IT Band Exercises – What Worked For Me!


Monday: 20 min lats/shoulders, 2m walk with LE

Last week I took it easy with strength training and focused on all running related workouts. Safe to say it’s not as intense of a workout week, but I feel like i’m becoming a stronger, well-rounded runner by taking the time to do all the little things. Plus i needed a down week after building mileage and general fatigue. I get asked often what I did to recover my IT Band and it’s very simple. It’s all in the hips.

I’ve been diligent with doing the Myrtls routine, almost daily or every other day since the end of April. Now that I’m healthier I just do them as often as I can after a workout or at night when i’m foam rolling. It’s just part of the normal routine now 😉 I do #8-11 of the Myrtl routine as a pre-run warm up and I also include 10-20 walking lunges and a set of 10-15 deep squats.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 3.19.37 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 3.19.50 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 3.19.21 PM

In addition to the hip exercises, I do one running skills & drills day and one tough leg day which now includes a ton of lateral movements and single-leg movements which strengthen the hips/glutes & work on core stabilization. <—the key to get rid of ITBS is to strengthen!

Some of my favorite exercises include: walking hip abductions (band around ankles, walking sideways), crab walks (walking sideways in a semi-squat position with resistance band), monster walks (walking forward, taking wide steps, semi-lunge position), squats with band around thighs & ankles (not allowing knees to cave inward).

This trail running video also gave me lots of great strength ideas.

The hard part of getting through any injury is not giving up on the rehab exercises. I didn’t see any real improvement with pain or strength until about 6 weeks in. Don’t give up! Even as a personal trainer I almost forgot that you don’t see results until 6-12 weeks into any program, so try not to get discouraged if you attempt these exercises and your pain doesn’t magically disappear. Be diligent, do quality reps over quantity, and trust that in time you will be pain free & a much better runner with happy hips.

And here’s a picture of LE and me after I ran 4 pain free & carefree miles 🙂


Monday: 15min glutes/hips

Tuesday: 4m easy 9:15/pace, 10 min lower back/glutes

Wednesday: 35 min running drills + skill work

Thursday: 20min core

Friday: 6m easy 8:44/pace (Longest run since MAY 10th!)

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 4m easy 8:17/pace

Total Miles: 14 running (no walk runs!)

Any one else recovering from an injury? 

Have you tried Myrtls or using a resistance band for hip strength?

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10 thoughts on “IT Band Exercises – What Worked For Me!

  1. I remember reading early on in my ‘long distance running’ a post on one of the running magazine blogs about hips and relationship to so many injuries. I am lucky – and happy – that my stride and alignment are actually quite good …

    Good job smartly recovering!

  2. I noticed the same thing with it taking a while for the exercise to start helping. Also for me, a big piece was getting adjustments regularly so that my hips stayed aligned properly and then doing the exercises to strengthen and keep them there. I also had to try a lot of different exercises to find what worked for me! Some exercises I feel so much more than others. Glad you are still doing so well and are almost back to 100%!

  3. Love me some MYRTLs! They are awesome! Great job!

  4. LE is the fluffiest and cutest dog I’ve ever seen!!!!

  5. This probably going to sound strange, but I love the lateral and linear leg swings! I started adding them to my pre-run stretching back in December and I can notice such a big difference when I run. Even if I just do a few, they make a huge difference. Also – I apparently have weak hip flexors and I feel them every time I do a lunge. Congrats on persisting with all these exercises – you rock!

  6. Thanks for posting this! I do some stretches for IT band, but these are not in my routine. I will definitely add them 🙂

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