Irish You Were Beer!

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 3m 9:59/pace, 30 min triceps/biceps, 15min full leg TRX

Friday: 7.3m 8:14/pace, 20 min legs (straight leg deadlifts + front squats 70lb bar)

So a few of you may know from Instagram last Saturday that I sat for about 4 hours to start a huge as–everyone keeps calling it–tattoo.


Kevin @ Bethesda Tattoo

I love it.—(this picture was about 3 hours in, the last hour was spent shading in black. I go back for color in about 4 weeks. The whole time I was sitting for this i kept saying to myself “stay present” because this is mental marathon training, if you believe in such a thing. Sitting still in your mind for hours and hours enduring pain–yep, sounds like a marathon to me.


After the amazing torture session, Sarah and I grabbed a few beers across the street at Tommy Joe’s. I owed her for sitting by my side for that many hours.


beer in neon

The night didn’t end there. We decided to walk over to Georgetown Cupcakes (there’s one in Bethesda), but the line was CRAZY long. We did the next best thing.. got an adult milkshake (damn you Emmeline, you got me hooked!). Then we made friends with the bartender. Wanna see what happened next?

How to drink an Irish Car Bomb

1) Stare at it and make a disgusted, yet excited oh-my-god-are-we-really-doing-a-car-bomb?, face.

2) Cheers to your friend because you are now in a drinking competition.


3) Drop the shot of Bailey’s & Jameson into the glass of Guinness. (and it better be a tall glass not a shortie.)

4) Start chugging.


5) Man up and finish strong.

6) Slam that shit on the counter & watch the bartender make another, then another…

Our tab was extremely discounted and we got this love note with it<3

And here’s a pic of Sarah just cause she looks pretty with all the lights in downtown Bethesda.

I’m heading out for a run now! I hit a 7 miler yesterday and actually didn’t go out too fast (which has been the trend over the last week).. Started at a 9:00/pace and the last 3 miles were in the 7:40s. Super stoked about the speed coming back. I smell a 5 or 10k in my near future…

Fall races? What are you most looking forward to?