Monday: 20 min Stairmill (1 min lateral, 1 min forward alternating)

Tuesday: 15 hips, 10 core

Wednesday: 2.5m RUN!!! 10:00/pace (4 min running, 1 min walking), 50 pushups, 75 hanging leg raises, 100 single leg balance lunges (50 each leg)

Happy National Running Day! This might be the first time I’ve actually blogged & ran on N’tl R-Day! No IT pain might I add 🙂 And in lieu of this spectacular holiday i’ll be having fun with this post, borrowing a few running questions from Lisa @ Running out of Wine in her style.. with a wine glass in hand!

Cheers to you Lisa!

Cheers to you Lisa!

Here are Lisa’s NRD prompts and my answers..if you want to answer one or all in the comments below, feel free! Share your Run Love 🙂

  • Right now, I run because… I’m testing my IT band out, so I can get back to a training schedule!

not running, but enjoying time off with this girl!

  • I started running because… I wanted to lose weight. 9 years ago I used to weight over 160 lbs and wasn’t active. Running was a simple and interesting new way to get in shape.
  • When I don’t run… I cross-train. When i run...I cross train. Only running does not work for my body, plus I like the way muscles look…Right now I’m digging Kettlebells, Rowing, Crossfit Endurance and bodyweight workouts with tons of burpees, pushups & pullups. Anything that’s a challenge!

timed flex arm hang (not pull ups, but still tough!)

  • One thing that running has taught me is… It brings out the amazing in people. If you ever question humanity go watch a marathon. If you ever want to see how strong you are, go run a marathon. If you ever want to see selfless people, volunteer for a marathon. If you ever want to see people realizing their potential, stand at the finish line of a marathon. No, running isn’t everything, and running a marathon isn’t the only way to see these things, but from what I’ve experienced, it brings out really good qualities in people–> and not just the runners, i’m talking about the family & friends & spouses who support a lifetime sport and the volunteers & race directors for allowing the races to happen.
meeting new runners is one of my favorite things

meeting new runners is one of my favorite things

  • My favorite kind of run is… A race. Nothing beats the day your hard work is put to the test. Plus running a race is basically a tempo run, which are my favorite kind of runs 🙂
Crossing the finish line

Crossing the finish line

  • Right now my biggest running-related goal is… A sub 1:30 half. This is something that might take another year or two. But I won’t rest until I get it.
This face.. cause i think i can do it.

…cause i believe i can do it.

Have a great rest of the day guys! Even if you don’t run–> be active today!

Author: She's Going the Distance



  1. Love your post and it’s so true… the running community is unlike any other! Very special thing to be a part of. I hope to experience more of it by volunteering for a marathon. I think it would be really great way to give back to something that has given me so much! Hope you have an awesome Wednesday!!

  2. OK, the title alone had me cracking up 🙂

    But with all of the great stuff in the post – and awesome pics – the thing that really got me was the *no IT band pain*! Yay!

    It is funny, but one thing that I found with running blogs from the start that remains is true is that we all seem to become friends, and I love that even though I am not blogging now, I am still connected, that people care about each other in a real way, we celebrate each other’s triumphs and agonize over the difficult times … and of course, say ‘awww’ for cute puppy pics! 🙂

    Happy Running Day! And enjoy that wine 🙂

  3. Yay for running and wine and blogging today!! Some of my favor things for sure:) And even better that you got in a pain-free run! Running really does bring out the best in people…even when I meet people in real life and find out they run I automatically feel like we have a connection. And watching runners at races is just amazing!

  4. Love your title of your post…and the wine glass, HA! Glad your IT band is hanging in there and cooperating. You are on the mend!

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