Monday: 1500m row, 100 bosu burpees w/pushups, 50 bw squats, 50 hanging leg raises

Tuesday: 8.5m combo tempo (3m @ 6:49, 6:49, 6:44 -3:00 rest- 2 x 1m @ 6:22, 6:18)

I’m 4 weeks out from the OC 1/2 and 5 weeks away from my very first Spartan Beast. I know i’ve mentioned i’m afraid of the half marathon i’ve been prepping for, but there is a different fear that happens when I think about the Spartan obstacle course race i’m training for.

File_000 (112)

That fear is for the new, uncharted territory. I never thought i would be taking on an obstacle course race, let alone a tough one. I’m excited that this race is gonna be horrible/fun/terrible/awesome. I’m excited to see what my body can do, but definitely nervous for what I’m going to be put through physically and mentally. I know i’m going to cross the finish line in Ohio feeling like a different person. That’s the exciting part, now I just gotta get there.

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Training for a Spartan has been a different experience, but they have so many tools to help prepare for the demands of the course which have helped me out.

1) Watch a Spartan on tv – Once in a while I catch something fun on espn or whatever sports channel… I watched an hour special about Spartan Elites a few months back and it was super motivating. (This is what really pushed me to participate!) Plus it gave me a good idea of the type of obstacles I would eventually tackle.

2) You can sign up for a spartan WOD (workout of the day) and they email you or your weekly workouts. Even if you aren’t training for an obstacle course race, I seriously recommend this to vary your workouts and put something fun & different in your routine. Most of the workouts include running so it’s perfect for runners trying to incorporate strength!

File_000 (111)

results from all the rope pulling in preparation for the Spartan!

3) The books! Spartan has several books to help you train and get mentally prepared for the demands of the course. They have a new book coming out called Spartan Fit! which has a 31 day diet & workout plan (that doesn’t require a gym) and motivational Spartan stories.

Oh and did I mention the somewhat famous ultramarathoner, Dean Karnazes likes these books?

Last Week

Monday: 6m easy 9:20/pace

Tuesday: 7.5m interval (8 x 800s @ 6:27/pace w/200m recovery at 10:00/p)

Wednesday: 1500m row, 30 min legs

Thursday: 9m easy 8:45/pace

Friday: Rest day-  2.3m walk w/LE

Saturday: 14m long 9:00/pace

Sunday: Rest day- 3m walk w/LE

Total Mileage: 36.5

Tips for doing a Spartan?

What type of race/activity gets you out of your comfort zone?

Author: She's Going the Distance


21 thoughts on “SPARTAN UP!

  1. DAMNNN look at your MUSCLES! You look awesome! And you are going to DO awesome – both in the half and the Spartan. Excited for you. Pole gets me out of my comfort zone, and my upcoming competition is sooooo far out of my zone!

  2. Love to do the Spartan PA super. You’ll do great.

  3. I am thrilled and excited for you – I feel like your rebalancing of focus post last year’s injury has really helped better prepare you for all sorts of events … I know you’ll crush your half marathon and you should have a blast with the Spartan!

    I race so infrequently that I am always outside of my comfort zone … but seriously, doing that 5k last year after only doing half- and full- marathons for 3 years took me to a different place … I was really nervous about my performance … for no good reason.

  4. Sweet giveaway! Thanks! I am hoping to run Spartan in Breckenridge!

  5. Following you on IG!


  6. Following Spartan on IG!


  7. I want to run the Colorado sprint next month!

    I follow Spartan on Instagram and just preordered spartanfit can’t wait to read it! His last book was GREAT

  8. Following you on IG


  9. Following Spartan on IG


  10. I want to run the race in Barre, MA in June

  11. I’ve got my eyes on the Fenway Park race.

  12. I would love to run the sprint in Pittsburgh

  13. Awesome Gains, lady! Thanks for the tips/reviews. This is my first visit to your blog. I am sure I will be back. 🙂

  14. Those muscles! Exciting that you’re training for a spartan race!! I’ve never done one but don’t think I could…they seem much harder than running a marathon! Good luck girl!

  15. I follow spartan on instagram!

  16. I JUST preordered SpartanFit!

  17. I want to sign up for the Jacksonville spartan race in FL!

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