5 Friday Favorites #4


Thursday: 6m easy 9:40/pace, 20min legs

Friday: Rest

  1. This Song. On repeat.

2. Hello from the Magic Tavern (podcast). This is hilarious. It’s a completely fictional tale told by funny dudes who improv this podcast. Yes, improv and they’re good. We listened to and from Chicago on our trip last week. It never got old and was super refreshing to listen to fun fiction! magictavern1

3.  Crossfit: The Fittest on Earth (documentary on Netflix). This summer is all about sports. Crossfit Games (July 19th!), the Olympics, Donald Trump’s hair fighting to stay on. This documentary is filled with grueling passion and funny heartfelt moments. Even though I’ve already watched it, I will be watching it again this weekend. It’s something to asterisk for marathon training pick me upa.

4. Moving Comfort Rebound Racer (sports bra). I’ve been wearing this for the last few week and I’m freaking happy. Chafing has been happening a lot this summer and i knew it was because of old sports bras & DC humidity, but i needed something different. My old Nike Pros only last about 6 months and begin to stink pretty quickly. I’ve been trying to find something I love and I think the rebound racer is the one! It’s pictured below and Brooks is having a huge sale on them!

File_000 (255)


5. Honey Stinger Gluten Free Waffles. I know i’m an ambassador and already love their waffles, but the gluten free ones are made with rice (not wheat) and they hold together so much better. And hello…salted caramel! Cameron approved 😉

File_000 (256)

What are you loving this week? Movies, music, podcasts, food?

Author: She's Going the Distance


10 thoughts on “5 Friday Favorites #4

  1. I’ve just started listening to more podcasts and am falling in love. I’ll have to check that one out! Those waffles are a go-to for me as well, but I haven’t tried the new flavor. I’ll have to try the salted caramel soon! This NH girl doesn’t go for the maple flavor, surprisingly.

  2. Love, love honey stinger products! And I’ll have to check out that podcast, thanks! Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!!

  3. We watch almost no TV all summer … and tend to co-watch, so I almost never watch stuff like the CrossFit stuff 🙂 Also, with my quick commute I have lost track of ever listening to podcasts … it took me a week to listen to a two-CD album last month! And I will have to check out the Kiiara song – my younger son and wife probably already know it!

    I’ve never had one of the Honey Stinger waffles, but I really want to try – seems like the rice-base is a great option!

    This week I have been loving avocados – we bought a bunch and I made a simple guacamole with avocado and salsa … it is divine! I’ve been putting it on toast in the mornings after my run!

    Happy weekend!

    • haha Cameron would never watch the Crossfit Doc–but he’s actually watched the open with me. (and he watched gymnastics with me last night but shhhhhushh) I’m super slow with tv and movies as well.

      I eat avocados every day.. i can’t get enough!!

      • Funny about gymnastics – a couple of weeks ago our younger son came home from work and we were flipping channels and the US gymnastics championships were on and he sat down and we ended up watching the whole thing! We also caught some last night …

  4. Oh I want to try the gluten free waffles! i like the idea of them being made from rice and holding together well. Have a great weekend!

  5. I dig the gluten free stinger waffles too. And OCMD even if was only a couple days. But damn that humidity made running long very tough. And leinenkugel summer shandy goes great in the beach.

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