5 Friday Favorites #5


Happy Friday! My favorites this week kinda turned into training gear i’ve been digging, hope you enjoy. I’ve been getting back to the grind of half marathon training, juggling a few new projects, pinning nutrition down and trying to get a ton of sleep. It’s been exhausting but so worth every day of it. Of course i’ll share with you along the way, bear with me as I get back into the flow of blogging!

73 Threads I’m now an ambassador for 73Threads shirts! These are super soft and super geared toward runners/triathletes/local beer drinkers, which makes me happy. Use my code “shesgoingthedistance” for 10% off at their website checkout. www.73threads.com


United We Run- love this one!

Garmin Vivoactive HR I won this from Jess @PaceofMe on Instagram, and i’m in love with it. It’s the first watch i’ve owned that sits on my wrist comfortably and reads an accurate heart rate. It can log indoor runs and indoor rowing which i will use a ton! And of course if I can customize the face to be Star Wars related it wins my heart.

KFT Sports Bras I don’t use these to run in, although i have. They are my Crossfit/cross training/everyday bras. They are so comfortable and pretty i can’t handle it. Every time they release a new color i have to have it! I’m not affiliated with them, but you can check them out at KFT Brands.

-Front/back for the Lighten Up bra – and yes for the record, i hang out in sports bras and sweats a lot.

Front/back of X-factor bra, 2 different colors. The jade, is my favorite color!


Brooks Launch 3s These shoes were my marathon shoes, the ones that carried me to a Boston Qualifier, so maybe it’s why I hold them close to my heart. Or maybe it’s because they are light without a ton of cushion and keep my ankles in place? They’re a great shoe. I have them in two colors and they have been the ones I reach for most often when I head outside.

Reebok Nanos I’m obsessed. I have 3 pairs and have only been doing Crossfit since August. haha. A big reason I love the Nanos – I can stand up in them for hours without my feet hurting. (remember i’m on my feet all day at the gym) So i use them while training clients, then I use them to cross train in. They are a 4mm drop shoe that keeps me comfortable and stable for any type of workout.

Left: Nano 6, Middle: Nano 5, Right: Nano 2

Have a fantastic weekend! I’ll be taking a 2-day USA Weightlifting course Saturday and Sunday!

Last Week 1/9-1/15

Monday: 6m easy 9:34/pace

Tuesday: Crossfit, 8m intervals (12 x 400s @ 6:15/pace)

Wednesday: 5.5m easy 9:08/pace

Thursday: Lower body (back squats)

Friday: 6.2 easy 8:57/pace

Saturday: Crossfit, 7m tempo (5m @ 6:53/pace)

Sunday: 12m long 8:56/pace

Total Miles: 44.7

What brands for running or cross training are you liking right now?

Favorite running shoe?





Author: She's Going the Distance


16 thoughts on “5 Friday Favorites #5

  1. I’m a Mizunos and ZOOT (triathlon shoes) girl! For like, years and years.:) Have an awesome weekend!

  2. My name is Russ and I have a shoe problem. Every time I order a new pair my wife says I have to get rid of some. Current fave is Brooks Ravenna but also running in Hoka Clifton and learning to like the Newton Motion. And after 4 crossfit classes I just ordered the Nike Metcon. I mean, I can’t use running shoes!
    And I love some super soft cotton Ts so I’m gonna check out that site.

  3. Only run in New Balance. Trail use the Fresh Foam Hierro and road I use the Fresh Foam Boracay.

    73threads looks awesome, I’m going to check them out.

  4. My got my mom the Vivoactive Hr for Christmas and she’s in love with it! She’s a pretty big swimmer, and finds that it’s perfect for that.

  5. I have been wearing the Launch 3s since June but just got a pair of the 4s! I was nervous that they would be much different but so far I am liking them. Im thinking about getting another pair of the 3s though since they are on sale right now!

  6. I have been hooked on New Balance for a while (used to be Saucony). Since that NB negative split challenge, I am loving the Vazee Pace V2s! Taking a while to break them in (still a bit stiff) but I am enjoying them enough to wear for both speed workouts and long runs. I am totally digging the skull runner tank; that’s something I would wear all the time!

  7. Ah I love those shirts-may have to use your discount 🙂 Also BROOKS LAUNCH ROCK. I also ran my kickass BQ marathon in them so I ALSO hold them so near and dear to my heart. I’ve been using that marathon pair to take me through my return to running plan so they are super special. Those bras are super cute and you look fab! Also LOVE the star wars Garmin design-I’ll have to see if I can get that on my Forerunner face.


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