Phone Dump Friday #10


Tuesday: 10.5m intervals (4 x 1.5m @ 7:03/pace)

Wednesday: 6m easy 8:29/pace,  20min shoulders/lats

Thursday: Crossfit

More from Shenandoah:




Pulled an old one off Cameron’s phone. My life: sweatpants, confused, on the floor with the dog, blogging.


Another gem from his phone. This is also pretty normal. *cough shelovesmemore cough*


And one more set of oldies- I found Le’s adoption photos from the website. Look at how small and scruffy she was! These were the photos that made us jump on getting the chance to see her! If you want to read about her adoption you can do it HERE.

Okay, back to more current pics: Rehoboth, DE – gotta document the abs when they decide to hang around.


And a few leftover from the wedding…


Cameron went to happy hour last night…and so did I. Got the Altra Torin 2.5 & Brooks Launch 3s. Went based soley on feel and not what I’m used to. I’m still gonna rotate my Saucony Kinvaras in the mix, but it should be interesting switching up brands. I’ll let you know how it goes!


Shout out to Van 2 Crew #HustlinHookers RaganarDC 2016


And another BIG THANK YOU to all the friends and family who donated to the 50K ultra I did over the summer. I (we) got a very nice letter in the mail, so I thought i’d let you guys see that your donations help make a difference. Thank you all again! (you can read about the ultra here and here).


OH and it’s Friday people. Here’s a virtual cheers to beers as big as my head!!


Ever switched shoe brands in the middle of marathon training?

What are your weekend plans, running and non-running!?

Author: She's Going the Distance


2 thoughts on “Phone Dump Friday #10

  1. Wow LE was so small! I just started wearing Altras and I really like them so far. No real calf issues either plus they’re a Utah brand and gotta love that. I was tempted by the Launch 3s gut something about them felt a little off. Mmmm beer……

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