A Decade of Running, a Summer of Fun


I already saw everyone posting stuff about pumpkin spice pop-tarts and fall wishery out there in Instaland and shame-on-you local Starbucks for advertising cinnamon drinks to push out summer. I’m not done with summer yet okay! Maybe growing up in Indiana where I had to lay my clothes on the radiator before school, just so i’d feel warmth before trudging down the street… or as an young stupid adult would go to a tanning bed in the middle of January to defrost for 20 minutes…or when I had to literally warm up in the sauna before hitting the treadmill at the gym because the ice, snow and cold said NOPE to outdoor running. Are you really still excited for fall and winter? Just let me pout for a few seconds okay…

Hi. I’m Cori. I’m a solar powered runner. I actually kinda crave the sun and sweaty humid runs. They remind me fondly of ultra training last summer. Every run I spent in the hard-to-breathe, sweat mess was one in the bank for a faster fall race. As of now, I don’t have any fall races on the schedule. I will not be doing another marathon until Boston 2018. My fall goals rest entirely on being strong and healthy leading into spring training. This is partially due to a full fall social/weddings/things to do calendar and partially because I needed a break.

I’ve been training and racing for a decade.

A decade. Entering a fall season with no major “A” race feels… nice. I figured if a race pops up that I can enter last minute and either run for fun or use as a hard effort training day, i’ll do it. But for now i’m not putting anything on the calendar that requires 18 weeks of dedication. I’m saving that drive, that commitment, that motivation and time requirement for Boston. Trust me, i’m already antsy and ready to train. I have the running bug bad. Consider me a caged dog for a few months. Working the mental side of training until I can be released.

In the meantime, i’ve been soaking up summer with friends and family, old and new and it’s been fantastic! Here’s to the last few months, and a birthday summed up in pictures…

East side of NC…

File_000 (459)

File_000 (464)

Sam and me at the beach, but cooling off in the kiddie pool 🙂

File_000 (466)

West Side of NC. (Asheville Trip)

File_000 (468)

Corepower Yoga, Bethesda, MD

Emmeline in town for chili fries, milkshakes, booze and crepes…

File_000 (522)

File_000 (555)

Smores’ milkshake… i’d kill for another one.

File_000 (521)

the 4th

File_000 (476)

Erin, me and Sam

File_000 (576)

Andrea and me in Annapolis for a day of fun…

File_000 (562)

and an afternoon of gin & bourbon…File_000 (567)

Already hit up a couple Orioles games on beautiful days.File_000 (559)

And an all you can eat Crab Fest at a local brewery! File_000 (569)

Birthday party with my girls! Yomery and BrookeFile_000 (575)File_000 (573)

Dog days of summer, even for the cats.File_000 (560)Cake and my age.File_000 (570)

I guess fall will be good for fires… Wait did someone say smores?File_000 (446)

Ok okay… I may or may not have acquired a bib for the Marine Corps Marathon. Oops.

What was your favorite part of summer?

What races are on your schedule for the rest of 2017?


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12 thoughts on “A Decade of Running, a Summer of Fun

  1. Great to see a post from you! I am with you on the summer; why can’t it last six months instead of three? Because if it lasted six months, it would FEEL like it lasted a full three.

    I’m running the Chicago Marathon exactly one month from tomorrow, and then winding down the fall season with the Naperville (western Chicago suburb) half marathon two weeks after that.

    Good luck at Marine Corps – sometimes those “unofficial” races where we don’t put a ton of training pressure on ourselves can wind up being unexpectedly good.

    • awesome!! i’m excited to see how a few of my friends do in Chicago this year.. and yes, even though i won’t technically be “training” for this race, it may turn out to be a great day for sure 🙂

  2. Congrats on a decade of running and racing! I have loved following along for the last 3-4 or however long it has been 🙂

    It is funny how hitting these milestones really means nothing but at the same time is a great reason to reflect and think about stuff. I think about how next year I will be in my 30th running year … whew! And that this will be my 5th straight year of running >3000 miles! Again, meaningless numbers, but causes to think.

    I agree with you on summer – while I love fall, why do we seem to constantly rush, rush, rush, and push away into the next thing? It is barely September and just too soon! I love running outside all year long, but really nothing compares to that ‘throw on shorts and head out the door’ feeling.

    As for summer … well, for me it was the ~3 week celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary. It was perfect – void renewal weekend, then 2 weeks in Europe that was all just incredible. While we always make time for our relationship, putting ourselves first in that kind of way is something we just don’t do (last time away with just the two of us for more than one night was … before we had kids!). So it was the perfect way to mark this milestone … and make us excited to plan for our NEXT trip! 🙂

    • That’s so amazing- i love how happy you and your wife are and setting aside that alone time is totally important. Hope you do that more often now! And congrats on 30 years of running!! Such an inspiration 🙂

  3. Love your summer recap! Pix and writing are both great! Looking forward to seeing what your fall season holds – you are living fully!

  4. HEYYYYY! Long time to read 🙂 I’m trying to get back into that blog scene. But I totally feel you on the decade of racing and training: ME TOO. I just hit my 10 year mark. And every single fall, I struggle to fit in my training because life is so busy. So no real fall races and just Boston 2018 in my future, too! Woohoo! Anyway, hope you are well!

  5. C’mon Cori, the beauty of fresh snow, making a snowman and sledding, you gotta love winter! Lol Know what you mean though, personally I love winter activities but they’ll never replace the fun of summer weather. Congrats on your ten years and hoping you have many, many more.

    • Thanks Rusty, i’m finally ready for winter. I got a gnat in my eye and grasshoppers jumping in my legs to make me have a change of heart. Went out for a cold, wet, rainy run in the mountains today and yes, i’m ready for winter!

      • Lol, no gnats or grasshoppers in the winter. Admire the running in mountains, love mountains. Have a great winter, have tons of fun and Happy Holidays!

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