First Timer Here!

Monday: 8.5m 7:41/pace, 25min back & hamstrings, 10 abs

Tuesday: 25min chest/shoulders

I hit up the track near my new apartment with Andy. He’s a client of mine who is trying to qualify for Boston this fall. We do mostly strength training at the gym, but thought it would be a good idea to do a few running specific workouts. What better way to do track workouts then with a partner with the same goal? He ran 6 X 800s really well, hitting paces between 7:04-5:27.


This was his first track workout of the season so we weren’t concerned with even pacing, just trying to see where his speed was.  Generally when doing 800s, i try to stay within 30 seconds of a specific time range and gradually go faster until the end of the workout. This week however my Coach wants me to stick within 10 seconds…this is going to take some fast math even running!

During Andy’s workout I ran 5 easy miles. It was very strange running circles on the track without a Garmin, without a workout and without trying to run fast. But I had a blast coaching Andy and can’t wait to do it again when I can chase him!


I had yet again another crazy busy weekend which started with an Orioles game! My first to be exact. (I want to visit as many ballparks and hockey rinks as possible!) Last fall I ran through Camden Yards at the end of the Baltimore Half and I remember thinking to myself I needed to visit Camden Yards again, and not just at the 12.9m mark of a half marathon.


Orioles vs Cardinals

The 4:00pm game time was a little different, but I liked it. Not too late, not too early. The stadium was very cool, weather was perfect, although I did miss my BLT dog from Nationals Park.


I wore green. I don’t think i own anything orange…whoops!



I’m heading out the door to fit in a run! Indiana is the place I started this crazy running adventure and I always enjoy getting back here to run on the flat terrain. Don’t forget to fit in your run or workouts first thing while on vacation! You’re more likely not to work out once the day gets started and family and friends are around!

Last week:

Monday: The 120– yep i did it again, 10 abs

Tuesday: 6m easy 8:45/pace, 30 min legs

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 30 min upper body, 5.3m Tempo 7:23/pace

Friday: 25min core, 4.75 easy no garmin

Saturday: 20m triceps, lower back

Sunday: Rest (pushed long run to Monday)

Total Miles: 16.1 (see Sunday)

Favorite Ballpark? old- Wrigley, new- Nationals