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Monday: 6m easy 9:24/p, Crossfit

I don’t know where all the summer days went, but i’ve started Week 7 of marathon training. Seven!! I love being on a schedule and each workout (especially the marathon paced tempos) scares me a little. Marathon training is soooo different than half marathon training, which i’m usually signed up for.

This training cycle has me waking up at 6:00am to fit in mileage. Which makes me feel like an 80 year old who’s ready for bed by 9pm. Sad thing is that I’m beginning to like these early morning miles. But I’ll be dead honest with you,  I’m still not a morning person. I can’t get myself to do speed or tempos that early because I like being awake and alert, so those types of runs happen mid-morning or early afternoon.

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The bulk of marathon mileage needs to be run EASY (two minute-per-mile slower than race pace) which leads me to another strange thing. Sometimes I go out for easy runs in the middle of the hottest, most humid days just because the heat will force me to slow down. I thought marathon training was going to be horrible, but training for an ultra in the dead heat of summer has helped with both the mental and physical side of the sport as well as learning to run slower.

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Now the normal marathon stuff: Increased appetite. Holy mackerel, the runger hits like a baseball bat sometimes. I definitely do not deprive myself of seconds to vegetables or an added snack during the day. The key is to eat substance and add healthy calories (like an extra serving of avocado with my breakfast or a protein shake in the day or a bigger helping of sweet potatos at dinner) and not just looking at all the mileage as an excuse to eat crap. I most definitely indulge in dessert or a beer, but it’s not where all those excess calories are going.

Sleep and recovery! It’s a necessity to prioritize sleep! Recovery is a HUGE part of marathon training AND general fitness! I aim for 8-9 hours a night. The elites, the NBA stars, the Olympians you just watched in Rio–all of them have coaches, trainers, massage therapists, chiropractors, cupping therapists etc– there is a TEAM to help them with recovery because it is that important. I’m not saying you need a full team, but have a place to get the kinks worked out and utilize those foam rollers laying under your couch!

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remember when I cupped during Christmas? before Phelps made it cool. That’s right. #coolerthanphelps

Of course I’m experiencing the normal marathon stuff– smelly piles of laundry, weird looks at the gym when i hog a treadmill for 1.5 hours, dry skin peeling off my feet, extra time on foam rollers, naps, weekend plans revolving around long runs, candy cravings, saying the word just before the number of miles you have to run, crying during a run as you picture finishing the marathon, feeling stupid for said cry, the elusive runner’s high, the constant questioning of holding xx:xx pace for 26.2 miles, dreaming of a fresh pair of running shoes, and brunch–oh the brunches you will have, and the afternoon coffee pick me ups…

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I love marathon training.

Last Week

Monday: 6m easy 9:11/pace, Crossfit

Tuesday: 8m interval (5 x 1000s @ 6:45/p)

Wednesday: Crossfit

Thursday: 10.5m tempo (7m @ 7:50/p)

Friday: 6.1m easy 9:35/p

Saturday: 10m long 8:46/p, Crossfit

Sunday: 8m easy

Total Miles: 48.6

Add to the list! What always happens to you during marathon training?

How do you spend time recovering?


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12 thoughts on “Marathon Things

  1. oof; i too, want to eat all the food right now during marathon training. the only problem is that i always want to eat the food on my rest or easy days! i am always nauseous post-long run so i cant get myself to eat to equalize the calories i burned. im always constantly dreaming of what i will eat! im really looking forward to seeing what my paces will look like once the weather cools down; ive struggled big time here in boston this summer with the higher than normal temps so excited to see what the fall brings. great week of workouts for you!

    • Oh i agree! paces suck right now, i’m extremely excited about what will happen when the temps drop 20 degrees! And i feel ya on the eating a lot on the off or easy days. It’s tough cause i feel like my body gets used to the extra calories!

  2. ooo i’m excited for you and can’t wait to hear how the training progresses. also i need to try cupping!

  3. My biggest thing is that I am terrible at tapering … oh and rest days … and definitely the whole recovery thing. Ugh … I just like the running part, I guess 🙂

    The other thing I always struggle with is the transition – from summer months of *constantly* moving, running in the morning, walks or biking or tennis at night, hikes and so on weekends, and on and on … to winter where I still run, but them we are much less active otherwise. Takes me a bit and I feel like crap while my body adjusts.

    Glad you are having a solid mental and physical cycle – always love to see that (healthy, healthy, healthy!). Keep it up!

  4. This post definitely relit my fire about marathon training- I’m in week 6 of 12, and there’s been a definite slump going on. In between holidays, work and anything resembling a social life, training has been a struggle. Whilst I was managing to fit it all in, i suddenly crumpled with exhaustion at the start of this week, and had to sadly call it a cutback week. But I’m trying to remember that this is all part of the process- it’s a struggle, but that’s why we do it! And also your comment about dirty laundry made me feel infinitely better about the large pile of smelly clothes I’ve been guiltily ignoring for the past week. So thank you so much for that! 🙂

    • glad i could help! i’m feeling the 7 week fatigue as well. it’s been a struggle to get out the door a few times this week. I haven’t had a cutback week yet, but i did cut a mile or two off of yesterdays easy run. The clothes are disgusting. I’m actually having to do laundry 2x a week because im afraid my whole closet will stink!

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  6. Loved reading your post!! I’m getting ready to start training for Boston 2017. It is great to hear everyone’s stories-

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