Wednesday Afternoon Catch Up


Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 9m interval 8 x 1000s (2m warm up, 8 x 1000s all @ 6:22/pace, 1m cool down) + 2.3m walk

Wednesday: 30 min handstand skill work + 2m walk

I just realized I haven’t written a “real” post in over 22 days. Usually when I’m not posting weekly it’s because I’m injured and not ready to share or I’m a little depressed and have nothing great to write about. That’s actually not the case this time around! haha I’m in the work/run/eat/sleep grind right now. I finished up Hell Week (thank you Inverted Sneakers) or Peak Week as most of you know it as. The hardest part–high mileage and fast paces– of training is over. Several more workouts and it will be April 30th before I know it.

File_000 (114)

In between all the running and recovery I’ve been working on being more involved in the running community (outside of the internet.) ย I got to work the Zooma table at the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler Expo with Zooma’s Founder & Director! Brae was so much fun and I can seriously talk about running for hours so it was easy to help out. I can’t believe I’ll be running the Zooma Annapolis 1/2 in just 6 weeks! OH and they added a 5k! If you wanted to run the race, but didn’t want to run a 10k or half you can sign up for the 5k. (use CORI16 for 10% off races).

File_000 (116)

I’m going to switch subjects a bit in the post, but these “catch up posts” tend to do that so just roll with me.

I won coffee. ๐Ÿ™‚ My heart burst a little when I saw I won. Coffee AAAAaaaaand Honey Stinger Waffles! Just a quick note, the coffee is Marley Coffee & it is excellent. I haven’t tried the espresso coffee just yet, but i’m sure it’s fantastic too. The Honey Stinger waffles were the new gluten free maple waffles. I had the assumption that I wouldn’t like the gluten-free, but honestly i like them more than the regular. The waffle holds together better with rice than wheat and it ends up being less crumbly.

File_000 (120)

My Garmin broke. It was a gift 3+ years ago…and last week it just didn’t turn on. I tried all the resets, new chargers etc, but it hit the dust. I just wanted to share that I bought a refurbished Forerunner 10 off of Amazon (for about $70 + 1 year warranty) and the watch looks brand new. If it weren’t for the warranty I don’t know if i’d buy a used watch, but it’s a cheap fix since I don’t need all the bells and whistles of a more expensive watch.

File_000 (115)

Plus i just got a Microsoft 2 Band from my job (yes Gold’s Gym is actually a great company to work for!) I’ll do a full review soon when i play around with all the features, but as of now it counts steps/mileage, does heart rate via the wrist, i get texts/call/email alerts, and it has gps so it was a big help when my Garmin died.File_000 (122)

The salon I got my hair done at wanted to take pictures for their Instagram so I spent another afternoon in the chair for them.

File_000 (2)

and then I went online and bought the same Nume curling iron they used, because i love the beachy look. They have really good flash sales & discounts, so don’t spend the money until a sale comes up! I got this one for $35, they are normally $139.

I think that’s it. Running has been excellent. My legs are feeling the exhaustion from 9 weeks of training, but my mind is in the right place. Again–i’ll come back to this and go in depth with the mental stuff that i’ve been doing to help me run faster!

Last Week

Monday:ย 1500m row, 100 bosu burpees w/pushups, 50 bw squats, 50 hanging leg raises

Tuesday: 8.5m combo tempo (3m @ 6:49, 6:49, 6:44 -3:00 rest- 2 x 1m @ 6:22, 6:18)

Wednesday:ย 20min triceps/back

Thursday: 6m easy 9:15/pace

Friday: 8m MP easy 8:10/pace

Saturday: 3m easy 9:45/pace

Sunday: 15m long/easy 8:38/pace

Total Miles: 40.6 The Peak!

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11 thoughts on “Wednesday Afternoon Catch Up

  1. Such a good idea to buy a refurbished watch. Makes total sense, especially with the warranty. It’s good that you had the backup watch while the replacement was on its way too!

  2. Your hair looks so great and thats awesome that you were on their instagram! Have you been able to use the wand to make it look the same way they did in the salon? I can never get mine to look wavy like that- my wand makes the curls a little too tight!

  3. OMG your hair in that studio pic is insane! We are friends with the salon owner where we all get our hair done (yeah, sure, look at my hair, think ‘salon’ and have a chuckle ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and she loves doing things like that as well! I think your hair came out fantastic so it is great advertising for them! Smart move grabbing that wand.

    I was actually going to offer you my FR-15 if you didn’t have anything else … I gave my old FR-10 to my brother after his old Garmin died, but he really can’t run anymore due to his heart and pacemaker. So seriously – if you have any issues and think you need it, I’ll send the FR-15, it was only used for <6 months before sitting in my drawer because I am just like that with technology ๐Ÿ™‚

    And the pics on IG with LE … seriously, when I see that face it is like you can hear his voice "OMG OMG OMG You guys …. OMG … the wind is awesome you guys OMG … " Totally adorable.

    And while I commented on the other post, my intent was NOT to enter ๐Ÿ™‚ Nothing close and/or works with my schedule.

    • haha so much OMG! you are much too kind to offer me your watch. I was looking at the FR15s as well, but theyre just a little more expensive sine there were more features. I really appreciate you offering yours though, guess we’re real friends ๐Ÿ™‚

      LE is such a photogenic dog, i can’t believe she’s real half the time!

  4. Okay there are so many awesome things in this post and don’t even know where to start. CONGRATS on finishing “hell week”, haha and thank you for the shout out!! You are right on track for an amazing race, I know it!! I think that it’s great you volunteered to help out at the 10 miler – so nice of you! I know I already said your hair looks amazing but OMG that instagram post – dude. You are so pretty!! Love it. My sister in law is a hairdresser and I have to show it to her. She will love that color! Have you tried that curling iron yet? I am going to have to ask her about that – she can get all kinds of crazy deals too so if you like it, I might need one. Your waves look fab! ENJOY your taper!

    • i love the curling iron! i can’t quite get the curls as perfect as the picure (but honestly i don’t like my hair that tightly curled) but the wand is amazing. Even when my hair is a little unruly, doing a few of those beachy curls on top helps it look more put together. I’ll put up a picture or two of the way it looks when I do it! and thanks for all the nice words– you are so pretty as well! Good luck in Boston!!

  5. Congrats on finishing up the hell week. And here’s random – if you ever wanna help out in the run community in Howard County let me know. I help put on two amazing events for great causes.

    • Thanks Russ– yes send me an email when you need help with running stuff and if it fits in my schedule i’d love to help out!

      • Sounds great. One event is August the other in November. If you haven’t been to Main Street Ellicott City I’d bet you’d love it. Our August event is a 2 mile memorial run ( and ends at Main Street. Both events are great (says the biased one). The November event has music beer and oysters. I’ll send more info.

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