Throwback Thursday: The Time I Got Married <3


Surprise!! Cameron and I got married in Utah!

Elise took some really beautiful pictures along the entire trip of us so we could have engagement photos.. If you haven’t noticed her and her husband, Kyle, are both amazing photographers. And we can’t thank them enough for being supportive of our relationship through it all, and being willing to help us pull off an adventure wedding! 🙂 Thank you guys!




I have to tell you guys how stressed out I was.. we woke up, had breakfast and huge latte, slapped on sunscreen and drove to Arches National Park. Soooo stressful! 😉 This was the most fun, easy, love filled, laugh filled, non-stressful day of my life. It was absolutely perfect in every way.



driving to start our hike!

We hiked about 5 miles before we found “the spot.” What I realized standing up on that ledge was just how selfless the act of marriage actually is. We were giving the entire rest of our lives, our being, our companionship, to each other.




I married my best friend on September 2nd 2015. Best day ever. (also thanks to my sister Abbie for being cool about us taking her birthday as our new anniversary.. now we just have a ton more to celebrate each year!)




Signing the license!



Has anyone else ever photo bombed a moment like this? no, just me..






look at the pretty Arch in the background!




The questions everyone has been asking:

Did you plan it? We threw the idea around in July, but there was a 5th person who was supposed to be coming along the trip with us, and I didn’t really want to get married with a person we didn’t know there. She bailed on the trip the week before, and cameron called the county. We made the decision just about a week before we left!

What did you wear? i wore a Brooks running tank, black nike shorts, my Garmin & New Balance Zantes. Like i said, we hiked beforehand so a dress wouldn’t have worked.

Is that your wedding ring? It’s an athletic ring made by Qalo. I’m getting a ring made as we speak.

Are you going to have a party to celebrate? We have no idea yet, hopefully, but not anytime soon.


Author: She's Going the Distance


22 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: The Time I Got Married <3

  1. CORI! What is the point of knowing you for over 10 years and having to find out about this on your blog?! You should have posted about this on Facebook yesterday so I could feel smug about knowing before your other readers 😀

    Just kidding, CONGRATS! So happy for you! ❤

  2. Congratulations!! What a GREAT idea. It looks like the perfect way to recognize and celebrate your love.

  3. Congratulations! This is so perfect!


  5. I’m so happy to read this!! I feel like I have followed your journey for so long even though you only share bits and pieces here and there, but of course I am glad there is a happy ending:) All of the pictures are amazing and it looks like the perfect day- and so unique and personal to you both! Yay! Congrats!

  6. YAYYYY!!!! I saw the title in my newsfeed and literally jumped out of my seat in shock! SO happy for you two and am so excited for your future together! CONGRATULATIONS NEWLYWEDS!!!!!!

  7. Welcome to the family sweetie! How can I get some of these photos?

  8. Congrats! I love the last two photos of you guys. So cool!

    Love Arches National Park. Wishing you two all the very best.

  9. This post is absolutely beautiful! The pictures are amazing and you look so genuinely happy! So glad yal were able to do it exactly how you wanted 🙂

  10. YAY! Congratulations!! This is amazing, and seems like it was just perfect for you!! Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Wow!!!! That’s awesome Cori!!! He better take care of my little sis. Maybe you can teach him to plunge toilets!!! LOL!!! Many blessing be upon you!!!

  12. Congratulations – a bit late – I am so happy for both of you!

  13. Congratulations … funny, I was not surprised that *something* came out of that trip based on how effusive you were in your pictures you had already shared … but I didn’t see this coming! What a wonderful thing and great way to celebrate together! This will certainly be memorable – well, forever! So happy and thrilled and excited for you two – and what an amazing year this has been … glad that everything has come together for you.

  14. omg!! that is so awesome you got married in the Arches National Park. What a great idea. You both are adorable and you look amazing. Congrats!!

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