Mondays Suck, Giveaways Don’t.


I’ve been rocking my long runs & recovery for the last month, with noticeable improvements in speed, less stopping & faster recovery. My friends over a PRO Compression sent me a new pretty pair of socks that I will use all year round and especially for recovery.


Color: Marathon Berry

During summer months I won’t wear compression socks while running, it’s just too warm. So i make it  a priority to wear them the day before & immediately after a long run. This method seems to do the trick. My legs are hardly tired or feeling beat up the next day. When it gets colder out, I’ll pair my compression socks with capris & create a warm running tight. Does anyone else do this??

This picture was taken October last year the day before the Chicago Marathon. And there I am sporting the very trendy capri & pro compression combo next to The Foodie Runner! Just looking at this makes me wonder when my next marathon will be!


Yesterday I did 11 miles with the last 4 miles with a faster finish (7:45-7:55 pace). When I get back from a long run I drink water, hop in the shower (i can’t stand sitting on the couch smelly & sweaty), put on comfy clothes & Pro Compression socks, more water or fruit & nuts to snack on before figuring out an actual meal.

sitting in the sun warming up & rehydrating

sitting in the sun warming up & rehydrating

I also like to bundle up on the couch for a while because it takes a little time for my body temperature to return to normal.


she likes to bundle up & watch tv too!


legs up, legs tight!

We went to Denizens Brewery in the afternoon for a beer & a lunch. BBQ chicken salad & a white ipa.


Now it’s your turn up your running game! Use the code PRO15 to get 40% off of PRO Compression’s socks & sleeves. PRO Compression is giving away a free pair of Marathon Socks to one of my lovely readers! You can earn up to 3 entries to win:

– leave a blog comment

– follow my instagram

– sign up for PRO Compression’s Newsletter (which will keep you updated on discounts, new colors & grab bags!)

Leave a separate comment for each entry, telling me what you completed! *Giveaway is open to US residents only please!

Giveaway ends Thursday @ Midnight!!! #keepittight

Author: She's Going the Distance


29 thoughts on “Mondays Suck, Giveaways Don’t.

  1. I just grabbed some bright yellow Pro Compression socks and they are awesome … I have some black ones from a year or so ago, was glad to get some new ones, and particularly ones that are LOUD! 🙂 (I guess this would be the ‘comment’ part 😉 )

  2. Already follow on Instagram

  3. Already get the Pro Compression newsletter (which is how I got the BOGO code for my new socks) … but re-entered to be sure 🙂

  4. Nearly a year ago, I tried compression socks for the first time and they are great! I am now going to start following you on instagram as well.

  5. Already followed you on insta. That’s how I found out about your blog and giveaway!

  6. Woohooo – fingers crossed for this 🙂 Love me some compression socks!

  7. And I signed up for the newsletter 🙂

  8. I’m already a pro compression subscriber ☺

  9. It was nice to see (since I’ve only been running just shy of a year and a half) that others wear their socks before and after but sometimes not during. It is way too hot sometimes. I’d burn up!

    I do the exact same thing after a run, munch on grapes and other fruit while I’m figuring out a meal if I haven’t already.

    I’m currently training again (half number 3!) I have 2 pairs of compression socks a small medium and a medium large. One is too tight to run in and the other is the right tightness but the sock is too long which led to blisters on my toes after my 2nd half marathon.

    Maybe some pro compression socks would actually fit me correctly! It’d be nice to run in compression socks without worrying about what giant blisters I’ll have to deal with afterwards 😂😂

  10. I have only one pair; they’re bright pink, but I make a point to wear them after a long run or a race. They make my legs feel so much comfier. I’ve only had them in the summer but I can imagine wearing them to work etc in the winter!

  11. Just followed on IG!

  12. Any thoughts on wrapping knees while on the run?

  13. I live in Florida- since it’s pretty hot year-round I can’t imagine running in compression socks. But it sounds like I should start wearing them for recovery after my runs!

  14. I also got the newsletter!

  15. Just signed up for the news letter and whoa I can get bday specials?!? Even if I don’t win the socks I am gaining something 🙂

  16. I already follow your instagram, but I’ll comment anyway 😉

  17. That color is so cute! Also, love the capris + compression look, it’s one of my faves. 🙂

  18. I just ordered my first pair of compression socks for this weekends half marathon. I can’t believe it took me so long!

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