Snow, St. Pattys, 5ks and Random Facts for a Random Week!


Monday: 15min Rope Pull Machine

Tuesday: 6m interval 10 x 200s (5 @ 5:33/pace, 5 @ 5:30, 2 @ 5:27), 100 TRX Chest Press + 100 TRX Chest Flys

Wednesday: 3000m row, 20 min TRX Rip Trainer

Thursday: 6m + 5 strides easy 8:40/pace

Friday: 3.1 easy 7:57/pace, 20 min shoulders

Happy Spring! Even though I woke up yesterday to Christmas outside…


Don’t worry, it all melted into a slushie during the day. I’m planning to run (weather permitting again!) a 5k this Sunday. The Run for Haiti 5k in Reston, VA. I ran this same race 2 years ago, so i’m excited to attempt a course PR! Sunday is supposed to be cold, but dry, so I gotta take the chance, be like Nike and Just Do It! Cross your fingers and hope the stars align!

Aaaand since I missed it, happy St. Patrick’s day! One day i’ll get my life together and blog on a more consistent basis, but for now, retroactive posting it is πŸ™‚ On the 17th we were given some pretty nice kelly green Gold’s Gym shirts to wear.


and I had an awesomely green drink over the weekend! #1 Fun fact about me: i love drinks with herbs. If it says mint or basil Im ordering!

#2 Fun Fact- My hair grows really slow.  I cut my hair really short in 2011 and have been growing it out since. It was not fun running with short hair…


and as it started growing out…

And Random Fun Fact #3- I lived in Asheville, NC for a short period of time in 8th grade, and visit there every so often. One of my favorite places.. I think i just really really love mountains πŸ™‚

Enjoy the weekend! I promise I won’t wait a week to update everyone on the 5k outcome!

How far are you running this weekend?

Tell me about the weather near you..did spring actually arrive yet??

Author: She's Going the Distance


10 thoughts on “Snow, St. Pattys, 5ks and Random Facts for a Random Week!

  1. Spring? Lets see – sub-zero wind chills Thursday, snow on Friday AND Saturday … um, no spring here yet. Thought I HAVE gotten out in shorts once, so I know we’re approaching the end – but winter is going down with a fight!

    I think the short hair looks kinda cool on you – but can see the struggles in the second pic! I know from my wife the horror of the ‘grow-in’. πŸ˜‰ (imagine the number of styles she’s had in the 28 years we’ve known each other! … for me it is two: short for 25 years, really short for 3 … with no plans to go back to really short ever again).

    It is funny, I forgot to plan my clothes so ended up with my nice green sweater on Wednesday. Oh well.

    No clue on distance, probably do about 10 miles or so each today and tomorrow, probably 15 one day depending on schedule with the kids. πŸ˜‰

    Have a great weekend!

    • right!! I was getting snowed on yesterday and today i’m wearing a tshirt.. jeez! and yes, the grow out period of the short hair sucked! took forever and i hated the period where it was too short to pull into a pony tail, and too long to look like a “short” hair cut. just plain awkward

  2. I’m so glad the snow didnt stick around for long, but it was pretty depressing to have such a gross day as our first day of “spring”! I have never cut my hair below my shoulders because I am afraid of dealing with growing it out. I’ll never forget trying to grow out bangs when I was little- such a pain!
    Good luck with the 5k!

    • Thanks lisa! I definitely have a hair sweet spot..anything just below the chin or lower than my shoulders is where I like it πŸ™‚ I hate that middle part of growing it out past the shoulders. ..takes for freaking ever

  3. Go get that sub-20! That’s a great goal. 5ks are a different kind of animal. I’d almost rather run a 50 miler than a 5k just because it’s more relaxed! Ha ha!

  4. I hope your 5k went well! Usually, I opt for long hair, because it is so much easier handle. In the fall though, I got it cut super short and then I had it trimmed in late January. I am definitely moving back to the long hair. My face gets hot enough without having the short hair to make it worse! Happy Monday!

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