How Many Pics Does is Take?


Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 7m 2 x 2 tempo (2miles @ 7:03/pace, 2 @ 6:58 – one mile warm up, one mile recovery in between, and 1 cool down), 3000m row.

Wednesday: 4 Rounds, 25 Pull Ups (assist machine) and 1m easy 8:40/pace (total 100 pull ups, 4 miles)

Thursday: 5.5m intervals 8 x 400s ( 2 @ 5:52/pace, 2 @ 5:45, 2 @ 5:39, 2 @ 5:37)

Time for something short and sweet as I head out to LA this weekend to visit my seeessster. I want everyone out there to see the painful process of having other people take your pictures. Let’s face it. We live in a very selfie society. You know your angles, lighting, best sides, serious face, happy face, laughing-but-not-crazy-laughing face, hardcore gym face.. sometimes when you ask others to take a picture, things don’t turn out the way you hope.

The story begins when I asked Cameron to take a picture so I could send it to one of my clients because we were eating at their favorite restaurant and drinking their favorite margaritas. The margaritas I always tell them to “earn” when we train hard on Fridays…


Cameron: Your eyes were closed
Cori: ah! okay take another one.


Cameron: hahah Your eyes are crazy wide
Cori: let me see— OH my. Take another one


Cameron: You were talking to me the whole time I was trying to take it
Cori: please, just take one more


Cameron: There you look good
Cori: Eh, that’s fine. :/ Do I always look that tired?

I hope this post made you smile and laugh. Blogging is a tough life. For every photo, theres probably a dozen more just like it on our smartphones. One day we will delete them.. not really. We will just get a new phone. And probably pick up the Kim Kardashian book about how to take a good selfie. Clearly I need help.

(amazon pic)

( pic)

Have a great Thursday everyone! I’m squeezing my long run in tomorrow morning so I don’t have to worry about it over the short weekend trip 🙂

Do you like taking pics yourself or having someone else do the job?

Does anyone have one of those weird selfie sticks? 

Author: She's Going the Distance


4 thoughts on “How Many Pics Does is Take?

  1. I take terrible pictures…especially selfies! It helps when my husband is around to snap a pic:) He always takes a bunch so I have choices.

  2. Awesome fun pics! I always feel like you can barely stop talking to get your picture taken! Funny – and makes a lot of shots look a bit silly but always fun!

    Have a great time visiting your sister in LA … and enjoy the warmth!

  3. Have a great time in LA! I am awful with selfies and ok, if I take other pictures. Generally speaking, I prefer to avoid pictures and video cameras at all times. Marathon training starts Monday – eek! I am excited and nervous at the same time.

  4. The camera definitely hates me so I avoid any pictures if I can. When I was skiing last weekend I saw a whole bunch of people with the selfie sticks – and they look pretty ridiculous – that’s what GoPros are for!

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