Zooma Run Love Challenge


Well, my Sunday run was not super successful after a week completely off, but i’m looking at it as a glass half full…as in half my legs (IT band specific) felt good. Much better than last week, but still not perfect so i’ll continue to cross train and lay off running until it’s 100%. At least this is a great time of year to back off and prep my body for spring running!

I have recently signed up for Zooma’s Virtual Run Love Challenge! Registration is open until January 11th for the 5k or 10k. I opted in for the 10k, hoping to have a good speed work session during Valentine’s Day weekend. You can register HERE. This is a great last minute Christmas idea for you and a friend since you don’t have to travel to race!


I cannot wait to get this sweater!! My goal in life is to have all my clothing have something running related on it haha.


Star Wars comes out this week so smile even though it’s Monday! (This picture is just because LE was being super cuddly yesterday..and I’m wearing my Empire Strikes Back shirt) File_000

Last Week

Monday: 30 min legs

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 2500m row, 100 DB walking lunges, 50 pushups w/DB Row, 100 butterfly situps

Thursday: 25min yoga

Friday: 20 min core

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 3.4m easy 9:00/pace, 15 min hips

Total Miles: 3.4

Who has done a virtual run before?Β 

Also–who’s excited for Star Wars???

Author: She's Going the Distance


2 thoughts on “Zooma Run Love Challenge

  1. I have never done a real ‘virtual run’, just a couple of ‘in memory’ runs – for Boston, and for a woman killed by a motorist. I think they are a cool idea, anything to get people out there! πŸ™‚

    And Star Wars … um, yeah. You saw my Instagram … πŸ™‚ It is hard to even conceive of the notion that this universe has been part of my life for more than 38 years now. Can’t wait for Thursday!

  2. I am doing my first virtual run this month! Through Women’s Running Community I think. I have to do a 5k by the end of the month and I am told my medal has been shipped so I better get running!

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