Tips for Beginners!


It’s the beginning of the year and goals are set! Tons of people will begin their trek toward running their first 5k, triathlon or marathon! Here are a few tips, for the freshest newbie runners!

Running equipment: There are so many tools marketed to runners it can get very overwhelming. Ignore all of them except a good pair of running shoes (you can get fitted at most local running stores) and a supportive sports bra (for the ladies) and a good pair of shorts or compression shorts (for the gentlemen). If you are just getting started you do not need tons of equipment. As you run longer distances, you may need a belt to carry items or water bottles etc, but don’t get too ahead of yourself at the beginning.

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Don’t worry about pace. Fast and slow is relative to each person. Don’t compare yourself to your best friend, the person on the next treadmill over or the Instagrammer who has run 30+ marathons. Seriously, do your own thing and run based on your effort. Which leads me to my next tips…

Build your endurance slowly. Do not try to run faster with each run or faster each week. recommends 8 weeks of walk/run base building and strength training for those who are brand new to the sport.  For 8 weeks you should be running at a comfortable speed and just getting your body used to time on your feet. This helps your bones, muscles, tendons & ligaments develop the strength you need to continue a high impact sport.

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Go gadget free. Ignorance is bliss! You have nothing to compare your times to right now, so enjoy it. Running can be extremely freeing, a way to unplug from the world, and a great way to enjoy some “me time”. When you go out for a run eyeball the time or keep a watch on you so you know how long you’re out for, but don’t sweat over the details! Fitness apps & sports watches give us a ton of information. A lot of which is not important when you’re building a running base.

Be your own cheerleader!  Use social media to get a few virtual high fives as you’re training for your race and when you complete your goals! It’s a fun way to receive support from others doing the same thing as you. Plus, you never know, you may make a few new friends.

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Before you head out the door please follow these rules!

  • Use your head and don’t run in places that are unsafe.
  • Be careful when you run at night or in the early hours of the morning. Bring a phone, wear a road id, and always let someone know where you are running and approximately when you’re returning or run with a partner.
  • You do not have the right of way when it comes to cars. Sure, you’re supposed to, but don’t ever assume. Ever.
  • Wear bright colors, make sure drivers see you (i always give a wave to be sure they’re allowing me to go first)
  • If you run out on roads with cars, don’t wear headphones and always run against traffic. If you are running rolling hills, you run with traffic.
  • Give other runners, bikers, mom/dad’s walking babies a smile, nod or a wave when you pass them. It’s polite and we (the running community) like runners to be friendly!

And remember!! If you run, you are a RUNNER. Not a jogger, slogger, sorta, part-time not really runner. You’re a freaking runner. Now put on some neon and go running!

Last Week’s Workouts

Monday: 30min legs (lots of deadlifts/squats/lunges)

Tuesday: 4.3m hill repeats

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 6m + 30 min core

Friday: 1500m row, 75 overhead KB swings 30lbs, 50 Bosu pushups, 100 KB pass under lunges 30lbs, 40 hanging leg raises

Saturday: 2.5m easy 9:25/pace

Sunday: 8m easy 8:43/pace

Total Miles:  20.8

Share a piece of advice for someone just starting to run!

Author: She's Going the Distance


9 thoughts on “Tips for Beginners!

  1. My biggest piece of advice for beginner runners is to schedule your runs for a time that works for your particular biorhythm and preferences. I think a lot of people want to “get up early and run” because getting up early is kind of seen as a sign of responsibility/competence. But if you hate getting up early and will end up hitting the snooze and sleeping through your run time, that won’t work for you. Maybe running after work or during lunch is a better idea for you! Personally, I try to schedule very few workouts after work because it’s really hard for me to get home and see the couch and the cat and the TV and then go back out and run, so I have to do most of my runs in the morning or during lunch. 🙂

  2. I really like everything you talk about – safety is key, awareness is critical, and just getting out and running is the point of it all! I ran for 23 years before I started using any sort of technology … it isn’t necessary at all!

    And I also like what Katie says – figuring out what works for YOU is important! Most people think I am insane for the hours I wake up to run, but that has always worked for me. Others are after dinner work-out people, and so on.

    My other piece of advice – perhaps ironic for me – is that running on a treadmill isn’t ‘inferior’, nor does running outside in bad weather make you a ‘tougher runner’. All of that stuff is nonsense. Just run.

    • totally agree! I’m a wuss in cold weather, sometimes i think i should be able to run on ice and snow, but i always end up falling or getting hurt. it’s just not worth it to me. I can be just as “tough” a runner on the good ol’ treadmill if need be!

  3. I love “if you run, you are a runner”. When I was training for my first marathon, I was doing my 20 mile long run and around mile 18 I was struggling, trying to decide if I should stop early. A dad and son ride past me on bikes and I hear the kid say, “dad is she running?” and the dad said, “no, she’s just jogging… taking her time jogging”. Ugh! Dagger to the heart!! LOL

  4. This is all great advice. I agree that taking the time to realize the best time for you to run is one of the best things you can do for yourself. There is definitely no schedule to follow and if you like running at a certain time..why not do it?

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