Inside the 10 Mile Mind – II


Monday: 5 rounds- 1000m row, 15 weighted squats (50lbs), 20 alt lunges w/med ball twist

Sunday’s long run was unexpectedly incredible. I went into it feeling like I’d die out around mile 6, just because I’ve been doing much shorter distances lately and because I waited until the last possible minute to actually get outside and run (like 3:30ish). Since I figured it was gonna be a rough one I turned my Garmin on, hid it under my sweater and listened to my body to pace me for the day.

Ohio Sunrise

Ohio Sunrise

Surprisingly I kept a really even pace. I focused on my breath, my footfall, the turnover– picking up my feet quickly instead of heel striking– basically all the little things CrossFit Endurance has been drilling into my head. The two lights I stopped at, i checked out the Garmin juuuuust to see where my pace was. Each time my watch read 8:22. I’ll take it. I laughed that the average pace never changed, but knew this was the easy pace my body wanted for the given day. I chose to respect it, enjoy the outside and fall into Jack White’s album, Lazaretto. 

Mile 6 came and went. I figured I’d get tired soon, I always get tired near the end. Who wouldn’t? Yet again to my surprise, I didn’t tire. The cold got to me a bit, but the running was fantastic. Every uphill wasn’t a challenge, just a different footfall, arm swing, and breathing pattern. Every curve on the trail was a chance to practice tangents. Each person in front of me was a target to push just a little harder, to pass.


It was just a good run. Nothing special except I was mentally alert, and aware of my body for a full 10 miles. I almost always fall in and out of body consciousness while running. Sunday I was present in the best way possible. I’m a runner and I’m ready for new things to happen in 2015.


And even though my mile splits ranged from 8:00-8:35, my average ended up a solid 8:22. Haha.

Last Week

Mon: 5 Rounds: 500m row, 8 body weight dips, AMRAP* TRX triceps extension, 15 each side lateral wall ball slams.

Tues: 4m easy 8:20/pace, AMRAP TRX chestflys/pushups 

Wed: 4m easy (but hard because of the wind) 7:34/pace, 15 min running drills/ 5min bare foot running

Thurs: Rest

Fri: 5.5m race pace treadmill workout, warm up 8:45, marathon pace 8:15, 1/2 pace 7:19, 10k pace 6:53, 5k pace 6:27, half mile cool down

Sat: 5 Rounds: 15 wide grip rows, 15 close grip rows (30lb barbell), 15 sit ups

Sun: 10m long 8:22/pace

Total Miles: 23.5

Any notable runs lately?

Who’s ready for the Holidays and a few days off???

Author: She's Going the Distance


11 thoughts on “Inside the 10 Mile Mind – II

  1. Nice work!!!

  2. That sounds like an awesome run – I LOVE it when those things happen!

    I had a similar one on Saturday, I ended up with 15.5 miles, only did my moderate hills (the 400ft ones ratherthan the 1200ft one!), and pushed the pace when I felt it … and had the confidence from that 5K that I was actually in the 7s for pacing occasionally (and as someone who sees himself as a slow old fat guy … that is incredible for me) … but I had to cut it shorter than I wanted because of the usual business of life at this time of year! To me there is nothing more incredible than that feeling that you could just run forever!

    I also loved this: “I’m a runner and I’m ready for new things to happen in 2015!”

    That is awesome … obviously your personal life took an unexpected turn in 2014, along with dealing with injury … I hope that 2015 (aside from ticking over a milestone year) brings you everything you want and more happiness than you can hold in your arms at one time 🙂

  3. I love it when the stars align and those magic run happens. Here’s to an awesome 2015 *drinks some wine*!

  4. That’s the best. My runs the past two days have been shit, but two weeks ago they were great. Who knows what next week holds!

  5. Nice run!! I love those days where it just seems to all work and feel great. I like your treadmill workout, too – very cool how you go through all of your race paces like that. I had three good runs this past week, but an off week the week before. You are definitely going to have new and exciting things happen in 2015!

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