Happy Coffee! I Mean Wednesday…


Monday: 1 hr back/legs (heavy DL 5 x 3 @ 225#), 7m 7:51/pace

Tuesday: Crossfit, 8.5m 8:36/pace

How is it already the middle of April!? You’d think that after a half marathon PR i’d slow down a bit, but honestly I’m having more fun that ever lifting heavy and running. Sometimes the best runs are the ones where you’re not on a schedule, every run is decided while out on the run, each pace is determined by what your body wants for the day. It’s kinda nice. The warm weather has been nice too!

File_000 (530)

I’m close to running 40 miles per week and it’s a comfortable number to be around while not training for anything specific. My heart is set on another half marathon PR attempt in the fall i just need to pick a couple out that work around a few weddings and other races I have on the schedule (Ragnar DC 2017!).

You guys know I love coffee right? It’s not a secret. It’s written in the About Me section, I talk about it all the time. I pride myself on demonstrating exercises to clients while never setting my coffee down…about a week ago I did a single arm 35lb dumbbell snatch with a coffee in my left hand. I normally hold coffee in my left hand, which is also why i have my tattoo there, in case I forget ya know?


File_000 (68)

And i’m not a coffee snob, i can’t tell you where the beans are from or name the fruit notes or acid levels or how they were harvested. I don’t necessarily need to have a pour over crafted by a hipster who wants to pair coffee with an album on vinyl that I won’t remember the name of. I just like the plain ol’ Mr. Coffee drip coffeemaker so my house smells like warm heaven.


File_000 (535)


I love hovering my face over a cup to get the warm goodness and feel all the steam in my pores. I love the social aspect and actually taking the time to make it, sit, relax and be present. Nothing is better than sitting down to have coffee and conversations with people you love.

File_000 (534)

I make coffee different almost every day. Some days I do coconut oil with a little almond milk and stevia, other days with cinnamon, honey and almond milk, sometimes just cinnamon. And once in a while, very normal with milk or half and half and sugar. Depends on what’s around to add just a hint of sweetness. When I hit up a coffee shop I order an Americano (espresso & water), or a plain latte or mocha latte depending on how much chocolate i’m in the mood for ;).

File_000 (537)

Pretty much me in the morning.

Got a cold brew from Starbucks yesterday- they put way too much cream in it, i’ll ask for less next time, but it hit the spot on that 80 degree day after 2 workouts. At least they got my name right?

File_000 (533)

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 7.10.02 AM


I think coffee is on my mind this morning because A Better Whey just sent me a few samples of their newest protein “Java” which is their caffeinated coffee protein. Can’t wait to try it and report back.

Happy middle of the week – drink coffee and make it through to Friday!

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Last Week

Monday: 7m tempo 7:03/pace

Tuesday: Crossfit, 10.8m easy 8:10/pace

Wednesday: 6m easy 8:05/pace, barbell practice (hang snatches @ 65#)

Thursday: Crossfit

Friday: 8m easy 9:05/pace

Saturday: 5.6m easy 9:25/pace

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 37.4

How do you take your coffee?

If we were sitting down with a coffee right now what would you want to talk about?

Author: She's Going the Distance


15 thoughts on “Happy Coffee! I Mean Wednesday…

  1. That’s my same feelings about decaf too! It’s not coffee people. Congrats on your HM PR!! Nice to stop by your blog for the first time and ‘meet’ you.

  2. I am not a coffee snob either. But after a couple different keurigs over a couple years I had to go back to drip coffee. It’s just better! And the smell while still in bed thanks to timers. Yes! I too vary the way I drink it – right now it’s a splash of hazelnut coconut milk – and I am very curious to hear your review on the protein coffee. I recently bought a bag of Maine Roast Protein Coffee to split with my coffee-loving son while he was home on break. I was skeptical and pleasantly surprised. Just mix with water and ice – bam! And if we’d be chatting about crossfit technique and how you incorporate so many miles with crossfit. Oh and maybe brewpubs.

    • keurigs are the WORST. Never enough coffee, always weak tasting and the temperature is never hot enough. Plus the cost is outrageous if you drink more than one cup each morning. And we would be chatting about CF hahah. Tomorrow morning i have CF and then a 13 miler on the agenda, i don’t know how i do it other than my schedule being a big part! brewpubs – yes. I just went to jailbreak for the first time about a week ago, loved it!

      • You nailed it on keurigs. And I’m a big big fan of jailbreak! Hope the 13 goes well.

  3. I take my coffee black. I used to take it with cream and sugar until college, then went to black coffee. I like it fairly strong, but also like flavored coffees (NOT ‘flavor shots’ as those taste too sweet and artificial to me).

    If we were drinking coffee now, I’d want to talk about how excited I am about my upcoming 25th anniversary, how Lisa and I are renewing our vows and taking a trip to Europe for ~2 weeks, and just thrilled about it (also thrilled we managed to save to pay for it all while putting 2 kids through private colleges!).

    I’d want to hear about how all of the non-running stuff in your life is going, haven’t heard much of that stuff lately and it is always great to hear about the other cool stuff. I have a really good friend who worked at Corning for the last few years who recently left and moved away, and she and I spent over an hour on the phone this weekend and it was great catching up on everything in life.

    And I would just enjoy drinking too much coffee and chatting about running and music and whatever came to mind. 🙂

    • OMG! 25 years! Congrats and such a sweet thing to do in Europe. Sounds super romantic- are you taking the kids or is this just for you two? I will post more non-running related things soon, it’s been weird cause i’m in that work + workout grind and i forget to take pictures! If we were having coffee right now i would catch you up on the non-running, in between life stuff 🙂

      • Bring the kids? 25 years means earning the right to finally NOT bring the kids haha … we’ve literally never had a kid-free vacation! :).

        But yeah, it is really exciting for us – each of us has been top Europe, but never together, and these are places we’ve always wanted to go!

        And when we’re in Europe .. we will definitely have loads of great coffee!

      • wow!! that is exciting. i can’t wait to see and hear about the coffee and vows!

  4. LOL they kind of got your name right.

  5. I love that tattoo. I drink nicer coffee black and if it’s cheap diner coffee I’ll add cream and sugar. Today I got Starbucks cold brew-hello warm weather iced coffee season! You’re a boss. Hope to see you soon since I couldn’t get my act together to come down during marathon training and then went and got hurt boo.


  6. Oh I hear you on the coffee! Absolutely love it. Can’t do without it. I even bought myself some fancy flavoured coffee beans but I managed to leave it on a train! 😂

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