One Mile Up: Colorado Pt 2!


Wednesday: 7.1m easy 9:00/pace

Thursday: 20 min yoga, 1.5m walk

Friday: Rest

This is a freaking cool city. If you’ve never visited, bump it up on the list. Our first day started with one of the best lattes i’ve ever had in my life at Mercantile Dining and Provisions.

File_000 (192)

We finally had the weather we craved– 80 and sunny for the rest of the trip! Perfect for exploring Denver. We  got to see a lot by using city bikes. We cruised along the river, saw parks, the Broncos stadium and a very active community. Lots of runners, walkers, cyclists & people just out reading books in the warm weather. It made my heart very happy.


And when we got thirsty from the heat and the exhausting ride (insert tons of sarcasm) we stopped for a beer of course! 😉

File_000 (195)

File_000 (201)

Joe & me at Denver Beer Co.

The next morning I got myself up early and snuck out for a few morning miles (4 very easy ones to be exact). I wanted more than anything to see the “One Mile Above Sea Level” stairs at the capitol building. As a runner, I felt it was a necessary part of the trip! I got there and the building was beautiful, especially with the sun was just starting to peek out.

File_000 (202)File_000 (196)

File_000 (197)

and here are a few fun graffiti art pieces I saw while heading back toward the hotel…

File_001 (10)

File_003 (2)

James Macpherson is that you?

We explored City Park and then headed to the free Jazz fest that was happening…


File_000 (203)

Jazz fest was a great place to kill time before heading to the airport to get back to DC.

File_000 (204)

And a picture of the Rockies for good luck. #takenwithiphone6

File_000 (191)

Enjoy the weekend! Who’s racing??

Anyone doing Zooma?

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10 thoughts on “One Mile Up: Colorado Pt 2!

  1. I attempted to run on the treadmill when I was in Denver last year. It was miserable! I didn’t think there was anything to the altitude thing, but boy was I wrong.
    How did it go for you?

  2. Looks like an amazing trip! And the beer and views look amazing. I’m running the Baltimore ten miler tomorrow! i wish it wasn’t the same weekends as Zooma, but the 10 miler is so much easier to get to for me.

  3. That beer looks good! Races Balt 10M yesterday. Wow, humidity is fun.

  4. I have to say that one of my favorite things when I travel is getting out for a run to explore … even areas I already knew look different as a runner!

    Once again I love all of the pictures and descriptions – looks like an amazing vacation that was packed and over way too soon!

    I was surprised when I was doing trails at 8500ft in Utah that I really wasn’t too bugged by the altitude … not sure why, but it was so gorgeous and fun I am glad I wasn’t sucking wind the whole time!

  5. We just moved to Denver about 6 months ago, so I’m still exploring everything it has to offer and I’m so in love!! I definitely travel a lot and running in new places is the best way to see them!

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