5’s – A Blog Survey


I borrowed a fun survey from Hungry Runner Girl, i haven’t done a survey in forever! Take a seat, get to know me a little more and feel free to answer the questions in the comments or take the survey on your blog! 🙂

Five Places I’m Dying to Visit

Badlands National Park, SD
Zion National Park, UT
Krabi, Thailand
London, England (for the WB Harry Potter Studio Tour)
Johannesburg, Africa

Five Foods I Eat Everyday


File_000 (109)

Peanut Butter

Five Running Quotes I Love

“There are a million reasons why you can’t. Focus on why you CAN.” – Kara Goucher
“It’s easier to go down a hill than up it, but the view is much better at the top.” -Henry Ward Beecher


“Good things come slow, especially in distance running.” – Bill Dellinger
“When you realize failing doesn’t mean failure, you give yourself permission to try all sorts of things.” – Lauren Fleshman

Five Things I Wear Everyday

Cross Necklace
Thumb Ring
Hair Tie
Garmin Forerunner 10 OR Microsoft Band 2

File_000 (110)

Five Books On My Current Reading Podcast List (Let’s face it, I don’t have the time to read)

This American Life
Alice is Not Dead
Runner’s Connect

Five Songs I Listen To On Repeat

Wild- Troy Sivan
Dust Clears – Clean Bandit
Feel Right – Mark Ronson ft. Mystikal
Good Day Sunshine – The Beatles
Strawberry Swing – Coldplay

Five Beauty Products I Use Everyday

OGX Kukui Oil

File_000 (108)

Physician’s Formula powder & bronzer
Maybelline The Mega Plush Mascara (teal tube)
St. Ives Body Lotion (Coconut & Orchid Scent)
Burt’s Bees Chapstick (plain)

Five TV Series I Can Watch On Repeat

The Office
Bob’s Burgers

Five Random Things I Ate Yesterday

Ice cream
Gala Apple (random because I ALWAYS eat pink lady’s– they were out, also Gala’s are bland. I don’t recommend)
Frozen Pizza (we usually do pizza later in the week. For a Monday, this was random)
Everything else was normal ?

Last Week

Monday: 8m tempo (2m warm up, 5m @ 6:53/pace, 1m cool down)

Tuesday: 1500m row + 30min legs

Wednesday: 6.1m easy 9:40/pace

Thursday: 20m upper body + 2.7m walk/run w/LE

Friday: 7m easy 8:30/pace

Saturday: 14.1 long 8:55/pace

Sunday: 2.7m walk

Total Miles: 37.9

Take a category and answer a few! 

Author: She's Going the Distance


12 thoughts on “5’s – A Blog Survey

  1. 1. For posting this “It’s easier to go down a hill than up it, but the view is much better at the top.” -Henry Ward Beecher, I am forever grateful.
    2. You are my soul mate.
    3. Can’t wait to hike Zion with you!

  2. I’ll pick and choose some answers here…

    Favorite running quote: “The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.” – Juma Ikangaa
    (Ikangaa was runner-up at the Boston Marathon three straight years when I was a kid, and I sort of adopted him as my favorite marathoner. He is also wise.)

    Places I’m Dying to Visit: Yellowstone National Park, Lambeau Field (Green Bay Packers stadium), Great Barrier Reef, the Winter Olympics (technically an event and not a place, but I really want to go to them someday).

    Five Beauty Products I use Everyday: Deodorant. Shampoo. Body wash. Electric shaver. Hand soap.
    (This answer is silly and sarcastic but also accurate as I’m a non-metrosexual male).

  3. I want to fill this out. We are soul mates and pretty much eat the same things everyday, although sometimes it’s sweet potatoes instead of regular. I’m dying to go to Zion. DYING TO. Also dying to go to Denver, Germany, Hawaii, and Maine!


    • haha i love that you’re the 2nd to say we’re soulmates in this comment section 🙂 it makes my heart happy. At least we know if we’re ever together eating out would be easy. I’m heading to Denver in May!!! Hawaii is on my list! i’ve never been and would love to do some hiking out there

  4. Love those quotes! And I like alot of those shows too, even though I don’t watch much TV. I also just had to point out that your tempo pace is so impressive!

    • The tempo pace is definitely easier than before since I dont try and run that pace out on every run. TV is not something we do a lot of either.. right now we’ve been plowing through Blacklist on Netflix. kinda addicted to that one lol

  5. You will love Zion – and while you’re there you might as well go to Bryce, right?

  6. I’ll play along for two categories:

    5 books on my nightstand
    1) The Power of Now
    2) Runner – A short story about a long run
    3) Relentless Forward Progress
    4) Turning the Mind into an Ally
    5) (no longer on the nightstand but recently read) – Eat and Run

    5 songs I listen to on repeat – cheated by looking at my top 25 most played list
    1) Times Like These – Foo Fighters
    2) Everlong – Foo Fighters
    3) Major Minus – Coldplay
    4) Stars and Boulevards – Augustana
    5) Irresistible Force – Jane’s Addiction

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