2016, 2017, 20:09, One of these things is not like the other ;)


2016 was a big fitness year. I saw huge improvements week to week, month to month, race to race. Pr’d the half, full, 10k and a few past goals of mine were finally checked off a list (beer mile, Ragnar, Spartan) and i’m realizing I have no limits as long as I continue to train between the ears.


from saturday’s 10 miler

I don’t have resolutions or goals for 2017. I peeked back at my old resolutions and a lot of them are time goals for certain distances, trying different types of races (like obstacle course racing & Ragnars) and to be happy. I’m still conquering those times and distances while constantly trying to become a better, more well-rounded athlete while balancing home and work life, and challenging myself in ways I didn’t think possible. As long as I’m growing as a person and reaching for the next thing, I’m happy.

Those are my constant, daily resolutions. Each morning when the alarm goes off I make choices based on the person I want to be and the things I want to accomplish. If i’m running, lifting, coffee-ing and smiling, life is going to be beautiful.


I kicked off 2017 on New Year’s Day at a local 5k event. No parties for me, just a pan of brownies, a beer (apparently i was carbo-loading for 3.1 miles) and an early bedtime so I could run hard the next morning and figure out reasonable training paces for the next half marathon. (March 11th, DC Rock n’ Roll 1/2)

I caught up with fellow Nuun Ambassadors Colleen & Jim!


Recapping a 5K is so strange. It goes by too fast to remember, and hurts so good you kinda don’t mind forgetting. I’ll say this, I ran to hurt. I wanted to see where my fitness was and get some realistic paces I could use for my next training cycle. This was the first hard effort since the marathon in November. And for a first hard effort, I’m happy.

New Year's Day 5K 2017 - Photo by Dan Reichmann, MCRRC

Jim’s pushing the stroller

I’ve never quite mastered how to pace a 5K. I positive split my way to a PR somehow and I’ll take it. 20:09, 1st overall female. I gained 171 ft of elevation during these 3.1 miles. It wasn’t the easiest course, but it was a perfect day for a race.

New Year's Day 5K 2017 - Photo by Dan Reichmann, MCRRC

Next up is Leo’s Run 5k on February 5th, which is held on one of my favorite running paths in Silver Spring, MD. It’s for a great cause, so if you’re local, sign up and hang out! If you don’t want to run but still want to donate head over to http://www.leosrun.org/ and read how you can help!


The following weekend on February 11th is another 5k for a cause! Cupid’s Undie Run.This is a 5k Silver Spring Crossfit does annually and raises money for Neurofibromatosis, a disorder that causes tumors to grow on nerve endings in the body. So our box will brave the cold, raise money and lower our pants. Should be a fun one! If you’d like to donate to my page click the picture below and if you want to run with me, sign up and we’ll have a very awkward first meet n’ greet! hah



Week of 12/26-1/1 

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Crossfit, 8.5m easy 7:44/pace

Wednesday: 10.1m easy 7:59/pace

Thursday: Crossfit

Friday: 5m easy 9:15/pace, 30min single leg work

Saturday: 12m easy 8:26/pace, 30min total body

Sunday: New Year’s Day 5k 20:09 6:28/pace (total miles 5.3 with warm up/cool down), 30min upper body

Total Miles: 40.9


Week of 1/2-1/8

Monday: 5m easy 9:55/pace

Tuesday: Crossfit, 8m interval (8 x 800s @ 6:20/pace)

Wednesday: 5.3 easy 8:30/pace, 1hr Deadlifts

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 7m tempo (5m @ 6:53/pace)

Saturday: Crossfit, 10m long 8:36/p

Sunday: 6.2m easy 9:08/p, 1hr squats/cleans

Total Miles: 41.5

What’s next on your race calendar?

Who ran in snow this weekend!?


Author: She's Going the Distance


7 thoughts on “2016, 2017, 20:09, One of these things is not like the other ;)

  1. Not snow but sub-zero … we just got ‘flurries’ (which were more like ice crystals pounding my face). Did over 30 miles between Sat & Sun.

    Great job on the 5k … I joke that they scare me more than anything else, but it is kind of true, because it is completely different from how I run on a daily basis, since my ‘normal’ is endurance, spreading the pain out over the long haul. 20:09 is a great time (new PR?) … and obviously says you have a 1x:xx in you 🙂 I was so happy to break 22 minutes (twice!) in the 5k – I don’t ever see myself under 20 minutes, but that is quite OK with me 🙂

    Oh … and once again I am drawn to the angle of your left foot in the 5K race photo … your right foot looks straight and solid, but your left …

    • eeek- ice crystals sound brutal haha. And high five on the mileage! my left foot is seriously an issue from tightness in my left hip/hamstring. My chiro and I are aware of the pigeon toed-ness of it. I have no pain by any means, but when i was running out in the snow on saturday and got to a turnaround, i saw how my footprints on the left side were slightly turned in.. I used to be completely pigeon toed on both sides. Usually when it gets bad i need to go in for an adjustment.. so you know where i’ll be saturday morning haha.

  2. That picture of you mid-race is phenomenal. You look like you are flying! Your bib number is 2018. I think you may have run fast enough that you ran straight into next year, 2018.

  3. Life is beautiful when you have such a positive attitude! Thanks for this post – it made me smile. You look great and your results are absolutely brilliant! Good for you!

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