2016 (Repeat) Goals!


Monday: 30min legs

Tuesday: 4.3m hill repeats

Wednesday: Rest

Running & Fitness Goals!

Here’s the deal. Not much is changing as far as running goes. I’m still chasing a sub 20:00 5k, a sub 1:30 half and a Boston Qualifying marathon. These can take the next several years to complete (if ever). I’m hoping sooner than later, but these are very large goals, and as long as i keep chipping off time and running happy i’m doing the right thing!

I’m going to put it out there that i’m still unsure if i’m going to gun for the marathon this year. I’m going to start with a few halfs and see how I feel, but i want your suggestions! I’m open to travel for it 😉

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 8.53.29 AM

Another goal is to complete the Spartan Beast, my first ever obstacle course race. As I complete my running goals, or when I need a break from the difficult marathon training schedule, i want other types of racing to be there for me. Triathalons, obstacle course racing, etc are all on the table!

Staying injury free is also a huge goal of mine this year. I’m tired of being sidelined for 6+ weeks due to dumb overuse injuries. That means  a lot more time with foam rollers, more yoga and cross training!

File_000 (16)

Home Goals!

These are kind of boring, but when i come back and re-read this post it will help me stay on track!

At home i want to finally get my office set up and make set times in the evening to blog. It’s really easy to sit at a computer for hours and hours to work on a post or just read the entire internet. If I set aside time a few days a week, i can bust out a good post and not spend excess time on the laptop.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 9.29.33 AM

my messy office/workout space

LE is such a great learner and a big goal of mine this spring/summer is to build up her mileage so she will be able to join me on easy runs.  I need to train her to walk properly next to me so when we start running it will be an easy transition. One of my clients is a dog agility coach and he’s constantly giving me tips!

Travel Goals!

I have a trip planned for Colorado in May with family & friends (I CAN’T WAIT!) and I’ll be heading back to Chicago for a visit this summer–Chicago in July is always amazing! Hopefully in the fall I can squeeze in a beach trip where it’s warm. I want the beach. I think i wore a bathing suit once last year <—That’s sad.

I always try to visit new places in the local area and I’ve been dying to camp and hike in Shenandoah (VA) and I heard about some cool places in Northern Maryland for hiking as well.

I’m heading out for an easy 6 mile run today. The weather finally decided being in the teens just wasn’t cool. High of 40 today and no wind which equals perfect day to run!

What does your workout look like today?

Big 2016 Goal?

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8 thoughts on “2016 (Repeat) Goals!

  1. I think having “ongoing” running goals that you don’t feel pressured to meet during a particular year is a good idea. I like your approach of chipping away at them.

    My big, crazy goal this year is Ironman Couer d’Alene, although I’ve also thought about chasing after that sub-20 5k during the fall (after the Ironman is over, of course!).

    • Exactly! It’s insane for me to think that i will cut off 20+ minutes from a marathon in 12 months. That’s actually terrifying to think about, but I like big goals and getting closer and closer keeps me happy. Good luck with the ironman (i hope i can do this one day too!) and the 5k!

  2. I had such a great time camping in Shenandoah last summer! Highly recommend it 🙂 I’m with you on the sub 20 5K goal and the BQ marathon. I’m not going to hold myself to doing them in any timeframe (although I’d love to BQ this year IF I decide to run a full…). It’s all about staying healthy for me, the PRs are just added perks!

  3. I love the “more veggies, more travel, more happy” 🙂

    And I also think the concept of ‘overall goals’ is so much better than ‘this year I will …’. It keeps the goal there but takes off some of the pressure. I try to just keep plugging along, knowing that time (i.e. age) and experience are working in opposite directions for me at this point … oh well 🙂

    As for my workout? I did my (long for winter) 10.5 mile route … it is kind of weird, it was 12F when I headed out this morning, but felt warmer than on Monday when it was 18F. Part of it was the wind, but the other part was the sub-zero temps were coming in on Monday, now we’re having days getting into the 40s again. Weird that I can feel that difference through multiple layers!

  4. I am very undecided about running a marathon this year too! Part of me wants to go for it, but I am also really enjoying running lower mileage. I guess we will just see what the year brings!

  5. Saw these on your instagram as well but great goals and mine are similar. Although my old knee injury came with me to 2016 which sucks as it’s kind of limjting my goal-chasing at the moment..
    I agree on the travelling and sunshine too, I don’t think I wore my bathing suit once last year, that is super sad. Here’s to a great year filled with travel and fast running 🙂

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