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What you eat before, during and after a workout can really help you get the most out of your time spent in the gym or running along the trails! I figured since we are heading into fall marathon training season, now is as good time as any to share what I personally do for workout nutrition! The peeps over at Eat The Bear Fit wanted to hear about my nutrition and helped inspire this post! They also have a great resource page for pre-workout supplements and fitness. You can check it out here!

Pre Workout:Β I always try to eat a little something about an hour before I start a workout. I tell my clients to do the same because if you don’t have some carbohydrates in your system for energy there’s a good chance you will tire out easily or even get dizzy & pass out if you are doing strenuous exercises.

When I head out for a run, usually half a banana with a little peanut butter & coffee will do the trick. When I’m lifting or cross training I eat a clif bar. And usually coffee is had sometime before I start πŸ˜‰


Seriously. Coffee. All. Day. Long.

Seriously. Coffee. All. Day. Long.

During Workout: If I have a running workout over 60 minutes I make sure to bring a Honey Stinger gel along for the run and will eat it slowly, starting at the 45 minute mark. If I’m strength training I won’t eat anything during, until after I finishΒ (see Post Workout). I always drink water throughout the workout and if it’s really hot outside, or i know i’m in for a tough sweat sesh, I throw a Nuun tablet in my bottle for the added sodium & electrolytes!


Post Workout: To maximize muscle recovery it is important to eat or drink protein within 30 minutes post workout. Protein is essential for muscle building and repairing. When you workout you are creating micro tears in your muscles. The protein is needed after to repair muscles so you come out the other end gaining strength and lean muscle mass. Some days I use protein shakes and others I have nuts or greek yogurt. Honestly, it just depends whats on hand or if i’m home or at the gym. Either way, I ALWAYS make sure to have a post-workout snack of about 150-250 calories.

My current go-to has been watermelon & almonds.


Coconut water & watermelon…most refreshing post workout drink!

coconut water & watermelon...most refreshing post workout drink!

TJ’s brand hemp protein, is not my favorite–it doesn’t mix well and is gritty (even when blended). But I love the texture chia seeds bring to liquid. Chia seeds are a great way to add protein & omegas to your recovery πŸ™‚


Now that I shared what I do, what are your go-to’s for pre, during & post workout?

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10 thoughts on “Pre! During! Post!

  1. Great post – and knowing your body and getting proper nutrition is so important, and perfect timing with fall marathon training and so many people feeling their way along!

    Personally, for my early morning runs I typically don’t eat anything, just drink water. Then I eat breakfast after my shower, which means about 30 minutes after getting home. It works well for me … but if I do longer than ~12 miles or mid-day/evening runs I will always eat something first. I guess at 4AM I just feel I still have enough residual stored carbs to get through!

    But I found it interesting back when I learned about the importance of post-run protein, as I spent so much of my life in weight-loss or non-gain mode, so I foolishly avoided extra eating (which, of course, actually makes your body work against you!). Now I can run my 10+ miles every morning, eat well, and feel great and have loads of energy for the day!

    Oh – and your hair looks great in the ‘coffee’ pic … and that shirt is awesome!

    • hahah you actually might be well fueled at 4am! Plus I think you’re just used to running and going on empty, that takes a little time to get used to as well. And I agree about the post-run protein giving you more energy. I’m super lethargic all day if i don’t eat soon after a run, but when i get it in that 30 minute window, i can continue on with my day as if i never ran!

  2. Watermelon post workout is the best way to rehydrate and refuel! Especially after a long run : )

  3. Ah this was exactly what I needed. I’m the worst at getting my post-run protein in, I needed a nudge in the right direction πŸ˜€

    My favourite post-run treat (generally when I’ve run to the office) is the coconut water latte by vitacoco. It’s so so good! And the electrolytes from the coconut water make me feel like I’m replenishing πŸ™‚

  4. My fueling is really similar to yours. I am trying to figure out what I am going to eat before long runs during this training cycle. I got that same hemp protein powder at TJs a few weeks ago and I was thinking the same thing! But it seemed to be the best price for a decent product which is why I went with it.

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