Georgetown with Marie :)

Monday: 3m 9:25/pace

Last weekend, my BFFFF came into town and she’s never been to the DC area, so we started our weekend at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor for breakfast and had crab cake eggs benedict & waffles. Being the professional I am, i forgot to take pictures, so just imagine how good those Maryland crab cakes were on top of Mr. Eggs Benedict…mmmm.


Then we came to the amazing idea of trying something new, different and SUP’ing came across the table. After we stuffed our faces breakfast we threw on bathing suits and headed into Georgetown. If you’re interested in paddling or kayak’ing on the Potomac River head over to boatingindc.com. Everyone was super friendly and laid back, which is just what we needed.


I didn’t know what to expect and i thought would be a harder than it was. We both started on our knees, stood up and just cruised around for an hour. It was so relaxing & freeing and I can’t wait to go again!

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 3.13.21 PM

I’m sure we probably burned like, 1000 calories in that hour so we had to eat some of it back and headed to one of my favorite cupcakeries, Baked & Wired.



flapjack (maple & bacon), lemon, chai & coconut

Baked & Wired is just off of M street along the canal—very pretty walk and less congested than the main street.



And we saw this little guy big turtle in the canal..


If the cupcakes weren’t enough we almost passed by this place…


I got the smore’s flavor..


Now that i’ve successfully made myself hungry, I gotta grab lunch. Hope everyone is doing well! Expect a recap of my running life from last week soon, it’s progressing slowly but surely!

Last Week’s workouts!

Monday: 40 min TRX workout + Boxing + abs +Walking around DC

Tuesday: 3.3m 9:04/pace, 30 min chest/biceps

Wednesday: 45 min lower body (focus on hamstrings), lower back + core

Thursday: 5m fartlek 8:36/pace (pushed pace for .25 mile 1x per mile), 30 min back/triceps

Friday: 5.2m tempo 7:43/pace

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 13.5 (i cut out my long run because I had 2 speed workouts this week, didn’t want to push it)

Have you ever tried a macaroon? 




I Like Cupcakes.

Monday: 15 min abs

I forgot to mention the best part of last weekend.. I found a new cupcake place 🙂 DC has some pretty excellent cupcakeries such as Georgetown Cupcakes (as seen on tv!), Sprinkles, and Baked & Wired. All of which have unique qualities that make them extra tasty. I would know, I had had a taste off when I first moved here. All were amazing and all left me with with a happy tummy ache.


Over the weekend we stumbled upon a new place called Fraiche Cupcakery.

I got the fluffer nutter and got chocolate banana. Both were excellent! They had the normal flavors, Red Velvet, Vanilla, Cinnamon (i almost got this one), but they also had “savory cupcakes” that were like broccoli cheddar, beet & goat cheese, cupcakes that seem more like an appetizer. I wasn’t brave (or hungry) enough to try those out, but they looked good!


The shop it self was clean and cute, decorated in that famous Tiffany’s blue/teal. If we’re in the area i’m sure we will stop back in for a sweet treat.


Since its 13 degrees out today I’m heading back to the dread kill <–my auto correct did this, and i’m not sorry, for once I think it’s right– for Tuesday’s track workout. Can I tell u how tired I am of the treadmill, but how I think it might help make me a better runner?

1) My mental game is getting tougher.

2) I tend to run slower on treadmills than outdoors so I’ve been really good about keeping my speed up. I’m hoping it translates to faster times outdoors.

3) I can spot check my form in the mirrors and so far I’ve been happy with how my form has come together over the last few years.

4) I’ve been able to test different fueling methods since there’s a bathroom nearby.

5) It feels good to wear shorts. Not that this helps my running but it helps me go a few extra days without doing laundry haha.

Okay one more thing that’s totally random. My sister sent me this shirt with the sweetest note. Basically the year we were supposed to be Kimberly the pink ranger from Power Rangers for Halloween I got chicken pox. She got to wear the costume and I got to lay in front of Grandma’s tv and miss trick or treating.


It makes me happy.

Cupcakes? Love ’em or leave ’em?