400s, done. Kinda.


Well, have to start off by saying I went back to the 400s workout on Friday and yet again, had to quit early. I was super upset at first, but this time it wasn’t my knee (that’s all good btw), it was sinus/allergies. It’s that time of year where I struggle with allergy meds and drowsiness. I was dead tired trying to do those 400s. Can those 2 failed interval workouts count as one this week? haha And hey, i’ll deal with allergies if it means running in shorts. My legs are so pasty! eeekkK!

Last Week’s Workouts

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3m 4 x 400s (all @ 5:39/pace)

Wednesday:  Rest

Thursday: 5m fartlek 7:30/pace, 45min core

Friday: 6 x 400s (5 @ 5:39/pace, 1 @ 6:00/pace), 20min shoulders/lats

Saturday: 8.1m (4 outside 8:02/pace —wind was so bad I turned back and finished on the treadmill 4 @ 7:50/pace), 40 min total body workout with the Golds Gym Trainers!

Sunday: 4.7m walk

Total: 20.6m + 4.7 walking miles


Look! Green & Flowers and non-running shoes! Crazy 


Author: She's Going the Distance


10 thoughts on “400s, done. Kinda.

  1. I would do the Monterey Super race. My hubby and I love going to Monterey, so it would be a perfect excuse for another trip there!

  2. We were considering the Ohio beast last year but timing was bad. May 30th this year is very tempting though. That would be my choice.

  3. 5/23 at Miller Park where the Brewers play would be awesome!

  4. I’ve got my eyes on Fenway Park. I ran it last year and it was harder than I expected.

  5. I’d like to run the Beast in Tahoe!

  6. I want to do one of the races in Hawaii! Whichever distance is great!

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  8. SoCal – probably the sprint

  9. OK, I have always wanted to do one of these … it totally scares me but also sounds SO fun! The Dallas Beast looks like a ridiculously amazing challenge …

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