Let’s Catch Up


Tuesday: 3m easy 9:20/pace, 10min Jacobs Ladder, 20min hips

Wednesday: 7m interval (1.5m warm up 10 x 400s @ 6:17/pace)

Okay! Gotta update you peeps on what’s been going on with the running side of She’s Going the Distance. I’m still coming off the high from my 1/2 PR and have not decided on what goals/races/distances I’d like to tackle in 2016. Any advice would be excellent. I’m thinking of a marathon, of course i’ll run a half or two..and possibly a Spartan Race (obstacle course).

I have been enjoying running lately: treadmill, outside, and in place. Ok not really in place, but you know what I mean. The weather has been mild and i’m not complaining. I hate/can’t run on snow or ice, so as long as the trails are clear i’m happy. However after sitting in a car for too many hours last weekend, my IT bands and hips are super tight, so i’m not increasing any mileage this week, just focusing on ye ol’ hip exercises to get my glutes fired up and ready for a new season.



Speaking of recovery–I won a pair of TIUX Compression socks from Fly High Runner via Instagram.


After wearing them for about a month i can say, they’re really comfortable, cozy, super cute and keep me warm in our cold gym. However, i can’t get over the fact that they just don’t have the same squeeze i get from my PRO Compression socks. At the beginning I thought I was being biased with my love for PRO Compression, but there was a big difference. I wore the TIUX socks on my flight back from Indianapolis and my ankles were swollen when I got to DC. I’ve never have that problem with my PRO’s.


The socks are smartly labeled L & R. And yes, i’m watching Gossip Girl.

If you follow my Instagram you’ll know I’ve recently become part of Team Nuun! Β And an athlete for the Honey Stinger Hive with Honey Stinger. Lauren @ The Foodie Runner introduced me to Honey Stinger Products when I couldn’t handle the thick consistency of GU any longer. I’ve been obsessed ever since because honey is delicious, natural & easy on my stomach. Plus Lauren is freaking fast, so I assume these will make me speedy!


Does everyone have a drawer that looks like this?


I also was recently sent Vanilla Herbalife24 Formula 1 Protein Powder to try out. I will give a detailed review as I try a few more recipes & see how my stomach handles it after workouts. So far I like it, it tastes great (kinda like birthday cake) & it dissolves easy. No chunks or gritty texture is a huge plus with protein powder.


So what’s up with all you guys?

Try any new running products lately?

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15 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up

  1. That running path looks awesome! Does it get plowed in the winter?

    • Not really..which is why I don’t like when it snows :/ and it’s shaded really well so it takes forever when we get ice. The path itself is awesome it goes for like 20 miles into DC and connects to other paths.

  2. Hah! I love your Christmas tree! I love those honey stinger waffles for pre-long run fuel and I agree that they are easier a little easier on the stomach. I also like the Chocolate #9 Agave gels because they are just 2 ingredients and taste pretty good too. Those and Honey Stingers are the better tasting gels I think.

  3. We’ve been having some rainy weather here so it’s made my inactivity seem acceptable, but reading about how you’ve been loving running lately makes me want to get out and run! The weather is clearing up and my cold is starting to feel better so I’m hoping to go out today. I love your nutrition drawer! I have a shelf in my pantry with boxes of crap. I like the honey stingers, too – soooo good – but I do use GU more frequently for some reason. Your compression socks are the cutest – I wear the boring CEPs. I need to get some cute ones asap. I also vote you consider the Kentucky Derby Marathon (or half) and meet up with me!

  4. Hahaha, I love the tree! Congrats on Nuun and Honey Stinger! I love Honey Stinger’s chews because they are on the slightly less sweet side.

  5. I have lots of honey stinger waffles and nun in my pantry! And yes, pro compression really are the best. I have no idea what races to do next year either- let me know if you find any good ones in the MD/DC area!

  6. I tried maple bacon Gu on my last long run. It was terrible. I’ll stick with liquid nutrition. I love tailwind! I only have compression sleeves and I’ve worn them twice. I always forget about them and then realize halfway during my shift at work that I should have worn them =P Maybe I should stick them in my backpack and always bring them with me.

  7. Hmmm … wordpress fun, seem to have lost my comment … oh well, it happens πŸ™‚ Nothing overly insightful anyway!

    Love the pictures – cool look at the trails and woods, you guys still have a nice fall look – we’re truly into winter up here! (actually the temperatures this week are really mild, but no leaves and occasional flurries).

    Lisa was complaining about a pair of compression socks she bought having that same swelling effect on her last week! Weird! My ProCompression have just been glorious!

    Not much for new running stuff … for my morning 10 – 12 miles I never carry anything with me, so I just don’t worry.

    • haha yeah it’s still mild here, temps in the 60s this weekend! Can’t wait. I’ve never gone wrong with PRO’s i was stunned when the swelling happened. That’s exactly what compression is supposed to stop!

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