Camping in Nebraska, Hiking in Colorado (Vaca PT 1)

Monday: 10m long 8:45/pace

Sorry i’ve been missing, I took a vacation! For my birthday this year, I asked Cameron if we could finally go with his cousin Kyle & wife Elise, out west on their annual camping trip through Colorado & Utah. They’ve been trying to get us to go for years, and the timing never worked out. From now on we will make the time to go on this trip! It was by far the most fun, adventurous, laugh-filled, breath-taking trip i’ve ever been on.

Aaaaand the longest car ride i’ve ever taken. Starting from Maryland and resting in Ohio for a night where my extended family lives was our first part of the trip.

My grandparents Stan & Helen

My grandparents Stan & Helen

Once we made it to Indiana (where Kyle & Elise are from) we slept & hit the road on the bright! 5:00am riding across the most boring states in all the land… Illinois–> iowa –> Nebraska –> where we finally stopped for the night and camped. Had to document the very first tent i’ve ever set up!



the most exciting part of Nebraska!

The next day we finally crossed into Colorado & once we made it to Estes Park we took off on our first hike in the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park. I can only say good things about this hike. It was long (10.5 miles!) and the terrain changed over and over again. It honestly never got boring and the weather was perfect. I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves!




we did not intend to match! whoops


the sunset!

the sunset!

After a night of camping in Rocky Mtn Nat’l Park, we set out toward Utah, but first taking the scenic route up the mountains where it got pretty cold, but made our pictures pretty cool.



me taking photos of the photographer taking pictures of the professional photographer…






more to come!


Week of 8/24/15-8/30/15

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 7m combo workout -2m warm up, 3m @ 7:35/pace + 4 x 2:00min @ 5k pace 6:27

Wednesday: 4.5m easy 9:25/pace, 10min core

Thursday: 5.5m interval run

Friday: 9.5 long 8:16/pace

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 10.5m hike in Colorado (Rocky Mountain National Park)

Total Miles: 26.5 running + 10.5 hiking


Week of 8/31/15-9/6/15

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 1m hike

Wednesday: 6.3m hike in Arches National Park

Thursday: 7m fartlek 7:50/pace

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 7m running + 7.3 hiking

What’s the longest car ride you’ve ever taken?

Anyone been to Rocky Mountain National Park? 


Birthday Weekend! Part 2 – The SKYDIVING PICTURES!!!!

The question I’ve been asked most this week about skydiving was “Were you scared?” Which i’ve realized is the equivalent of asking, “did that tattoo hurt?” … it’s like… Of course!! It’s not my day job to jump out of a plane and of course tattoos hurt!

I wasn’t afraid of the actual jump, i was afraid because i didn’t know what to expect. New things are scary. And putting all your trust and life in the dude attached to your back is totally nuts! But I actually loved it!  And I love the small, unpressurized, plane ride up. I thought the experience was so unlike a commercial airplane and If you never skydive–definitely take a ride in one of these.



The scariest part was definitely dangling my legs out of the plane before we fell out.



The first second or two I had the fluttery, free falling, i might die–type feeling, but as soon as we leveled out, I started enjoying the view! There’s nothing like seeing the mountains and farmland and horizon from that height. And i swear if you were ever a kid that wanted to fly, you have to try this!



I also laughed a lot up there..


Then the chute came out and I was allowed to steer and do a few 360s then enjoy the float on down.



For the landing they had you ball up and hold your knees to your chest and use your heels to slow down as we slide into the grass (he did the majority of the work). The experience is general was so amazing! I felt safe & secure the entire time and I would skydive again. I love the rush, I love the free fall and I love seeing the earth from a different perspective.

After we came back home we showered and napped. The adrenaline & excitement all day took it out of us. We celebrated my birthday (and our survival) up the street with some margaritas!


This is gonna be a hard birthday to top. 🙂

Weekly Recap!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 7m threshold (2m warm up, 4 x 1m @ 10k pace- 7:20, 7:13, 7:13, 7:08- 1m cool down)

Wednesday: 5 Rounds 500m row, 8 toes to bar, 10 single leg bosu burpees w/pushups, 20 walking lunges + 2 walking miles w/LE

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 5.5m hill sprints + 1m walk cool down w/LE

Saturday: 3.8m easy 8:42/pace

Sunday: 10m long run + fast finish (8:35/pace for first 7 miles, last 3 miles 8:12, 7:50, 7:30)

Total Miles: 26.3 + 3m walking 

How did everyone’s weekend long run go?

Most memorable birthday?

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Birthday Weekend! Part 1–Cause It Was THAT Awesome!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 7m threshold (2m warm up, 4 x 1m @ 10k pace- 7:20, 7:13, 7:13, 7:08- 1m cool down)

Wednesday: 5 Rounds 500m row, 8 toes to bar, 10 single leg bosu burpees w/pushups, 20 walking lunges

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook It’s no surprise I turned 30 over the weekend! annnndd jumped out of a plane.. but i’ll get to that. My birthday month (can’t believe it turned into this, but it kinda did) started August 8th at a night game, Nationals vs. Rockies and they won! Towards the end of the game Cameron walked back to our seats holding cotton candy & a funnel cake. He didn’t know which one i’d want more, so he got both. That’s the way to treat a hungry runner :).


we got the crazy sugar faces on!

20150808_204528August 14th.. was where the real fun began. We went out late Friday night to see my favorite female comedian Iliza Shlesinger at the Arlington Drafthouse. If you haven’t seen her stand up, she has one or two specials on Netflix. She’s incredible and had us rolling all night. Plus she’s super fit, does Crossfit and has abs that won’t quit, so naturally i have a huge crush on her.


and of course I had to document that i, in fact, was wearing real girl clothes.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 2.37.32 PM

The next day, the 15th (my actual birthday) was our scheduled skydive. 3pm. To kill a little time, and nerves, I went out for a progressive run. I had to show you guys a picture because I thought it was super cool that my warm up mile was 8:15/pace on August 15th! How cool is that? And this was the first time in a while a progressive run went smoothly!


After a cool down mile with LE, a protein smoothie and a shower we headed out for the jump! DC Skydiving Center is located in Warrenton, Virginia about an hour and a half drive from us. It’s out in the country where you can see mountains and animals and all that fun stuff. The skydiving center itself is run out of this warehouse hangar type place and we got to watch the skydivers float on down as we waited.


20150815_15234920150815_150429aaaaaannndd, I have to head back to work, so i will have the 2nd half of my birthday and the fun skydiving pics up tomorrow!!
Last Week

Monday: 20min chest

Tuesday: 5m interval 8 x 200s ( 2 @ 5:52/pace, 2 @ 5:48/pace, 2 @ 5:45/pace, 2 @ 5:42)

Wednesday: 5 Rounds: 500m row, 8 x 40 lb barbell shoulder press, 8 x 40 lb front squats, 10 x bosu squat jumps

Thursday: 6m easy 8:11/pace

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 4m progression run + 1m cool down walk w/LE

Sunday: 5m Hike

Total Miles:  15m running, 5m rigorous hike, 1 mile walking

How have you celebrated a milestone birthday?

Have you ever been skydiving? If not, i’ll go with you!