Colorado Continued & Utah! Vacation Part II + PRO Compression Winner!

A few last pictures from Colorado, then we headed down a scenic route to Utah. These final few Colorado pictures were taken by Cameron’s cousin, Kyle! You can check out his photography HERE.


Kyle dubbed this photo he took of us “the mountain grope.” We are all weirdos.


Blurry, but captured the Utah sign!


Our first campsite was right on the Colorado River outside of Moab, Utah. This was our view..at night. The moon was full and so bright, Kyle got a pretty cool shot with the stars & clouds.

And this was my picture the next day in the AM. You can still see the moon on the left!



During the first day in Moab, we did a fair share of exploring, Kyle & Elise took us to see Petroglyphs, an old gravesite, a waterfall…

20150901_122455 20150901_122612

Saw graves dated from the late 1800s, kinda cool, kinda creepy, always a little sad.


After our waterfall visit, the sky turned super dark and made for some beautiful pictures…


20150901_180801 (1)


And our drive through Arches National Park, where we would go hiking on our 2nd day in Moab!



20150901_185453 (1)

We never got bored driving through this area. It was WAYYY too pretty! I have so many pictures these posts will be continuing through the week!

Now onto the PRO Compression winner!!!

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 6.27.04 PM

MIchael, send me an email at shesgoingforspeed@gmail.com as soon as possible!

Week of 9/14/15-9/20/15

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 5.7 easy 9:20/pace + 2m walk w/LE

Wednesday: 20 min upper body

Thursday: 5m easy 8:03/pace

Friday: 4m easy 9:10/pace

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 11m easy 8:11/pace

Total Miles:  25.7, 2 walking



Monday: 20min hips/glues/core, 1m walk with LE

Tuesday: 7m interval 6 x 1000m (1.5m warm up 2 x 1000m @ 6:53/pace, 2 X 1000s 6:48/pace 2 x 1000s 6:44/pace .5 cool down, 2 min recoveries in between)

Wednesday: Rest, 1m walk w/Le

Thursday: 5m easy 9:01/pace

Friday: 7m tempo 7:59/pace

Saturday: Pure Barre + 2.5m walk w/LE

Sunday: 12m easy 8:05/pace + 1m walk w/LE

Total Miles: 31 running, 5.5 walking

Did anyone race this weekend? 

Where’s the next vacation you plan on going?