Phone Dump Friday #6!


Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 6.4m hill repeats (16 x 100m repeats pace between 6:30-6:50), 15 min glutes/lower back 

Wednesday: CFE 5000m row, 100 lat pulldowns (single arms), 120 bosu ball burpees w/pushups, 200 situps (varied type). 

Thursday: 5m intervals –10 X 200s (2 @ 5:39/pace, 2 @ 5:36, 2 @ 5:33, 2 @ 5:27, 2 @ 5:24)

Happy Flex/Phone Dump/TGIF/Can’t wait until Sunday’s Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, FRIDAY! Before we go into the random pictures that didn’t make it onto the blog let’s talk about entering the Spartan Race Entry Giveaway! <—If you win you will be given a code to use for a free entry. So the winner of the code doesn’t necessarily have to be the one to participate in the race. If you have a friend, spouse, co-worker who like adventure races, win it for them! How much would they love you for it? So go enter! You have nothing to lose! Except for time–the giveaway ends Sunday night at midnight!

Keep an eye out because warmer months make me feel uber generous and I will have another giveaway soon!

…and onto the dump! Here’s my sister with a puppy.


my favorite beer while in LA


a label i almost ate (yes I did, in fact, wash the apple!)

My car hit 100,000 and I missed it. 😦 don’t worry, the ostrich saw…
20141226_164112 (1)

just cause i’m wearing real clothes. real boring clothes, but real clothes nonetheless

Pancakes. Cause I run yo

20150301_143031 (1)

My travel buddy

20150301_172331 (1)

Just cause I don’t get a latte art… hehehe


and the 1.9lb bag of Sour Patch I “bought for Cameron” for Easter.


Good Luck to all everyone running the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler this sunday! Including several of my clients!



Author: She's Going the Distance


3 thoughts on “Phone Dump Friday #6!

  1. I am always amazed at latte art. I wish I could do that! 😀
    That is one enormous bag of sour patch kids. My daughter’s head would explode!

  2. Those pancakes look amazing!

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