Do Hamsters Even Like the Hamster Wheel?

Even though the weather hasn’t been cooperating, I fit in all my workouts on the treadmill. Except for one 3-miler. I set out for 10 miles and then set foot onto ice and snow. The trails near our house (and when I say “trails” they are asphalt bike paths) were not plowed, salted or anything. I made a decision on the fly to try and do a couple miles, just to be outside in the fresh air. My ankle wasn’t liking the uneven, slippery surface but the trek was worth it when i saw a guy on cross country skis. <—that’s when i decided it was okay for me to call it a day.


Loved all the colors I was wearing

I really hope it warms up. I don’t like running in place, starting at my sweaty self in the mirror. Cameron and I joked that running a treadmill is like logging “space miles” since you don’t cover any real distance. I even had people on Facebook give me tips on killing time during treadmill runs. Most of which were the norm– watch tv, a movie, sports etc. I got kinda lucky and watched the Aussie Open match with Nadal & Wawrinka. I forgot how much I used to think Ben Flajnik looks like a cheapened version of Nadal 🙂 haha. Oh yeah, i watch the Bachelor & Bachelorette. It’s one of the many guilty pleasures I have. Whoops.

Cameron came up to the gym with me Sunday where I finally completed my 10 mile long run. For the first time I tried Shot Bloks & PowerGel. The Shot Bloks were a little too sweet for me, and I don’t like chewing while I run. The PowerGel was totally different than anything I tried, and I liked them. The consistency is more liquid-like and went down quick and easy. I normally use GU which is thicker and sometimes hard to get down. (Please don’t say “that’s what she said” I realize i walked into it haha).


Overall, my run went great and Cameron ended up logging 2.5 miles on the treadmill and 12 miles on a bike.


all done!

Weekly Summary (all runs on the treadmill except Saturday)

Monday: 4.5m easy 8:43/pace, 40 min TRX back & triceps, 10 min abs

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 6 mile progressive run 2 X 8:00/pace, 2 X 7:30, 2 X 7:15

Thursday: 45 min chest/biceps/low back, 30 min abs

Friday: 4.5m fartlek 8:27/pace

Saturday: 3.4m easy 10:28/pace (in the snow, so very slow and careful running)

Sunday: 10.2m long 8:09/pace

When is your next race scheduled for ?

March 15th USA 1/2!

 Long runs on the treadmill? What keeps you busy?