I got My Phil of Indiana ;)


Monday: 6m easy 9:11/pace, Crossfit

Tuesday: Rest

I’m continuing to receive congratulations for the ultra i ran a week ago and each time I get confused for a second. I swear I keep forgetting it happened. haha. I think my brain is trying to erase it from my memory.

Marathon training is going very well. I’m using Hanson’s Marathon Method this training cycle and so far I love it. I choose my time goal, Hanson’s provides the paces and the workouts. I’ve also recently started Crossfit and will do a post about it soon! I have so many thoughts so a blurb just isn’t enough.

To the main event! I found cheap airfare and headed to Chicago/Northwest Indiana last week to hang out with my former roommate/Bff who had a baby over 4th of July weekend. Marie is on maternity leave and I wanted to see her family before her life gets hectic.

File_000 (300)

This trip was so fun and relaxing. Her 6 week old baby, Phil, is such a cutie and sleeps and eats very well. We spent time watching the the Olympics, movies, eating pizza (nothing tops midwest pizza) cooking, trying new local coffee shops and catching up on life. She’s the kind of friend you can tell anything to, she’ll finish my thoughts and join in when I start singing songs outloud.

File_000 (305)

File_000 (302)

When I found a break in the weather (it was humid out there and rained on and off a couple days) I fit in training runs. I had a tempo and a long run to squeeze in. And let me tell you something: the flat terrain was easy, but running in a straight line 6 miles out and back was mindnumbing.

File_000 (304)

I can say now, I appreciate running in Maryland. The terrain changes, the hills and the trail systems are incredible. I’m super grateful i’ve been able to live in different states and continually grow as a runner.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 8.42.27 AM

File_000 (301)

I’m also growing as an eater. We stopped at Baskin Robbins for a large waffle cone. They have a flavor called Oreo Milk. It’s oreos, kelloggs cereal, and frosted kelloggs corn flakes. I can’t even tell you how good it was. Just go try it. Even if you just get the pink sample spoon.

File_000 (303)

yes i had a stomach ache after this

My last day was spent with Elise. I missed her.


They have an HTC Vive virtual reality headset. It was so much fun! There’s nothing to compare it to either. It’s so different than any video game, 3D or 4D Universal Studios ride. There is nothing like it- if you know someone with a Vive go play on it!

Kyle and Elise had me in a Minecraft world, and asked me to step of the ledge of a very high building. You are lucky enough to watch me with my scared high voice freak out. Here ya go..my first appearance on video on the blog. So proud of this moment.

Last Week

Monday: 6m easy 10:30/pace, Crossfit

Tuesday: 8.1m interval (5 x 1000s @6:40/p)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 9.1m tempo (6 @ 7:47/pace)

Friday: 12m long 10:09/pace

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 8m easy 8:20/pace

Total Miles: 43.2

Ever tried VR?

How do you workout on vacation?

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5 thoughts on “I got My Phil of Indiana ;)

  1. Ooh that ice cream though! Ah I did Crossfit for over year but had to give it up because of money and because it always came second to running. If I had money I’d probably still do it and run and it would be less of an issue. I love little newborn babies-they are so adorable and everything is soooo tiny. Also it’s funny because I think of MD as flat-ish but then I go to some places that are actually super flat, and I’m like OHHHH yikes.


  2. Yeah it will be interesting juggling crossfit and marathon training, but i’m excited! and yes, i forget how many hills we have in MD!

  3. Loved the video – I played around with VR a few years ago due to tech friend connections and it is really cool … and your reactions were priceless! 🙂

    Those baby pictures! Love the one with the mom and also the one with you holding him! I have always been a sucker for babies!

    Since I have always lived in hilly places (MA and NY) and most of my travel has also been hilly places on the east and west coasts … when I DO run in flat places I find it breathtaking in its own way and have yet to be bored (also never there long enough).

    My two faves in that way were Phoenix AZ and Lincoln NE … I was one year out of college on business to Phoenix and got the directions (go X miles, turn left for X miles, turn right, etc) and was amazed at how simple and logical things were – running in that was equally simple. But at the same time out here I LOVE all of my hills, been too long since I did one of my ‘double-hill runs’ with my 1250ft hill!

  4. Oh – and I LOVE the ice cream picture! I have posted pictures of my favorite summer massive soft serve ‘twist with chocolate dip’ … that is huge and leaves me way overstuffed … but SO worth it!

  5. I love this! What a fun trip. Heading to get that ice cream from BR nowwwww

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