When I Turn 31…


When I turn 31 this August, I’m gonna run 31.07 miles. A 50K, an Ultra Marathon. And I want YOU to be a part of it.


30 has been amazing! The day I turned the big Three OH, I jumped out of a plane! Since that day, I completed a Spartan Beast and bested my half marathon time.

All these hours of training (especially those spent running) have built a confidence in myself I haven’t seen since I was young. You know, when you’re told you can be anything, do anything and accomplish anything you set your mind to? The world is so large and the idea you can do ANYTHING is awe inspiring.

File_000 (216).jpeg

Of course, we grow up and somewhere along the way you discover the word “can’t” and it’s used and abused too often.

I felt a small ounce of “i can do anything” the first time I did a full marathon at age 26. I had another moment of grandeur after I finished the Spartan race: stronger, healthier and happier than ever.

These moments are few and far between, but they’ve happened as an adult. When I have those feelings I grab them, hold on and memorize it. Because I can, and you can, do anything you set your mind to if you are passionate and want it bad enough.

For the last five months or so, i’ve been out on long runs finding myself wanting to run further and further. Almost every run I’d come back feeling like I could turn around and do the same distance again. Naturally the thought of ultra marathoning crossed my mind.  And just as naturally, “i can’t.”

Then, out of what seemed like nowhere, I changed the phrase “I can’t” to “why not?” Instead of a definitive, negative phrase, I kept saying to myself “why not try an ultra?” There is so much hope, positivity, and a sort of comic side to the phrase, “why not?” Plus you actually have to come up with a good reason if you think you actually can’t.

So, I’m going to run a 50k on my birthday. Cause, why not?

File_000 (217)

I want this to be a fun, memorable birthday and a successful first ultra. I’m doing it on my own though, no race, just for fun & a good time. Here’s where you, my fellow runners, readers, clients and family can help me celebrate. You can pick a few miles or certain segments and run with me (and bring me food)! Since i’m not trying to run a certain time I can slow down or speed up or walk with you. I will get the details together soon!

I also created a donation page, because i’m a grown adult and do not require birthday gifts. This year i’m asking you to donate a few dollars to the MS Society on behalf of my 50k quest. 100% of donations will go to the National MS Society.

If you’re from the DMV area and would like to run a part of the course with me send me an email at shesgoingforspeed@gmail.com so I can send information!

This is going to be a great birthday guys 🙂

Last Week

Monday: 9.5m easy 8:35/pace

Tuesday: 5m easy 9:40/pace, 25min yoga

Wednesday: 2000m row, 45min legs 

Thursday: 6.6m easy 9:15/pace

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 15m long 8:58/pace

Sunday: 4.4m easy 9:44/pace

Total Miles: 40.5

Author: She's Going the Distance


10 thoughts on “When I Turn 31…

  1. Nice mileage! Ah I love that your raising money for MS with your run too. I already told ya girl that if I’m in town I’m definitely down to run some miles with your as part of your ultra!


  2. This is awesome! My fraternity in college had MS as its national philanthropy, so I worked to raise money for it for a year or so before I really took the time to understand the impact it has.

    I also really love the spirit of celebrating the amazing things our bodies can do. I haven’t done my 50 miler yet, but I am confident I will … the last two years have been a blur of lasts and firsts, of some of the final times my boys are the all-consuming focus of our lives – and for me that will always take priority. But after that … 🙂

    So now I can look forward to tracking your training for this – be safe, smart and stay healthy … !

  3. I will donate and stand on the route to pass you food or drink or anything else you need. Thank you!

  4. This is so great! Such a fun way to celebrate your birthday and also for a great cause! What is the date of the run? (Sorry if I missed that in the post) If I am around I would love to run some of it with you!

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