Weekend Pupdate!


Time is flying with the new addition of LE to the household. She’s even made it bearable during all the non-running & recovery I’ve been going through. Trust me, it’s much easier doing hip exercises on the floor when there are puppy kisses as rewards :).

I recently found out in her file that her birthday is Christmas Eve and will be 6 months old soon. She basically came potty trained (she had two accidents the 1st day in her new home) and she sort of knew how to Sit. She only whined in her crate the first 2 nights and hasn’t had any issues in her little home since.


I taught her how to come and lay down on command, she learned everything in less than a half hour. I’m a dog whisperer. If you need my services email me haha. Over the weekend she finally got the hang of “shake.” It’s incredible how smart she is.


The best news of all? I’m pretty sure she’s going to make an excellent running buddy. Now, i’ve done research and have several friends who made sure I knew that dogs cannot go for miles of running until they are fully grown and no longer a puppy. I’m excited to know next spring i’ll have a buddy to run with. Here’s a good article if you need some doggie running info. They actually list the best kinds of running dogs and she falls under the category because of the herding mix.


The only issues we have is a little chewing–And she jumps on the couches when no one’s looking…She’s a smarty though and knows what she can get away with. With a face like that, it’s hard to say no!


Last but not least, gotta give you a quick update on my running! I ran 3 times last week. The shorter runs I’m doing a 2:1 run:walk ratio. On the long runs it’s switched around and the walking is longer than the running. (about 4 minutes of walking, 2 minutes of running). Using the run/walk method is helping me check in with my body & not push the pace too much. Seems like as soon as I get into a groove, it’s time to walk again. I’m anxious to get moving so this method is literally stopping me from doing too much too fast. June is all about slow easy mileage building so I can finally begin half marathon training this summer. Wish my IT Band luck!

Last Week – I ran!

Monday: 20 min Stairmill (1 min lateral, 1 min forward alternating)

Tuesday: 15 hips, 10 core

Wednesday: 2.5m RUN!!! 10:00/pace (4 min running, 1 min walking), 50 pushups, 75 hanging leg raises, 100 single leg balance lunges (50 each leg)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 5000m row, 15 min core

Saturday: 6.7m walk/run, 2m walk with LE

Sunday: 2.5m run, 2.2m walk with LE

Total Mileage: 11.7 run/walking, 4.2 doggie walking 

Any puppy tips? Chewing, jumping on people or staying off the furniture?

Any unique tricks your pet knows?

Author: She's Going the Distance


6 thoughts on “Weekend Pupdate!

  1. Awww look at that adorable facceeeee!!! And awesome that she will be a good running buddy. Great job with runs and workouts!!!

  2. LE is way too adorable! She’ll be a great running buddy. I’ve never had a dog but whenever I see people running with them I get a little twinge of “aww I want that.” And I hear you on the hip exercises… I just rehabb’d my IT band too and it was very frustrating not being able to run. I finally got to do my first speed interval workout since the injury today, and felt like a million bucks. Hang in there, and keep up with those hip exercises! you will be back in fighting form soon enough. 🙂

  3. LE is adorable!! Love your pictures and captions of her. I’m so excited for you both to have each other as (future) running buddies. Dogs are the best!

  4. How did I miss you got a puppy?! She’s so cute!

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