The Most Epic High Five


Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 20 min StairMill (1 min lateral, 1 min forward for duration), 15 min hips, 10 core

Hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend and Memorial Day!


It’s been a pretty uneventful week in terms of running, as in, i’m still not. The IT Band is stubborn as ever, and I have had plenty of moments where I want to throw a tantrum. But the thing is, i’m not injured, my left hip is weak and unstable and definitely noticeable when I’m working it. So i’ve been keeping up with the exercises & cross training so when I’m back to running I don’t look back over this “time off” and think that I should have been training regardless!


The best thing to do while being injured or taking time off is to work around the injury, strengthen the weak area, and plan what to do differently the next time around. I’m getting better and better at rowing (which i actually enjoy!) and I’m learning a TON of new exercises for the hips & glutes for myself and clients. With each setback, you can always find a way to look at the positive. As runners, we get injured, or have bad weeks, bad runs, bad races. If we try and take something positive out from it, we’ll feel better and won’t ever see it as time wasted.

Weekly Recap

Monday: 30 min legs/shoulders

Tuesday: 30 min legs/mobility/skill work, 10 min rope pull

Wednesday: 6000m row

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 3.5m run 8:20/pace (did not go well)

Saturday: 1.5m walk 

Sunday: 5.6m walk

Total Miles: 10.6m walking

How do you deal with time off from running?

Do you ever take time off during the year from running or another type of workout?

Author: She's Going the Distance


12 thoughts on “The Most Epic High Five

  1. Totally love your attitude about being injured. I am so with you on it – embrace it as a learning experience. If you dwell on how much it sucks to be sidelined, you never learn anything new and end up with the same issues over and over again. I deal with time off from running due to injury the same way – learn what I can do to fix it, and cross train my tail off! I never take off of running but I do take recovery periods where I don’t run as much volume or intensity. Great job last week!

  2. I am so bad with taking time off. A lot of the time, I have to find a cross training exercise which I get the same “runners high” from. I had to take a significant amount of time off due to a stress fracture, so found cross fit to be sufficient… but as soon as I could run I was back at it. I’m pretty horrible with creating an off season for myself, so if I can run, I will run. You are handling injury so well and being beyond smart about it! Kudos to you! Hope you have a great day! : )

  3. Great pictures! Looks like you guys had a great time – and I always think getting candids like that adds so much to the memories! We bought our kids those Fuji instant cameras (I have to stop myself from calling them ‘Polaroids’ 🙂 ), and they ARE awesome, we got them albums to store pics and so on.

    I think you are really being smart – I think it is a great asset when you want to make overall improvements to defocus on your running and seek alternative exercise methods. I am just trying to keep up enough bodyweight stuff along with yardwork so I can *pretend* I do something other than running 😉

    As for L. E. … again I say, just *so* freaking cute. 🙂 Pretty clear L. E. has taken charge of the household quickly!

  4. Glad that you are able to stay positive with the silly IT band stuff going on. Maybe you could share some of your new glute exercises at some point? I’m always looking for new ones:)

  5. Time off is tough for me. I usually only take a break after a tough race.
    My version of rest is no training schedule or set paces…just running easy for the love of it!

  6. I can’t remember if I already told you this or not, but L.E.’s cutest is on a whole different level! Seriously!!!

    I took almost all of part of March and April off with hip bursitis. Coming back to running this month wasn’t easy but it was rewarding to make quick gains again – you know, starting off super slow with low mileage and then bumping up week after week!

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