This Oughta Warm You Up


Monday: Rest/traveling

Tuesday: 6m easy 8:40/pace

Wednesday: 7.3miles interval work- 6 x 1000m progressive repeats (6:44, 6:39, 6:33, 6:27, 6:22)

Thursday: Rest/snow day

I’m getting so tired of reading Facebook, IG, texts, blogs where complaining about how winter just doesn’t end. Apparently for the DC area, this finally is the end. We just got another 5 or so inches and it’s still coming down. Next week will begin my annual tradition to Boycott Winter. Which entails me putting my winter coat in storage, shopping for a new swimsuit and planning vacations. If you want to read about how I broke up with winter last year you can read it here šŸ™‚

Instead of complaining about winter (even though by not complaining, i’m obviously still complaining ahhhhhh!) Let’s take a look at some fun, warmer weather pics from my weekend trip to Los Angeles. On our first morning we went on a hike/walk/whatever workout you SoCal’ers call it..

20150228_114922Then we drove up Mulholland Drive to see the Hollywood sign cause it was a close drive.

Sunday it rained off and on all day, but I was determined to get to the beach…It down poured the entire drive, but i saw -literally- a silver lining in the clouds and kept thinking, it might not raining at the beach…

20150301_173139 So I parked the rental car at the empty beach at an already paid for meter and headed toward the sand.


We watched the few people hanging out, waiting for the sun to show up. It did and it was glorious. The east coast gets the sunrise, but i’m not a morning person, so this was heaven.



As much as I wanted to run out in LA, I didn’t want to take time away from visiting with my sister on a short trip and also didn’t want to stress over fitting in a long run. I crammed all my workouts in and did a long run in the a.m. before my flight. Which was stressful and exhausting, but so worth the relaxing weekend.

Last Week’s Recap

Monday: Rest

Tuesday:Ā 7m 2 x 2 tempo (2miles @ 7:03/pace, 2 @ 6:58 ā€“ one mile warm up, one mile recovery in between, and 1 cool down), 3000m row.

Wednesday: 4 Rounds, 25 Pull Ups (assist machine) and 1m easy 8:40/pace (total 100 pull ups, 4 miles)

Thursday: 5.5m intervals 8 x 400s ( 2 @ 5:52/pace, 2 @ 5:45, 2 @ 5:39, 2 @ 5:37), 15min core

Friday: 10m easy 8:13/pace

Saturday: 8m walking/hiking

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 26.5 + 8 walking

Sunrise or Sunset?

East Coast or West Coast?

Coffee or Coffee? exactly, coffee is the only answer.

Author: She's Going the Distance


9 thoughts on “This Oughta Warm You Up

  1. haha – that is what I was thinking at first “hey, look at me not complaining about winter … now in this new paragraph I will continue not complaining about winter!” Victory šŸ˜‰

    I loved all of those pics on Instagram, looks like you had a fabulous time! And good idea not stressing about the run – when we headed to NYC last summer for vacation & college visits I decided in advance I wouldn’t run (of course I *packed* stuff just in case … ). Took off the stress. And doing the 30-flights of stairs to and from our apartment is fun, not workout … right? šŸ˜‰

    OK, to your questions:
    – I run at 4AM every morning … that answers your sunrise or sunset question. Though sitting out on the porch with Lisa, sipping wine in the summer watching the sunset sounds pretty sweet šŸ™‚
    – I am a Northeast boy, but traveled dozens of times to the Silicon Valley area during my semiconductor days and could easily handle living there. Or Seattle.
    – I love coffee … but have really been digging tea this winter. I have cut down considerably on caffeine so having decaf tea in the afternoon / evening has become a habit. So I would say BOTH! And wine!

    • Of course I packed running stuff just in case too–but after my long run before I headed out, it was much easier to take a few days off šŸ™‚ and i’ve never been to Seattle! it’s on my list of places to travel to soon.

  2. Sunrise
    East Coast
    Coffee for the win!

  3. Sunrise, west coast, no coffee. Which is totally sacrelig considering I am from Seattle… haha. Looks like you had a lovely trip!

  4. Hey, you were in my neck of the woods! Hope you had a good trip and I’m glad the rain cooperated with your beach plans (close enough).

    I love coffee more than life itself (might be slightly exaggerating. slightly), but I’ve been told on no uncertain terms by two different doctors to restrict my caffeine intake. I cut back to just one cup in the morning, but I can’t cut back any more. I refuse.

  5. Sunrise! West coast. Well west in general. I needs me some space!

  6. ahh i love Cali so much. sososososo much. like, want to live there, if i ever desire to leave NYC. sunrise or sunset, gah that’s tough…i love the feeling of awakening with the world, but there’s something magical about a sunset, especially over water. i’ll go sunset. i love living in NYC but i’d choose West Coast overall, as it’s more my vibe…and yes.

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