I. Can’t. Count.


If I train you at the gym, you know I can’t count worth crap. But it’s getting bad dudes. Like, I just got through what I thought was my “Peak Week”–the hardest, highest mileage week of training and was SOOOOOO ready to head into the taper, but I didn’t count the weeks right. And now, i’m a week ahead of my training plan. 20151018_171859

This is the training plan i loosely follow from Competitor.com, obviously making tweaks along the way… I have used this plan before and really love it!

Now, i’m choosing to view my mistake as a blessing—since every time I toe the line I WISH/PRAY/IMAGINE I had just a few more weeks to train. I hope I’m not the only one who has this recurring thought at race starts. The glass half empty in me is really upset because it took a lot of mental rigor to get me through this past week. All i kept telling myself was to make it through this week and it’s all downhill from here. I need to wrap my head around a repeat week and do the same week again, but this time faster, better, stronger.


from Saturday’s easy 10 miler


I’ve started doing my long runs on Saturdays and I kinda like it. It’s out of the way for the rest of the weekend and I can focus on family time! A week ago my mom came to visit & she brought her puppy Maggie to keep LE company. We thought a size comparison was important.. Maggie is probably a 5lb dog.. LE is 48lbs. And yes LE lets us hold her like that.


I haven’t been feeling 100% so I did a lot of housework & lounging this weekend. I think LE needed the additional rest from all the stressful furniture rearranging.

She was super cuddly after I got back from the 10 miler.


And I caught her passed out here…


and here…


she’s finally awake!


And I finally got my flipping hair cut. Only took 14 months.


And I craigslisted pretty hard Sunday morning & I found my dream desk…


I’ll be re-arranging and setting up my office for blogging & PT stuff over the next month. I’ll share the progress when all is done!

Oct 5th- Oct 11th

Monday: 30 min mobility work

Tuesday: 7m tempo 7:36/pace, 20 min shoulders/core + 1m walk w/LE

Wednesday: 3m easy 9:20/pace, 15 min legs + 1m walk w/LE

Thursday: 6m easy 8:52/pace

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 13m long/fast finish 8:13/pace + 1m walk w/LE

Sunday: 5.5m easy 8:29/pace

Total Miles: 34


Oct 12th-18th

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 9m interval (8 X 1000s)

Wednesday: 20 min legs

Thursday: 6m easy 7:56/pace

Friday: 10.5m tempo 3 x 2.5m (1 @ 7:19, 1 @ 7:13, 1 @ 7:05)- 3:00 min rest inbetween intervals.

Saturday: 10.2m easy 8:28/pace

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 35.7

Have you ever messed up your training weeks?

Any tips or necessities for redecorating an office?

Author: She's Going the Distance


14 thoughts on “I. Can’t. Count.

  1. Oh no! Well I bet it’ll be a blessing in disguise since you said you often wish you had a bit more training time. I am OCD with planning and have found using google calendar has been quite effective for scheduling runs. It allows me to move stuff around if necessary super easily. I always start at race day and work backwards when planning too. Side note, I love your fluffy dog! What a huge teddy bear :). Also, I’m kind of in love with that desk! What a pretty color. Nice find!

  2. I wrote an entire training plans worth of runs in my calendar one week early, then again one week late, before getting it correct. Each day had 3 numbers on it by the time I was done in different colored ink. It was a test every day to figure out which one I was actually supposed to do.

  3. I suck at writing training plans and sticking to them- I find them really restrictive! I also got injured because I was running way ahead of schedule- at week 4 in my HM training I was doing enough miles to train for a marathon. This was pointed out to me by a guy at my club but I conveniently ignored it- running was my therapy and I was running off my stress. Then injury hit. Dammit. This time around I’m gonna have to be a lot more strict with myself when it comes to miles!

    I also love your idea of doing long runs on Saturday- I usually do mine on Sundays and then I’m wiped for the rest of the day!

    PS. Your pooch is suuuuper cute. I need to get my dog running asap!

  4. One time I bought a training plan and the mileage added up wrong. It said would be running a 50 something mile week but when I added up the actual runs it listed it came to like 68, which was way higher than I should have been running that week. I was glad I caught it and then adjusted the long run to make the week more reasonable!

  5. Your hair looks great!! I always mess myself up with this stuff. For Hartford, I had an extra week built in that didn’t exist so I had to change everything. Ugh! I love that yours was the other way – you had more time. Perfect!!! You are killing your training!

  6. Beautiful hair cut! I used to go forever before a trim too, before I cut my hair short this summer. I miss my long hair and love your layers. Nice to be ahead of schedule but yeah it can throw things off in your head.

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