As I said before, a lot of life changes have happened over the last year. There’s a reason I haven’t posted many blogs in 2017 and a reason my Instagram turned into a million selfies. My life changed and I got divorced. Out of respect for my ex and his family, I’m not going to talk about any specifics, just understand that we weren’t happy and ultimately parting ways was the best choice.

It was difficult to try to put together a blog this year. I had to edit and water down posts to the bare minimum while going through the divorce process.  Which, in turn made the blogs boring and inorganic. I like sharing and being transparent with you guys. I like getting my thoughts out and re-reading old posts to see where my mind was during certain moments and training cycles. This blog has turned into a pseudo scrapbook and a fun way to share with friends and family what’s going on.

As sad as the above might sound, I’ve actually had the best year of my life. Most often when I’m away from my blog or social media, real life is happening, some good, some bad. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: I’ve been happier, healthier and more loved than ever. I’ve been around good people, new friends, new family and I hope you’re ready to take on the next steps with me because A LOT of good shit has happened and the future is so bright. Speaking of, have you watched Netflix’s “Bright”…it’s outstanding!

So quickly, I want to recap some highlights of 2017, since i’m late to the New Year’s post. I have some awesome race recaps coming soon and currently i’m training for a trail 1/2 marathon, a trail 50K (both in February), Boston in April, and a few 10 milers shortly after. Hang tight, the blog is about to get wild.

2017 (1711 total miles)

Jan 1st, 2017- Setting the tone of the year on day one: I PR’d the 5k at a local race and won 1st overall female shaving 50 seconds off my last 5k with the time of 20:09!

New Year's Day 5K 2017 - Photo by Dan Reichmann, MCRRC

New Year’s Day 5K 2017 – Photo by Dan Reichmann, MCRRC

March 11th- Rock n’ Roll DC 1/2.  PR’d on a cold day by almost 2 minutes. 1:33:37. I broke into the top 100 females that day, 67th.  A bigger accomplishment than the PR. I was super proud of that race.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.47.40 AM

I ran a lot of trails this year.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 10.32.08 PM

Including a Ragnar Trail


I PR’d just about every lift this year.
Deadlift Conventional 2 @ 255#
Back Squat 1 @ 195#
Front Squat 5 @ 155#
Bench 1 @ #105
Power Clean 3 @ 115#
Jerk 1 @ 115#
Snatch 1 @ 80#


His and Hers ❤

I learned how to eat Maryland crab this year.

File_000 (569)


I ran my first 7K and won it!


I went to a lot of weddings, wore a lot of dresses this year…

FullSizeRender (4)

Marie my best friend, and most beautiful bride

IMG_9931FullSizeRender (2)IMG_8975B1EE5D83-8876-4B42-A6DF-3D2B22C3B8B2FullSizeRender (3)


I ran Marine Corps Marathon on little running (ok, 50 mile weeks, but no legitimate speed/training plan). Not a PR, but a huge Boston Qualifier and the first time I broke into the top 100 female at a marathon (81st official female) and made it in the Washington PostFullSizeRender (1)

I ran another Ragnar DC with a good group of people.

I pit crewed for the love of my life at World’s Toughest Mudder. And it was the most fulfilling race I’ve ever not ran.


Clint and me in the Pit.

Have I introduced you to the dude in all my pictures? His name is Stephen. You can call him Steve. He’s a badass. He lifts heavy weights, completed 10 Tough Mudder events, runs incredible distances (he did 40 miles during World’s Toughest) and he’s an amazing, incredible, spectacularly inspiring father to an almost 4 year old girl. He has yet to run an official marathon (don’t worry we’ll get him there), but is jumping straight to the 50K trail with me in February… Let’s just say we get along real well.


That kinda sums up my year. Lots of change, but a lot of the same. Still striving to be a better person, develop relationships with people that matter, lift heavier, run farther, run faster, travel more. You know the drill.. and i’ll be around much more this year. Enjoy life kids. Be happy.

Now tell me your 2018 plans, goals, races, life changes…






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16 thoughts on “Onward!

  1. In less than a week I am running my first marathon (eek!) and this summer I am completing the running portions (there are 2) in a trail duathlon with my ex BF. I never dreamed we would ever do a sport together.
    Thanks for your awesomely honest, upbeat blog.

  2. Yay lady, you’ve had an awesome year! Big goal is running Boston and also I have a goal to get back into lifting and strength training at least 2x a week. Can’t wait to see ya in Boston Oh and LETS HANG OUT for real besides at Zooma!


  3. Thanks for sharing all of this after your teaser in the last post.

    There are many reasons people slow on posting, due to injuries, shifting priorities, less time, and so on. But honestly – as I mentioned before – based on some of your other social media posts there was enough of a shift in content and focus to set off my ‘spidey sense’.

    And there is a part of me that is of course sad for you (and Cameron) for having to go through a divorce. I know the conventional wisdom is ‘never say I’m sorry about divorces’, but while it is obviously for the best, that doesn’t mean the experience is ever fun.

    But I am SO happy for you and Steve – as I always say I am a hopeless romantic and optimist and always want people to find happiness and love that lasts forever. I know how fortunate I am being as happy and in love as I was >25 years ago – and I want it for everyone! So I hope you two have much happiness together!

    And I am not a fan of the ‘clean up nice’ expression, because it seems to imply that true natural state is inferior … so I will just say that I loved seeing you two in a variety of settings together throughout the year – thanks for sharing that! You are a beautiful couple!

    Goals for me … not really solid yet. Just keep on keeping on 🙂

    • Your spidey sense was spot on i’m sure. Like i said, even trying to hide things on social media it’s tough when your environment, friends and general interests start to change. A wise comedian once said “happy marriages don’t end in divorce.” No, going through a divorce wasn’t fun, but in the long run it was so much better off for the both of us.

      Thanks for the well wishes for Steve and I, I appreciate it so much. And yeah, the “clean up nice” expression is awful, but what else do you say? We look good in dress clothes? I guess?

      Keep on running injury free should always be your goal ❤

  4. I was just thinking the other day that I’ve been missing you around the interwebs this year! Glad you’re back and I’m sorry to hear about the hard things you went through this year, but it seems like you’ve been able to turn them into positives and are happy and healthy! 🙂 Can’t wait to follow along with your training!

    • aww i’m glad i was missed, i freaking missed posting! I was thinking of you a lot the other day after I listened to your interview on the podcast “i’ll have another” You are an amazing runner, mother, wife etc. I loved that interview. Congrats on your Olympic Trials Qualifier!

  5. Aw thanks for sharing all of this! I’m glad you found a lot of bright spots in what could have been a tough year. It seems like you’re in a pretty good place now!

    What are your thoughts on marine corps as someone who is trying to BQ? I didn’t get into Chicago and obviously I’m super familiar with the DC area having spent a lot of my time there when I lived in Baltimore, but I don’t know how fast the course really is..

    • Thanks dude! 🙂

      Marine Corps was NOT as hilly as everyone was saying. I’ve stayed away from Marine Corps for so long because everyone talked about the killer hills, which is a joke honestly. I think the toss up with Marine Corps is the temperature. I’ve seen some awfully warm temps that time of year in DC. I think we lucked out where it wasn’t too bad, but honestly I loved the course and the course support. This is by far my favorite marathon i’ve done. I’m gonna recap it soon!

  6. She’s back! Are you guys running the Mid MD 50K? I’ve done it as a relay a few times. Only thing I’ve signed up for so far is a Spartan Sprint in June.

  7. I, too, am divorced (it was my choice but either way hard nonetheless) and struggled with sharing my newfound happiness with the world. Although, I wanted to shout it from the rooftops since I met my own love of my life and married him in July!! I am so glad that your finally in a great place and are planning to bring us along for some great new adventures.

    • I’m happy you’re so happy and congrats on the wedding! We’re floating in the same boat- I could seriously turn this blog into how much I’m in love and didn’t know true happiness until this year. haha ❤

  8. AH, so glad you are back! Despite the life difficulties, it really sounds like you picked yourself up, brushed yourself off, and embraced all that life had to offer! I am so glad you found someone to make you super dooper happy! Let’s see; I ran Philly again this past November hoping to BQ (nope; yet another year with crazy wind!), so I am looking to BQ next month. And I keep awaiting for my bf to propose; I am so ready!

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