Instead of…


Monday: 7m easy 8:59, shoulders + handstand practice
Tuesday: Crossfit, 10.2m interval (6 x 1m repeats- watch died. 6:55-ish pace)
Wednesday: 6m easy 9:20/pace
Thursday: Crossfit, 5m easy 10:00/pace

I am not an extremely vocal person regarding politics or religious beliefs especially on Facebook or my blog. I hope it doesn’t come off as being indifferent, I am anything but. I have very strong views on what is happening down the road from me in DC, however I don’t feel like these forums generate a lot of positivity and there’s SO much negative talk and hate online right now. It’s overwhelming and exhausting. I want to say that all people are welcome in my home, my gym, my blog. I do not discriminate. If running has taught me anything it’s that runners and people come in all shapes and sizes, different cultural backgrounds, beliefs and lifestyles. It doesn’t matter the pace at which you travel, it’s that we all cross the finish line together in the end.


So, I’m having another physically tough week over here. I’ll get into the nitty gritty of what is working and what will be changing over the next 4 weeks leading into the Rock n’ Roll DC half marathon, but for now I want to take time to work on gratitude again. If I sound like a broken record that’s good! It means I’m still extremely humbled and grateful that the body and mind i’m working at, gives back to me. (Even if it’s not giving at the rate I want!)


It was 65 degrees the other day and I I stopped on the run a few times to type out notes on and thought i’d share them. One of these might resonate and help get you to think a little differently about our day to day struggles with fitness, life in general, or just a plain training slump.


Instead of saying, “I have to” start saying, “I get to.”

Instead of setting goals, write down your accomplishments and be proud.

Instead of focusing on what you can’t have (food especially!), focus on what foods nourish your body most.

Instead of complaining about traffic/work/life etc, listen to music or do an activity (running?) that puts you in a good mood. Be productive, not destructive.

Instead of worrying about what others think of you, ask yourself if you’re happy with who you are.

Instead of waking up on “the wrong side of the bed” wake up, start making choices to be the person you want to become so you can live the life you want.


sky’s been showing off in MD

Is this all a little too deep for a Friday post? Maybe, but I am running a 5K in my underwear tomorrow morning, so how about that? If you’d like to donate- visit my page HERE or click the picture below! Have an excellent weekend!


Last Week 1/30- 2/5

Monday: 9.5m interval (3 x 2m @ 6:58/pace)

Tuesday: Crossfit, 5.5m easy 9:39/pace

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Crossfit, 9m tempo (6m @ 6:55/pace)

Friday: 8m easy 8:38/pace

Saturday: 10.6m 8:32/pace, 25min circuit training

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 42.6

How do you turn a negative into a positive?

Talk to me about your training! Hopefully it’s going well! 


Author: She's Going the Distance


8 thoughts on “Instead of…

  1. Very well said, all of it. I think it’s easiest to turn a negative into a positive if, instead of wallowing in the negativity of it, we instead take it as a challenge:

    “Okay, I’ve been dealt a different hand than I anticipated, but what I expected no longer matters because this is the reality. So, where am I and what are my options?”

    I think when we adopt this sort of outlook, we often wind up in a better spot than we thought possible.

    As for my training, eek! I just had a bib for this year’s Boston Marathon fall into my lap one week ago. This is amazing and exciting, but because Boston is the third week of April and I hadn’t been anticipating racing until May this year, I have to ramp it up quickly. Lots of miles are in store for me tomorrow morning!

    • yes! I love this, and i am getting really good at rolling with the punches so to say… This is what’s happening, what can i do about it and what’s next!?

      Dude! How did a Boston bib fall into our lap? That’s amazing!! Good luck with your long run, i’ll be out on my 14 miler early too! (and then the easy breezy Cupid’s 5k) haha

  2. “Productive, not destructive.” Excellent. I imagine that going on a sticky or the white board here at work. As for the training, well I seem to be sore after every run and my “longer” runs have been harder to finish. But I’m enjoying the crossfit 2x week and have a trail race tomorrow!

  3. I love “Be productive, not destructive.” ! Totally need that on my fridge or something. Ah your Cupid’s Undie Run outfit is so cute. I did it like 3 years ago and it was 35 degrees so tomorrow will be totally fine with the 60 degree weather plus that beer coat 🙂 I am tempted to ditch doing hw and join my friends in Baltimore participating in it…

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