon and all the cool gear, but i’ve seen some really obnoxiously overloaded runners…visor, glasses, watch, iPod, heart rate monitor, layers of clothing, tutus, knee socks etc. You name it they had it all on. And you KNOW you see at least one “runner overload” at major races. I couldn’t find an image to use, so i took 5 minutes and drew one out myself. You’re welcome.


Just do me a favor if this happens to be you…take advice from Coco Chanel and take one piece off. I’m not giving a 3rd pet peeve, cause i think the last one was at least 10. (Sorry i’m not sorry.)

How do you feel about the new “Girl Meets World” show? I haven’t seen it, but i don’t think it’s going to hold a candle to the original. I own all the BMW dvd’s and they are CLASSIC.


The Liebster Award Rules
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My 10 nominees are…

Elise @ See Leesie Run

Sarah @ Once Upon a Lime

Lily @ Lily Runs the World

Michael @ Running Around the Bend

Megan @ The Lyons Share

Sarah @ Irish Runner Chick

Here are your questions!

1. Do you have a night before or race day ritual that you HAVE to do?

2. Do you love your job?

3. Why did you start blogging?

4. What is your favorite running shoe brand?

5.  Ice cream, popsicles or milkshakes?

6. Where’s the last place you traveled?

7. Power song to run or train to?

8. Beach or Mountains?

9. Are you afraid of heights?

10.  Favorite show on tv currently?

Take a question from the list and answer it! 

My recent power song has been “Island” by The Starting Line

Do you like to watch the major marathons on tv?

YES. Couch, coffee and giant dose of inspiration please!

Who got in the Chicago Marathon this year??


Injuries! All Alone in the Moonlight!!

Ok, first things first. Runners are doctors. Your legs hurt? Probably shin splints. Knee ache? You got runner’s knee, bro. Bottom of the heel? Plantar fasciitis. Boom.

In all seriousness, just because you used the Runner’s World, “touch where it hurts app”, it’s probably a good idea when pain lingers longer than a week or so to get checked out by a doctor or sports therapy/rehab specialist. Especially if the pain hasn’t gone away even after you take time off from running . A few years ago, I probably should have followed my own advice. But like Alanis so wisely sang, “you live, you learn.”

During the 2011 Chicago Marathon, my one and only marathon, I had a hard time training due to knee pain.  My lone, long run ended at 15 miles, 2 weeks out from the big day. That’s right, the farthest I’d go before attempting the 26.2 mile race was 15 miles. If that’s not daunting, I assumed my knee pain was an overuse injury, like Runner’s Knee, and also assumed i’d be fine since I would be running less during my taper. I assume now that I was an idiot then.

Fast forward to the race and neglect of my pained knee– I was on pace, comfortable might I add, to break 4 hours. Then the knee pain decided to make it’s appearance at Mile 15. Needless to say, because the picture below says it all, the knee pain sucked, my calf cramped, i did a LOT of walking and did not break 4 hours.  4:28:28. Everyone told me it was a great time for my first go around, but I knew i had a shitty race, I didn’t fuel properly and I was injured. bleh…just bleh.


If you look closely at my right leg, you literally can see the cramp i had. This is mile 15, this is when it went downhill. Don’t you just love when the photographers catch the great moments?

That was October 2011. I waited and was in denial until January 2013 and finally found a Chiropractor that specialized in sports injuries. He adjusted me, the knee pain would disappear then return almost every 6 weeks like clockwork. Finally he suggested we do a more aggressive therapy 2-3x per week and see if we could fix the problem permanently. Turns out I had the World’s Tightest Hip Flexor. I’d like to thank my 6 years sitting at a desk job for that one. It was so tight it literally took the right side of my hip, pulled it down, tilted it forward and caused my knee to turn inward, putting excess stress on my knee. I also had a huge muscle imbalances and extremely tight quads and IT band.

After the sports therapy and doing more squats, deadlifts, lunges & stretching than I care to recall, I’m all better. 100% better. It took about 2 months of therapy & strength training, and about a month of running on sore leg muscles while correcting form before i started feeling like i had two capable legs again.

Why didn’t i go to a traditional general practitioner? Because I knew nothing was broke, tore, fractured or sprained and didn’t feel like paying for x-rays or an mri and having them prescribe me pain meds, so I started with the physical therapy aspect first.

Fun Fact- Because i knew my race was a total bust I shot gunned a beer at mile 21 from a man who looked like Santa Clause holding a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon, he was encouraging it and I needed the carbs. I also have a very difficult time turning down a free beer.

Anyone ever have something strange like this ^ happen during a race??