Apparently Milano’s Make Me Drool…

Alright, good great news today! I do not have shin splints, or any shin pain for that matter. My body has a fantastic way of compensating in opposing areas when i’m tight. I used Trigger Point tools at work to roll out my calves, which I found had giant, painful knots in each leg. After the myofascial compression massages for the ol’ calves, i decided to move my long run up to test out the shins. I took the run much slower than normal to be safe and to pay attention to any pain. I was thanking the running gods that my shins felt fine the entire time! And what did I do after a 12 mile run? I watched track and field while icing my legs. I really just can’t get enough!


To test the shins one step further, I had a tempo run on Saturday, which also turned out well! I think the issue right now is making sure i’m using the foam roller and compression tools every. single. day. Not just when i’m sore or after a long run. I had no idea i had knots in my calves until I started rolling them out so imagine what else is tight that I don’t notice! I also checked mileage on the shoes I run in most often, the Saucony Shadow Genesis–and they’re almost at 300 miles. My shoes are always light weight, cushioned and last to about 300-325 miles. Which also might be why i’m a little sore. I guess i’ll need a new pair soon…oh no! :)!!


two of my beloved pairs that are on their way to Retirement

Random: I bought a Brooks Versatile bra last summer and just purchased a 2nd. I really, really like them. They don’t chafe, they smash me down in a comfortable way–sorry, i don’t like bouncing boobies. And they’re not very expensive. I believe they’re $34? I got this one on sale for $22. I joke with Cameron that i’ll always remember the day I got a great deal on this sports bra because it was the day he asked me to marry him. No wonder he was cool with me taking forever in the dressing room that day!


Both weekend runs were done in the rain. I didn’t mind :). I threw a baseball cap on and enjoyed the puddles, and moisture in the air. It’s so much better than snow (it’s snowing again right now btw.. don’t know when spring will actually man up and get rid of winter). This got me thinking about my favorite weather to run in. Fave is probably cloudy and between 60-70 degrees. Least favorite is crazy cold wind. Not breezy weather either, I like that. I’m talking cold, 10-20mph, will push you backward, mean, head wind.

I don’t have a great segue to wrap this post up…this is what happens when I don’t run with music, my thoughts are all over the place!

The weekend has gone well! No shin pain, I got to run outside, Cameron and I spent a lot of time together…

Capri Sun/Vodka/

Capri Sun/Vodka/Game Of Thrones/Lego Harry Potter

Oh, and we bought Milano cookies, cause they were on sale, and I literally drooled. I ran, grabbed my camera, and was asked why i’d want to put this on my blog and in between hysterical laughter I said, because it’s funny!!


I can’t believe how much shorter my hair looks when it’s curly!

Workout Summary!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 5.2m easy 8:25/pace, 10 min hips, 10 min abs

Wednesday: 30min TRX shoulders/backs, 8 unassisted dips (first time ever doing a full set!), 15min abs

Thursday: 12m long, easy 8:48/pace, deadlifts + bicep curls w/40lb barbell for both.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 7.5m tempo run 7:54/pace (8:11, 7:57, 7:57, 7:48, 7:30, 7:21, cool down at 8:30/pace)

Sunday: 6m easy 8:33/pace

Total Mileage: 30.7

Do you have a food you drool over? Literally or hypothetically or embarrassingly like me?