LE in the Snow!


Monday: 3hrs shoveling

Tuesday: 30 min stairs/leg (home workout), 2 hrs shoveling

Wednesday: 5.2m easy 8:42/pace

Sorry i haven’t blogged. You’d think that being home for 5 days i’d have all the time in the world to sit down and write up a weekend report. I did sit down to blog several times, but with so many movies, tv shows and video games my eyes and head just couldn’t handle looking at another screen!

File_000 (48)

The blizzard thing got real old, real quick. By Monday I was going stir crazy and dying to get out of the house, so I too a walk and got to see LE play in the snow. (LE is running in our street– that should give you an idea of what how much show we got)

File_000 (45)

Wednesday morning we were still shoveling, but I did manage to get to work! I missed the gym so much! I did a short at home workout Tuesday because my legs were begging for it. 15 minutes walking up and down our stairs, forward then sideways to change it up. I finished with squats, lunges & planks. Easiest thing to do at home is body weight stuff.

File_000 (44)

Wednesday morning we were still shoveling, but I did manage to get to work by 9:30!  I missed the gym so much!! I did 5 miles with tired legs (not sure if it was from sitting so much or the stairs from the previous day). I seriously can’t wait to start half marathon training. After taking a much needed step back from running over the last month and a half, i’m finding that running spark again, which is always the beauty of taking a break.

Last Week

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 6m tempo (1m warm up, 4m @ 7:47/pace, 1m cooldown) + 20 min legs 

Wednesday: 3m easy 9:30/pace, 40 min upper body (pics below!)

Thursday: 7m easy 8:44/pace

Friday: 2m easy 9:40/pace, 30 min legs + shoulders

Saturday: 1.5 hrs shoveling

Sunday: 3 hrs shoveling

Total Miles: 18

Do you guys like vlogs? Should I put up more?

Are you already training for a spring race? If so which one?

Author: She's Going the Distance


8 thoughts on “LE in the Snow!

  1. The shoveling workout is NO JOKE. Especially with the amount of snow we got dumped on us! Nice job with your workouts! I also was home and did minimal blogging! I actually do better with it when I’m at work, as terrible as that is. I love vlogs but since I’m usually reading at work I don’t get to really see them with a classroom full of kids…but at home, I love watching them! You get to know the blogger better. So fun.

  2. I have enjoyed seeing all my mid-Atlantic running blogger friends dealing with this snow. 🙂

    It is funny that where we are in west-central NY we don’t get too much snow – despite being within a couple of hours of Syracuse and Rochester and a few hours of Buffalo, constantly in the ‘top 5 snowfall’ places – we are protected by mountains and get loads of cold and wind but not too much snow. I think we’ve only gotten a few storms >1 foot in the 7 winters we’ve been here. Contrast that with when we were in MA, where every year I would literally have to shovel the snowbanks because they were too high for me to throw anymore show up there. Don’t miss that!

    Love the video clips of LE! The actions seem to be saying “I have no clue what is happening but it is AWESOME!”

    As for vlogs – definitely! As Allison says, they are a great way to learn more about the blogger as a person – and that is always cool.

    Glad you are geared up for running and training! We’ve had a pretty warm winter so far and that has made my mornings much more enjoyable – I cut back mileage based on temperature (occasionally I do observe basic safety!), but have mostly done my standard (10.5) route and only dropped to my mid-length route (8.75) a few times … haven’t dropped to my ‘sub-zero’ route at all yet. Yay.

  3. LE is so cute! Our dog loves to launch herself into snow, stick her face in it, and eat it up. So cute! Also, very easy to confuse her by throwing a snow ball to her like a regular ball. BTW Dem abs!!!!

  4. Shoveling is such an intense workout. I was just telling someone, I always get so sore after doing it. Glad you have gotten some running in though, that’s awesome!

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