You Can’t Win, Unless You Think You Can Win!

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I was watching the Ironman Melbourne that I taped in my DVR, not because i’m trying to do an Ironman anytime soon, but I like the extra inspiration before heading into a new training cycle. And what really hit me hard since I have a big goal for Indianapolis, was something the commentator said about the men’s leader… “You can’t win, unless you think you can win.”


i think i can, i think i can!

i’ve never gone into a race thinking I could win. Even in local, smaller races where I actually have placed, I never sat at the starting line and thought, “hey, I can win this thing!” As I wait for my Garmin to find a satellite and I shake out my nervous legs, I already begin to doubt my abilities, my fitness and whether or not I can hit the goal I set…before I even start! That attitude needs to change!

Being nervous at a start line is completely normal! But starting a race with a negative, i’m not going to hit my goal, attitude is just setting me up to do exactly that. Not hit the goal. I’m not going to do it, unless I believe i can! Mental training will be in full swing this fall, especially during hard workouts. Hungry Runner Girl always uses the mantra “I can do hard things.” Might have to borrow this one from her!

Is everyone super inspired yet? Well, if watching endurance sports on tv or reading running mantras aren’t enough inspiration, buying a few new running necessities does the trick!


I’ve been doing some pretty solid mileage building during the month of July and I’m happy to say that next week I can finally start training for the half. I’m still being extra cautious because i’m only about 90% back from the IT Band issue, but in general i’m recovering quickly after running. My leg has continuously felt better week to week. Now I have to get used to running hills again. They are killing me, but I know they will make me a better runner, so i guess i’ll stick with them.

at my workplace & play place ;)

at my workplace & play place 😉

I also bought a pair of Kinvara 5’s recently for my long runs… LE seems to like them. They definitely have a little more support than the 4s, and more room in the toe box which i appreciate, and are still super lightweight.


Now comes the hard and best part. Working up a half marathon training schedule!! Good luck to all runners out there starting their marathon or half marathon training! Also wish me luck on blogging.. this pup loves laying on my keyboard when i’m trying to work!


July 26th- Aug 2nd

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 4m interval 6 x 400s (6:58/pace, 9:00/recovery pace)

Wednesday: 3m easy 8:50/pace + 20 min upper (pushups, pull ups, lat pull downs)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 6m easy 8:58/pace

Saturday: 2.5m walk with LE + hips/glutes/myrtls 

Sunday: 10m easy 9:09/pace

Total Miles: 23 running, 2.5 walking


Aug 3rd-Aug 9th

Monday: 40min hips/legs, triceps

Tuesday: 5.1m easy 8:45/pace

Wednesday: 5000m row, 15 min lower back

Thursday: 20 min yoga

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 8m fartlek 8:09/pace

Sunday: 6.7m walk/run, 2.4m walk with LE

Total Miles: 19.8m running + 2.4 walking

What race are you training for?

Do you ever watch movies or read books to get motivated for a new training cycle?

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