5k Power Songs!


Wednesday: 4m easy 9:20/pace, 25 minutes of  TRX chest/shoulders

There’s a decent chance I won’t be running the planned 5k race this Saturday due to incoming winter weather–but i’m still crossing my fingers and preparing just in case. I’m taking a rest day from running today and heading to the chiropractor. My shins are a little achy, and rightly so. I’ve been pushing the pace weekly and soreness comes with the faster territory. I just want to get ahead of the aches and get the knots worked out.


a couple weeks ago.. we currently have no snow at all right now.

I also (finally!) purchased a lacrosse ball and started rolling out my calves yesterday (actually helped loosen the tightness by 50%). I’ll do a special post for myofascial release next week so you guys can DYI.

I want to start sharing music as I stumble across it, in case any of you are in a music funk or just curious as to the music I listen to out on the open roads. My 5k distance playlist needs to be a super pumped up mix filled with powerful lyrics or music that keeps the legs turning over and my heart happy. I need a playlist that gives me goosebumps and can keep my thoughts positive while pushing through the pain. The playlist generally starts slower & builds up with a strong finish. Exactly how I want to run a 5k. Don’t blow up the first mile and push the last two.

“Bridges” – Broods

“Miles Away” – Madonna

“Island” – The Starting Line

“Say My Name” – Odesza

Gecko (Overdrive) – Oliver Heldens & Becky Hill

Recess – Skrillex

Well these are what I’ll be listening to. I hope you found a new song or two to download for a run. And if you hate them all it’s cool too. It’s my list. 😉


What’s your current Power Song?

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8 thoughts on “5k Power Songs!

  1. My power song is the crunch of snow underfoot in sub-zero temperatures … 🙂

    All of the races for this weekend in our area got canceled due to the forecase of about -20 to -35 temps starting tomorrow through the weekend! For me it won’t stop me running … but I would HATE to be doing a race with all of that standing around and waiting!

  2. I’m reading this at work and can’t actually listen to any of your songs, but I’ll chime in with my top 2 of the moment: Safe and Sound by Capital Cities and Happy by Pharrell Williams. I just added Happy to my list for last Saturday’s 5K and it was a major pick-me-up during the last mile. 🙂

    I hope you get to run your 5K on Saturday. It looks like the really frigid weather isn’t supposed to arrive until Sunday but Saturday is still looking pretty chilly.

  3. Good songs here, lady! My current power song is Forever by Royksopp. It’s instrumental and usually hangs out right around the start of mile 3 for my long runs and at the very beginning of shorter ones.

    We are about to get slammed by a bunch of nasty cold too right in time for my long run this weekend. Why do I choose spring marathons again?

  4. I love “Miles Away” by Madonna 🙂 I’m a 50/50 runner … 50% of my runs are with music and the other 50% not. My current power song is “Halo” by Beyonce’ and a close second is “Fire” by Ellie Goulding.

  5. I resort to podcasts or music, only when I am running on a treadmill, which I try to minimize! These songs look great and, when I am not at work, I will definitely listen to them.

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