Run and Beer and Run Some More


The title sums up the weekend perfectly, and the weekend was perfect if you ask me. Saturday morning at 7:30 I explored a new-to-me trail which I will be spending a ton of time on this summer, especially since the majority of it is shaded & has water fountains, a runner’s saving grace. I realized, especially while out on the paths for 16+ miles, I want to get a water pack to carry more water. Does anyone have suggestions? I’m open to brands (Nathan, Ultimate Direction, Camelbak etc), but I would like a backpack type hydration tool, not a belt with bottles.

Anywho, the 16.6 miler went well. I was anxious and nervous for absolutely no reason. Especially when I’ve been coasting around 15 milers each weekend with no problem. I only took in two Honey Stinger gels, probably not enough, but it was warm out and it’s always hard for me to eat a lot in the heat. I’m trying to slowly eat more during these long runs in preparation for fall marathon training.

File_000 (225)

Deer selfie & a Chocolate + caffeinated Honey Stinger

Note worthy items on my run: I saw 3 deer, a crane and a black snake. Yep. Saw another female runner jump several feet from the edge of the trail and was quick to point out to me to watch out. I’m always hopping over twigs and branches on the trails in fear they might be a snake. Turns out it’s not a bad idea.

After I finished, feeling excellent by the way, I swung by a local brewery that a client told me about. Manor Hill Brewing! (Ellicott City, MD)

I started with a flight to taste several beers, played corn hole (or “bags” depending on what part of the country you’re from), walked around the facility (they allow self guided tours) and enjoyed the sunny afternoon!

I enjoyed the Coffee IPA and their sour saison. The brewery doesn’t serve food so you can bring your own! I brought along chips, peanuts and oreos. Don’t judge, remember I ran super far so I can eat some junk once in a while.

File_000 (226)

Coffee Brown IPA & Latte milk stout taster w/Cinnamon bun oreos πŸ™‚

File_000 (229)

The brewery has limited space and is only open Friday to Sunday so if you plan on going, i’d recommend making a reservation! The space is beautiful, the bartenders were so nice and it was a fun place to spend an afternoon.

The next day, Sunday, which is now turning into my 2nd runday I met up with my friend Deena for an easy 5 miler.

File_000 (231).jpeg

Talking about life, relationships and running is just the way I like starting the morning! This is also one part of the the 50K course i’m planning. Just need another weekend to scout out the parts of the course and I can share it.

Last Week

Monday: 30min upper body

Tuesday: 7.1m easy 8:38/pace

Wednesday: 8.1m easy 9:10/pace

Thursday:Β 5.1m fartlek,Β 20min full body HIIT

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 16.6m long 9:25/pace

Sunday: 5.1m easyΒ 

Total Miles: 42

Water hydration pack? Brand/type/Liters?

Favorite way to spend a summer afternoon?

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11 thoughts on “Run and Beer and Run Some More

  1. Good job on the long run – I took advantage of Father’s Day to head out early (~6AM) for a nice 19 miles. It is funny you were concerned about your 16.6 miles … but runners are weird, right? I didn’t hesitate at 19 miles (actually had no planned distance, brought neither water nor fuel … because I’m an idiot like that) … but a 5K still scares the crap out of me πŸ™‚

    I have a Camelbak (similar to this one that holds ~50oz of water and works well on long hot runs without being too heavy or chafing.

    Great summer day – didn’t judge on the food but had to laugh! πŸ™‚ Totally random! We’ve been all over the map – I am more than a little obsessed using MyFitnessPal (and I only started using it to support my wife and older son who wanted to lose a few pounds), and know it is messing with my choices, so I will have a nice big fresh salad with all kids of veggies and fresh salsa as dressing … paired with nice juicy deep fried onion rings. Oh well … stuff runners do πŸ™‚

  2. I used a Camelbak for my long runs for years and loved it. About a year ago I switched to a hand held, and I love it even more! It’s lighter to carry and cooler (the Camelbak would get hot on my back). Either way, I love the freedom of running with water. It lets me go anywhere without having to worry about water sources along the way.

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I have this camelbak (my first one!) and enjoy it. I haven’t had any issues with chafing and have enjoyed the extra pockets and having my hands free!

  4. Excellent post and recap of the brewery! And since it’s practically in my backyard, I am going soon. The coffee brown IPA looks delicious.

    As for hydration packs, I really like this one – the site says there is a women’s version. And REI has this on a great sale. I like it because I want water in the bladder and then also carry a bottle with some type of electrolyte drink. Plus a nice little pocket for phone, gels and cash on the front and plenty more room in the back. I’ve tried others and own a Camelbak (just bladder) and Nathan belt with 4 bottles. But I really like this vest.

    Your trail looks like Beach Drive. And my Sunday afternoon (post-run and nap) was a few drinks at my tiki bar watching the Orioles and US Open…that was an excellent way to spend a summer afternoon.

  5. I have a hydration backpack from
    Nathan and it’s working out pretty good! Super easy to clean. I hated cleaning out the camelbak because the parts don’t come apart easily.

  6. I am a little late but I definitely recommend Ultimate Direction vests (Jenny Collection). The one I have is super comfortable and can carry plenty of water (two small bottles on the front and the option to put a bladder in the back). And they’re specifically designed to fit women. Seriously LOVE mine!

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