Last week of the Taper!


Monday: 7m combo tempo (2m warm up, 2 x 1m @ 6:11/pace, 2 x 400s @ 5:56/pace, 2m cool down)

Everything that supposed to happen during a taper has happened. I got way too emotional last week (i think i cried twice…ok 3x.), got into a dumb, unnecessary argument due to stress and hormones. All of the “easy” runs felt off, and not very easy at all. My shins were a little sore (where did that come from?) and i thought i was coming down with a cold.

I dumped water on my training plan which erased the computer ink, but kept all the notes I jotted in pen…was it a sign? Does it mean my training was all erased! Or I shouldn’t focus on reviewing every detail of every workout and trust the training? Am I a superstitious person now??

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I talk about tapering a lot. I race a lot, so I taper a lot. Doesn’t make the process easier–but once I get past the irrational, emotional, stressed out crazy part, I do tend to focus on important stuff to get to the race.

Like the week before the race when I have one last drink. Full On is a place I visit often. Nothing like a good sandwich and cold sangria on a warm day ❤

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Ok so the last adult beverage isn’t important. The important stuff is making lists for everything i have to do this week & everything I need to remember to bring. It’s doing laundry and cleaning the house with all the extra time, since i’m not running excess miles. It’s all about foam rolling the crap out of my legs each night and stretching like i’m in the Yoga Olympics. Well, not that hard, but you get the idea.

I focus on nutrition, hydration, getting in extra sleep & waking up earlier, so it’s easier to crawl out of bed on race day. I head to the chiropractor for an adjustment (and this week, a shin massage–it was as awful as it sounds). I double check last minute race information, expo information and watch the weather report. I review the course and memorize where the water stations are. I usually stare at my training log for workouts I nailed for reassurance and try to come up with a race day plan. On top of all the planning i’m just trying to stay sane and keep myself busy.

Which has led to a lot of midday walking. It works for me since i have so much energy building up in these legs. The last several days have actually been awesome. I ran a treadmill mile PR of 6:11. Not once, but twice! Woo!

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I received my Zooma Ambassador singlet! It’s gorgeous and looks super official. And the Zooma girls all received support from New Balance and got new kicks! I can’t wait to start long running in these cushioned Fresh Foam 1080s. I’ll be sure to let you know how I like them when i get in some miles. (Also the Zooma Annapolis June 4th half marathon i’m running also has a 10k and 5k now, no excuses–get out and run in this cute town with me! Use code CORI16 for 10% off!)

OH and Lauren Fleshman liked & commented on my Picky Bar photo from a week ago–so, you know…we’re best friends now.

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5 days left. A few more nights sleep. A trip or two to Target and Sports Authority and all the while trying not to forget to bring everything I need. Below is a list I complied years ago. I added to it, feel free to copy/paste it and use it for your next race!

RACE Checklist

__Garmin Watch/Charger                               __Ipod/armband/headphones/charger

__Laptop/Charger                                             __Sports Bra

__Shorts/Capri’s                                                __Singlet and Throwaway Shirt

__Socks/Compression Socks & Pants             __Running Shoes

__Anti-Chafe Cream/Chapstick                       __Sunscreen/Sunglasses/Hat

__Hair ties/headbands                                     __Gels or Sports Drinks/Water/Nuun

__Fuel Belt/ ZipLock bags                                 __Sandals & after race clothes

__Race Confirmation/Hotel Confirmation/Course Map (for your family or friends!)

__Aspirin/pain reliever (for after race)


Last Week

Monday: 6m easy 9:40/pace, 15 min myrtls 

Tuesday: 30 min trx legs/shoulders

Wednesday: 9m tempo (2m warm up, 4 x 1.5m @ 6:49/pace, 1/2m cool down)

Thursday: 5000m row

Friday: 6m easy 8:40/pace + 10min abs

Saturday: Rest + 2.5m walk

Sunday: 9m long 8:16/pace

Total Miles: 30

What else should I add to the Race Checklist?

What do you do to keep your mind off of tapering?

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18 thoughts on “Last week of the Taper!

  1. I feel like taper crazies for me is the “taper totally unfocused-ies.” My brain is all over the place and I can’t get anything worthwhile done because my brain keeps going back to “We’re running a marathon in HOW MANY days??!”

    Love the singlet and NB shoes! Happy final days of taper, and good luck at the race!

  2. Such a bummer about your training log – but don’t worry, the training is still in your legs! I completely understand about all the stuff that happens during taper. I’m running the NJ marathon on Sunday and experienced more taper weirdness than I was expecting. Crabby mood, out-of-nowhere niggles, and easy runs not feeling easy. Funny the stuff we deal with to run/race 🙂

  3. Excited for you!!!! Taper drives me crazy but when done right, it works so well. Too well, even. Hopefully I’ll see you in OC 🙂

  4. I was dying laughing – everything you described in the first paragraph was what I went through before Boston. Except instead of shin pain, it was groin/hip/hamstring pain. Our bodies love to throw taper tantrums.

    GOOOD LUUUCCCKKK THIS WEEKEND! As I’m sure I will say 3248238947389 more times. LOL!

  5. It is funny – I was saying on another blogger site that after running a few solid marathons and half marathons, I have just learned to deal with the fact that I am crap at really tapering. So I no longer force myself into a hard taper, just try to keep in under control. 🙂

    Because you’re right – it is so easy to go nuts during the taper – so much energy suddenly NOT being spent on running, and at the same time all of those nerves and energy piling into the race pre-thoughts! arrgh! 🙂 I like your list – it is really important to have something like that in order to take the weight of it off yourself.

    Now to relax … yeah, right!!

    • haha you’re a machine at running though. I need the rest. I’m good at tapering (i never mind taking a small break from running) but i have no idea what to do with myself when workouts are off the table!

  6. You need to add, “Post-race beer $” to the list…and you might as well be searching for the best place to have said beer. I’ve never made a list for a running race but I do have quite the extensive spreadsheet for a big tri!

    Good luck this weekend!

  7. Mmmmmm sangria! Haven’t had it in sooooo long! I love your list and totally agree with Russ’s comment about post race beer 😀 xoxo

  8. I feel like I manage to keep myself too busy during the taper and its never as relaxing as I expect it to be. I think having a list like this is a great idea!

  9. I hate the taper. It makes me crazy. I try to cross train that week with things like yoga to keep me busy.

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