Turn It Up To 11!!


Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 20 min running drills, 8 miles (intervals- 8 x 800s), 30 min core

The last time I did 200s on the treadmill I went to 11mph– ELEVEN! That’s a 5:27 pace! When I think of running at that pace, i get really excited, cause I have a TON of room to grow as a runner. When I think of elites running that pace for the entire duration of a marathon, it makes me feel not-so-cool. But at the same time, running’s not my job sooooo… i do what i can. 🙂

from Monday's run outside. sooo pretty :)

from Monday’s run outside. sooo pretty 🙂

Lisa @ Running out of Wine had a really great post today about letting go of obsessive tendencies to count miles (similar to how people count calories.) And it made me think of the transition from continually building mileage to train for long distance races to basically sticking around the same weekly mileage (about 25 for me) and focusing more on increasing speed at a short distance. Training has been so different and it’s hard to turn off the yearning to add miles each week.


There are days when a speed workout ends at 5 or 6 miles. The distance runner in me always says, “just do one more cool down mile–add to your weekly mileage total!” Usually i’d give into that, but right now i’ve been asking myself if the several extra miles a week are worth risking injury, helping with my 5k time goal, or taking extra time from my post recovery. Instead of the “extra mile” i’ve been focusing more on warming up, cooling down and foam rolling.


Make sure you ask yourself what that extra mile or two or 3 is adding to your training. Always listen to your body and quit if you are feeling pain.

Not gonna lie: Today I wanted to quit. 8 x 800s are so hard to run (800s are 1/2 mile). By the time 800 interval #5 came and went I wanted to end it at 6.  However, just like when you strength train, the last few reps are going to be hard. If you don’t do the hard reps your muscles and body won’t change. Something came over me when I realized this and I ran the last 800s faster than the first half.

1 mile warm up @ 9:05/pace (in between each interval i jogged .25 mile @ 10:00/pace, last 2 intervals I walked for 30 seconds, then jogged)

3 x 800s @ 6:33/pace

3 x 800s @ 6:22/pace

2 x 800s @ 6:18/pace

1.5 mile cool down @ 9:15/pace- total miles 8.

This was me before the torture of the 800s. ughhhh.. my pony tail never looks that cute. Only before bed or before a workout. Am I right ladies? Dudes, you’ll never know what it’s like to plan out your workouts around your hair.. it blows. Like the dryer you have to use after the shower :/

 Tell me about your workout from today! 

How much time do you put aside for the foam rolling and recovery?

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5 thoughts on “Turn It Up To 11!!

  1. This is definitely something I agree with – even if I don’t really practice it myself 🙂

    I feel that as runners we have been sold on the ever-increasing mileage – that the longer races are ‘better’ or make us more ‘real’ as runners or whatever. All nonsense. I think that more people should focus on finding their ‘optimal distance’ and doing their best at that distance instead of hopping on the relentless pursuit of more miles!

    I try to be good about my warm-ups and cool-downs, active recovery and so on … but don’t foam roll at all.

    Today was another cross-training day with shoveling the latest 6″ of snow, then doing a shortened run. Second time this week – no biggie, feels good and I’m not great about cross-training otherwise!

    Your hair looks great … it is funny I have heard that before, and sometimes Lisa’s hair looks great when she hasn’t done a thing! For me, I’ve had basically the same little boy’s haircut since the late 60s, so … 😉

  2. You are so right about the hair. It always looks great………..right as I’m getting ready to go to bed. Why does that happen? And congrats to you – you are getting super speedy lady!

  3. That’s a great workout! I did a hilly 7 miles with friends.
    Ever since I injured my Achilles, I diligently foam roll daily!

  4. This is such a smart mindset! I am always tempted to add on just one more mile, but I think the time is much better spent doing recovery activities. I foam roll just about every day.
    Um 11mph on the treadmill?! How did you not fly off??!

  5. Ok ummmm I’m just going to start out by saying about that interval workout … MIND BLOWN!!! Great job!!! Love the pics and these days I spend at least 20-30 minutes active stretching and foam rolling post run 🙂

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