Things About Me

Tuesday: 15 min Chest/Shoulders Crossfit workout

Wednesday: 30 min quad/hamstrings, 10 min summit trainer (cardio machine that’s a mix of elliptical and stair step)

My friend Kristina at a Blog About Running tagged me in a fun survey, so i thought i’d answer as honestly as possible so you guys can get to know me better!

1. How did you come up with the name for your blog? 

This was crazy, it took weeks, maybe even a month for me to come up with the perfect name. One day I woke up with the song “The Distance” by Cake in my head and the light bulb went off, I jumped out of bed and told Cameron my blog name! I changed the “he” to a “she” and bought the domain that week. It means a lot to me since I love music. Especially good, fun, music.

2. What would your memoir be called? Runner, Lover, Painter Girl.

3. What is your “day job?” I’m a Personal Trainer @ Gold’s Gym.

outside at work, and yes, I LOVE MY JOB!

outside at work, and yes, I LOVE MY JOB!

4. What are 3 of your proudest fitness accomplishments?

Finishing my 1st 1/2. There was not one single person waiting for me at the finish line, but i did it, drove myself home & was completely satisfied I completed my first of many races to come.

Doing a pull-up. This happened last year. I was always the kid in elementary school that just hung on the bar and could never do a pull-up, now I can do a few at a time. 🙂

My mile time trial last year. 6:39 flat. It is terrifying to run 4 laps as fast as you can.

5. You HAVE to change your first name. What do you change it to? Charlie. I’ve always liked boy names for girls.

6. What is the best concert you’ve been to?  I need a whole 2nd blog to talk about music! I can’t just pick one!!  I saw Fiona Apple and Damien Rice opened,I about died! I’ve seen Britney Spears a few times in concert and she ALWAYS puts on a fun show. Nada Surf is incredible live. Arctic Monkeys put on a high energy show.. omg i can’t do this. I don’t have a favorite just yet. So many shows attach completely different “best concert qualities” it’s so hard to choose! Cameron and Marie took me to a Blink-182 concert for my birthday a few years ago and it was amazing too..


7. Tell me some things on your bucket list. Visit Spain, Italy, UK, Bora Bora, Costa Rica, Brazil, India, Thailand & South Africa. (don’t freak out, it’s a bucket list…means i got a lifetime yo). Skydive, hang glide, run a race in all 50 states, do a beer mile, have a kid(s), live in California, visit all the NHL hockey rinks for a game, hike/visit the grand canyon… man I need to really write this list down.

8. Describe your dream house. Open, modern yet rustic, super cozy maybe a cottage feel, lots of windows and dogs and a big yard where I can have a trampoline, garden and flowers. <– If i live in my dream home I will also have the money for a dream housekeeper and gardener and dog poop cleaner upper. 😉



9. Name a celebrity you find oddly attractive (one that wouldn’t normally be on the hottest celeb list).

Taylor Hawkins. The drummer from Foo Fighters. I’ve never told anyone, but i’ve had a major boner crush on him since i was in 6th grade…



10. Tell me five of your favorite blogs. I had a hard time choosing cause I read plenty haha.

Hungry Runner Girl  I know this is an uber popular blog, but there’s a reason. Janae is an open and honest and a  fast, but still getting faster runner all while being a single parent.

Once Upon a Lime Sarah is a displaced Midwesterner currently in Cali trying to figure out a happy balance with running & life. And she likes craft beer. Yep. 🙂

Will Run For Boston Lauren is a speed fast runner trying to break 3:00 at Boston this April! (bonus – she has cute dogs too)

Run for the Pizza Emmeline is fast and she’s getting in shape to run a 1:30 half this year. Plus she’s an excellent picture taker. So if you don’t read her blog, at least check out the photography!

Blog About Running I went to high school with Kristina who has some incredible running goals for this year. She just completed her first 1/2 marathon in the fall and 2014 will bring a full marathon as well as a 50K.

Hope everyone is as ready for the weekend as i am!

Take one of the questions above and answer it so i can learn a little more about you!